35mm Vs 50mm Vs 85mm Lens

By | 18/08/2022

35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm

A cycle, a machine, and a truck are all useful modes of send, just each 1 suits a specific purpose—it’s a like state of affairs with camera lenses. Different types of lenses are purpose-built for certain weather. In that location’s a bit of an overlap, just there are certain styles of photography that each lens excels in. The 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm lenses are manufactured for particular circumstances, but they all have one thing in mutual: they are all prime lenses.

What is a Prime Lens?

35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm

At that place are zoom lenses and at that place are prime lenses. Zoom lenses have a range of elements inside the barrel that makes it possible to vary the focal length so that the photographic camera zooms closer to the subject, or further away from them. You don’t have to motion your position—the lens does it for you. A prime lens has a fixed focal length. It doesn’t matter if it’southward a wide-angle, standard focal length, or telephoto lens—every bit long as it doesn’t zoom, it means information technology’southward a stock-still focal length, prime number lens. Prime number lenses are the preferred option amongst most photographers because they have wider apertures than zoom lenses. They often accept a improve quality glass besides, and they are unremarkably cheaper. The wide aperture means you tin keep the ISO at the lower stop of the scale, so there’s less grain (electronic noise) in your images. And you tin can keep the shutter speeds high, so yous won’t get blurred photos.

Which Prime Lens is All-time for You?

Most photographers like to accept a range of prime lenses in their camera bags. In that location’s commonly a wide-bending lens, such as a 35mm, a standard lens, such as the 50mm, and a telephoto, which is oft the 85mm lens. This grouping of lenses covers nigh styles of photography that serious camera users need. Depending on the mode of photos you enjoy taking, you’ll want at least one of these lenses attached to your camera. But which one? In the following paragraphs, we’ll show you which lens suits certain conditions and which one is meliorate for the type of photography y’all are nigh interested in.

35mm Prime Lens

35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm

If you enjoy street photography and landscapes, you must have a 35mm lens as part of your kit. The wide-angle range of the 35mm lens makes it ideal for photographs that include the subject as well every bit the background. This shows the context of the discipline by revealing the surroundings as well. It helps to show the story of the image. The broad view produced by this lens captures more of a scene on the digital sensor or film. When you lot are photographing the following subjects, employ a 35mm prime lens to get the best results.

Landscapes & Seascapes

When you hike along a pathway through the wilderness and stand on a ridge that overlooks a lake, has forests on the sides, and a mount range in the distance, the 35mm lens is going to do justice to the scene. It volition show all the lakes in the foreground likewise as the light-green forests at the sides, and you can capture a skillful view of the distant mountain peaks as well. A wider lens would make the majestic mountains seem as though they were small specks on the horizon.

A longer lens, such as the 50mm would probably ingather off the forests at the side. And with the 85mm lens, y’all may not even see the lake in forepart of you. This means information technology’south no longer a mural photograph, information technology’s just a close-upward image of a mountain. It’due south the same with seascapes. Y’all want to run into the waves, the beach, and people at the side running into the surf. If the sun is setting you’ll want to include the colorful sky likewise. A 35mm lens can give you all of this without compromising clarity. Information technology allows you to get shut to the breaking waves while keeping everything else in the frame as well. It helps you tell more than of the story and generate some emotion likewise. You lot get to imagine the thrill that the people feel as they rush into the waves. A longer-range lens might be more suitable if the sunset was all you lot wanted to capture, but a 35mm lens is perfect for getting the whole scene in the one-shot.

Street Photography

A 35mm lens is perfect for street photography. The 35mm lens allows you to capture the whole scene. It’s broad, but not besides wide. It’s just a fleck wider than what you lot see with your eyes, so information technology’s a fairly realistic rendition of your ain viewpoint of the world. When photographing people in a marketplace or at a music festival, the meaty 35mm lens allows you to go in close to your bailiwick. You make a connection earlier snapping your photos, which makes the experience more than enjoyable for both of y’all. It’s a wide plenty lens so that you can see the background, which means the viewer has a better idea of where this portrait was taken. And equally long as the camera is not too shut to the bailiwick’s face, the lens won’t misconstrue their features. Its point of view remains relatively true as long as you remain at a slight distance.


