12Hrs of Pure Street Photography in NYC

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Re: Great video almost dissimilar types of street photography by Omar Gonzalez


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At that place’s no demand to e’er categorize things, imho. ✌☮👍🙂

there must be a reason y’all say this ..am curious what it is


Because it leads to people feeling excluded or unwanted. Like when you said a photo of mine was travel photography I disagreed equally information technology was a street shot of an interesting guy where I lived. It wasn’t a peachy street photograph, but it was a shot of someone on the street and therefore acceptable to post in this forum.

Information technology’s nearly the stuff Mike Penn was talking most here and on his weblog. The comments like “this is not street photography” are like saying “your type are not welcome here”. Which is why Mike and others accept commented many times on the negaitive clique that exists here. I jokingly chosen it the street photography mafia.

In my opinion it is unnecessary negativity which discourages people from posting here. I am sure you don’t mean it that fashion, but that’s how it feels. And I am certainly not alone in observing sure people having this exclusive attitude. I have had private conversations with various people discussing how certain people ruin the vibe here.

You complain that in that location aren’t many skilful street photographers here anymore. The reason is because they get driven away by the negative clique. DPreview know this and they brought Mike in to endeavor and become the forum going again by bringing up new and old topics. Merely ultimately he couldn’t stand the attitudes of certain people and left. I know there is no smoke without fire, so in that location is no need to bring up debate nigh his behavior.

Instead of saying “this isn’t right”, people should offer constructive criticism. Like with my travel shot you lot could have said you lot idea information technology would piece of work better as a street photograph by having the background in focus so that information technology was more than merely a snapshot of a guy on a bike.

The prickly vibe in this forum is toxic and brings the forum downwardly. That is why people exit. Sure people have about militant stances on what makes a street photo. That’south fine, just it’southward not fine to land that like its a fact. It should be stated as a personal opinion.

Debating what is and what isn’t street photography is morbid, equally it labeling everything. The rules of street photography are not made by a few people in this forum. Certain people thinking they have the correct to ascertain the rules is arrogant and creates a pretentious vibe that drives people away.

I know the “street photography mafia” don’t get this and someone will no doubt come back at me with an insult most being overly sensitive. Only I am going to keep beinging it up, particularly when I see it done to people new to the genre, in case information technology discourages them.

Street photography is keen. For some of us information technology is more than than just a hobby, it is therapeutic. For case, I accept a big issue with social anxiety. Getting out there around other people is like therapy. I challenge in a group virtually “joy” was such a pleasure to capture for a week that information technology lifted me out of a bout of depression. I demand it more than others but we never know if other people have their own issues and whether being discouraged will affect them too.

Basically I believe people should exist given constructive criticism instead of having their photos dismissed as not right for here. That way the standard will also rise. Being a purist trying to keep this identify for pure street photography has the opposite effect. ☮✌🙂


I don’t recollect I’m part of a clique here, I don’t post often enough to be.

Yous mention that beingness out on the street and taking photographs is salubrious and helps you deal with things such as social anxiety and low – that’s dandy. I’ve seen that you recently received some really overnice feedback and comments from clackclack (ant) and Decisive Comment amid others.

It’s a pity that you suddenly have turned and then against this forum. DC’s answer to your post above was very civilised, and I’yard afraid to say you very chop-chop became far more rude and insulting than those you are complaining near.  Information technology would really be nice of yous to apologise.

This forum has had its share of bust-ups betwixt various egos. There have been far fewer since the forum is modded. One has to learn to let it go.

For case: pismire, who has oftentimes given me some great comments on pics, commented on one of my photos a while ago that it’southward more than travel than street.  I don’t see what’due south the effect, whether I concur or I disagree with him.

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