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10 Bit 8 Bit Video Difference

By | 26/10/2022

viii Bit vs.10 Fleck Video – What’s the Difference?

An eight-bit file works with RGB using 256 levels per aqueduct. Meanwhile, x-bit jumps upwardly to 1,024 levels per channel. Therefore, a 10-fleck image tin can display up to one.07 billion colors, but an eight-bit photo can only brandish 16.7 1000000. Can your eyes tell the difference?

I’m old enough to think when everything was analogue. I also remember all the analogue vs digital arguments: which produces the amend sound, Vinyl or CD? Some said vinyl was warmer while others prefered the clarity of audio from CDs (no scratches, no turntable speed problems etc).

Then at that place were those who said that with analogue systems you ever get the full audio spectrum. With digital you demand to cheat because digital systems tin can’t hold the aforementioned amount of information. A top range analogue system volition e’er beat a tiptop range digital system, even for clarity.

Just nosotros can’t all afford top range systems. And so a $200 CD player and amp will shell a $200 turntable and amp and information technology’s only more user-friendly. Then mp3s came along and the whole argument started over again.

Digital vs Digital

A CD contains more digital information than an mp3 so it sounds better. Yeah, merely have yous tried jogging while listening to music from a portable CD player? Also, I can go 1000s of mp3s in my tiny iPod and share them with millions of people online. And then on…

For mp3s to work, they had to develop a way to cheat the human ear. This is considering (in the days of dial-upward net) they needed mp3 files to exist very small-scale. Therefore, they had to find a way to remove a huge chunk of digital data.

Compared to a WAV file, an mp3 can be upwardly to a 10th of the size. This meant mp3 developers had to remove 90% of the data from the sound and STILL take it sound almost as good. How is this possible?

Basically, it removes frequencies from the audio that your brain doesn’t miss too much. Think how paper photos were (I estimate notwithstanding are) made up from millions of little dots? The human encephalon is designed to see shapes in things so, if the dots are small enough, we merely meet the paradigm and ignore the dots.

newspaper dots in images

How big are your channels?

Then the deviation betwixt 8 bit and 10 bit video is ane of levels per channel. Like with the dots in the image in a higher place, the more of them at that place are the less you notice the dots. Ultimately, it’s virtually the amount of digital information contained within a file.

Both formats have to remove information from the image to fit it into a digital file. Simply viii chip video removes a lot more data than 10 bit. While this doesn’t matter too much for casual videography, it’s more important when y’all are putting the file through other processes.

Filmmakers (and other creatives) will tell you they would rather start with as much data equally possible, then compress information technology later. because as it happens nearly video is viewed in an 8 bit format (Hd Television receiver for example).


If you’ve watched whatever streamed digital video you lot will accept seen a affair called “banding”. This is when that removed information from the color spectrum becomes more than visible. For example, a sunset will have rings around information technology showing the sudden change in colour and tone rather than a smooth gradation from light to dark.

8 bit color banding

When y’all capture the shot in 8 bit video it will look fine. Only banding tin go more visible when y’all try to adapt 8 bit video in post product. For example, if you lot try to adjust the contrast or boost the detail in the shadows.

Therefore, information technology’due south improve to edit, grade and apply furnishings in ten chip and then master in a more compressed format like 8 chip.

10 Bit Video on Smartphones

The all-time smartphones cameras for video still by and large tape in eight bit. In fact, they can record in x bit but I’grand pretty sure the files delivered are all viii bit files. I have read of users able to pull ten bit video from their iPhones using iOS ten, for case, but since iOS eleven have had this possibility removed.

Digital video quality is a complicated subject field, if you include other variables such as bitrates and resolutions such as 4K and the rumoured 8K video maybe a characteristic for the new Samsung S11. Just I think information technology’s worth having some understanding of what’s going on. Especially as phone makers will use these numbers to sell you their new models.

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