Not many people piece of work every bit professional person photojournalists anymore, simply photojournalism is still an area of photography taken seriously past some people, and admired by many. Everyday photographers who use their images to tell about current events through pictures is a photojournalist. It’due south the contrary of the Instagram world—photojournalism is well-nigh other people, not the cocky. By capturing images of people and events in a realistic and factual fashion, photojournalists enlighten the full general population nigh serious issues happening in everyday life. If you want to be part of this elite group of photographers, you’ll demand a 35mm lens. A broad-angle lens lets y’all get close to the action, yet still, retain enough of the scene around the subject area so the viewer knows what’southward going on. You lot don’t have to enter a state of war zone to exist a photojournalist. Use your 35mm lens at political demonstrations, when loved ones jump into each other’due south arms at the airport, or when photographing the crowd at a football game match when a goal is scored.

Lifestyle Photography

Fifty-fifty though lifestyle photography is also about images of people, it’southward quite a different arroyo to photojournalism. Lifestyle photos characteristic families and individuals interacting with each other with love and enjoyment. This style of photo is usually done in an artistic style to provide images that show an idealized version of the people. Rather than being posed portraits, these photos testify real-life events from everyday lives, but in an appealing fashion. In that location’s authenticity attached to lifestyle photos because you don’t use bogus lighting, and the images are e’er taken on location, rather than in a studio. When photographing families in their homes, you’ll need a 35mm lens to capture the scene. Longer lenses won’t have the range of view in bars spaces to capture all the activity. The 85mm lens has a big aperture that lets in more light than a zoom lens, which will aid yous photograph in depression calorie-free. It means yous can employ faster shutter speeds so you can photograph all the action without blurriness.

Food Photography

Want to have more than Instagram followers? In that example, you’ll need more nutrient photos. People love looking at restaurant feasts, dwelling house-cooked meals, and delicious desserts. Your 35mm lens is useful when you desire to take overhead shots of fancy nutrient considering y’all can hold the camera reasonably shut to the plate—you don’t have to stand on a chair to fit the meal in the shot.


Interested in videography? Virtually modern digital cameras accept a video mode, and a 35mm lens is perfect for making movies. Because the field of view is like to your natural vision, the viewer of the movie volition experience as though they are part of the activeness. And when doing a YouTube ‘talk to photographic camera’ format, the 35mm lens is an ideal pick. It doesn’t feel as well cinematic but has a like sense of closeness to when you stand effectually chatting with a friend.

Wedding Photography

Many professional photographers love using a 35mm focal length lens for wedding ceremony photography. It’s ideal for group shots of the bride and groom with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Y’all can even photo all the wedding guests at ane fourth dimension if you have a skillful enough vantage point. Photographs taken amid the people as they gloat a wedding give the feeling of being there. Information technology captures the free energy and excitement of the issue. This is the type of occasion where the 35mm lens really shines. Only if you desire more detailed shots of the people involved, you’ll have to move in closer so they are not lost among the oversupply. Be aware of possible distortion problems though. Stay a few feet away so the curving furnishings of the wide-angle lens don’t exaggerate perspective. Brand sure you lot distance yourself so that at to the lowest degree half the subject’s trunk is in the frame. Don’t become any closer or this lens will brand people’s noses look unnaturally large.

Fashion Photography

Taking photos of professional models is a great mode to diversify your portfolio and improve your photographic camera skills. The 35mm focal length lens is handy for this type of photography considering the wider field of view associated with this lens means yous can go full-body shots without having to stand up back likewise far from the model. This is advantageous when there is limited space available. Fashionable style shoots in tiny photographic studios demand a pocket-sized lens to capture full body shots with all the accessories—from the decorative hat down to the flamboyant shoes. When shooting on location, the 35mm helps yous get and so close to the subject that the viewer has the impression they are office of that scene. And it does all this while leaving the model with enough separation from the background then they stand up out as the main focal signal of interest.

This is Why You Need a

35mm Lens

Regardless of the type of photography, y’all enjoy doing, a 35mm lens is always going to be a handy addition to your listing of equipment. It’southward low-cal and piece of cake to carry, so it’s portable and unobtrusive. Its small size makes it perfect for travel photography, street photography, weddings, parties, and general daily use. It’s an adaptable and convenient lens that is a joy to use, especially in confined spaces. Depending on the manufacturer and model of the lens, you tin often choice i up for a fairly low cost. Its unique perspective will unleash extra creativity. You may not think you need a 35mm lens until you lot try one, then y’all volition truly realize its value to y’all as a photographer. Depending on your budget, here are some lenses to consider putting on your shopping list.

35mm Lens Suggestions

Sigma 35mm f/i.four DG HSM Fine art Lens: This lens has super-fast autofocus and the results are razor-sharp. We like its close focusing range for macro-style shots, along with its ability to practice an amazing job with landscapes, portraits, still-life, and casual snaps also. It creates high-resolution images with beautiful bokeh effects. It has a bigger price tag than the other options, simply it’s worth it.

Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM Lens:
With outstanding eyes and robust build quality, this lens is undecayed, yet cheap. Having a wide discontinuity (f/2) ways y’all can shoot in a variety of situations without a flash, which helps when you lot need to be discreet. It has an effective stabilizer and near silent autofocus. The groovy depth of field is some other obvious advantage.

Sony E 35mm f/one.8 OSS:
Even though it’s cheaper than the other ones listed, this lens produces infrequent results because of its f1.eight aperture. It’south very precipitous and has fantabulous optical stabilization. This Sony lens is perfect for generating superb background/foreground blur which is a must-take for weddings.




35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm

If you lot only take the budget for i prime lens, be smart and spend it on the 50mm version. This lens is often called the ‘great fifty’ because it is an all-rounder that handles nigh situations with ease. The field of view isn’t as broad as the 35mm lens, so at that place’s less distortion when you are shut to your subject. And when you expect through the viewfinder the results are closer to what you lot see with your ain optics. This makes information technology a scrap less useful for landscapes, but meliorate at other types of photographic genres. The following list shows where this lens beats the residue.


Most 50mm lenses have extremely wide apertures (such as f/ane.iv) which allow lots of calorie-free through its glass elements. This ways yous can shoot in dim conditions at reasonable shutter speeds, but more chiefly, information technology produces glorious bokeh (groundwork blur) which is ideal for portraits.

The flexibility this focal length provides means information technology’s great for full-length body shots, standard portraits of the upper body, and even corporate headshots. Because of the broad discontinuity, all these types of shots maintain separation between the subject area and the background.


The big departure betwixt fashion photography and standard portraits is that lighting conditions are unpredictable at fashion events. If y’all are at a venue for a manner parade, the phase tin can vary from spotlights to moody stage furnishings. The 50mm lens can handle all of them because of its farthermost aperture capabilities. And if yous are asked to photograph a style model in a studio setting, the f/1.iv lens gives you shallow depth of field for capturing exquisite close-ups of the face up, or to photograph fine detail in the outfit. It can handle the length of total torso shots in whatsoever reasonable size studio, and shut-ups can be achieved without baloney.


The 50mm lens isn’t ordinarily the first option for wedding photographers, just they would definitely have information technology stashed away somewhere in their camera bag. This type of lens gives consistently good results in all kinds of conditions. You lot tin apply it in outdoor settings and with indoor ambient light. When shooting photos of the bride and groom every bit a couple, and when they are surrounded by friends and family, you’ll exist grateful for its stock-standard perspective. Compared to the small telephotos that are the standard lenses for wedding photographers, the 50mm lens has a larger field of view, making it useful for capturing all of the bride’due south dress, not just the top half of her body.


Sometimes a 35mm lens takes in also much of a scene, and so a 50mm lens can help your image go on a frame of reference. When the riots are happening and the teargas is wafting down the street, you’ll desire the photos but you also demand to continue your altitude. A 50mm lens allows you lot to step back from the action while even so maintaining that feeling of being amongst the drama. Information technology is a sharp and fast lens for all the conditions you might face in photojournalism.

Street Photography

The 50mm lens has the benefit of being unobtrusive. Y’all can walk in among a crowd and accept skilful photos, or with just a few steps you lot tin can move back to become a wider view. And compared to using a telephoto lens, you won’t get annoyed nearly not having enough space to get all of the images in the frame.

Being a ‘normal view’ lens, when yous wait through the viewfinder of a full-frame camera, you see a field of view similar to what your center sees when looking straight ahead. It’s true to the advent of your surroundings. This ways when you expect effectually you can easily imagine how a photograph would turn out if yous used this lens on your photographic camera. Just keep in mind that if you are using a camera with a crop sensor (APS-C format) the epitome volition overflow the digital sensor, and information technology will seem like yous are using a slightly larger lens instead. In that example, when doing street photography, put a 35mm lens on your crop sensor camera to create the same consequence as a 50mm lens.

Lifestyle Photography

Using a 50mm lens is an advantage in candid photography. The best lifestyle shots require a fleck of distance between the subject and the photographer, and then information technology doesn’t feel intrusive. A wider lens sometimes needs to be a lot closer to the subjects to fill the frame, and this tin take away the spontaneity of the shot. A 50mm lens gives your subjects a bit of space to motility and interact without feeling crowded. It keeps the shoot authentic. The fast glass on this prime number lens also means the ability to shoot in any ambient light. This makes it perfect for twilight when y’all can shoot in the ‘golden hr’ and capture beautiful portraits in soft light. With superb low light capabilities, fast shutter speeds, and quick autofocus on most 50mm prime lenses, you accept a winning combination for lifestyle photography.


Most people use wide-angle lenses for landscapes, and in the majority of cases that’due south the right option, but don’t discount the idea of taking forth a 50mm lens likewise. Sometimes a wide-bending lens shows also much of an area, especially if most of it is characterless, whereas a 50mm lens brings the viewer in a bit closer and shows more detail. And if a scene is besides busy with a lot of elements competing for attending, a 50mm lens crops out everything but the chief subject area. You might have to reconsider your usual arroyo to a landscape scene, simply that’s not a bad affair, you might come upward with more creative ways to express that view. The next fourth dimension you lot are hiking through the mountains, take along a 50mm lens just in case y’all need a different composition for your landscape shot. Information technology’s a light and compact lens, so it’s non going to be a problem to sideslip it into your photographic camera pocketbook. It could make a standard mural shot even meliorate.

This is Why You Demand a l
mm Lens

Why do you need a 50mm prime lens? Any cocky-respecting lensman will have one on their camera already, or information technology volition be within achieve. They are and then versatile and affordable that you’d be crazy not to have one. This lens is adaptable for well-nigh any situation and is expert for stills and video as well. If yous are a minimalist who likes traveling as light every bit possible, the 50mm lens is what you lot demand on your photographic camera.

50mm Lens Suggestions

Canon EF 50mm f/ane.2L USM Lens:
If you don’t mind spending large to get exceptional results, look no further than this lens. Information technology’s ridiculously precipitous and has outstanding low-light focusing abilities. The f/1.2 discontinuity supplies incredible depth-of-field and creamy bokeh. And information technology is the fastest autofocus lens in its class. If yous are a professional photographer with a Canon camera, don’t go by this lens.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens:
At the other end of the financial spectrum, this Canon lens still has an impressively wide discontinuity, but costs a fraction of the f/1.two model’s price tag. It’southward a fantastic budget lens for hobby photographers and serious ones too. Use it for landscapes, portraits, travel, and street photography. Yous’ll probably detect information technology’ll stay on your photographic camera for 99% of the time. The f/1.4 produces great bokeh and wonderful depth of field. It’southward versatile and compact, with crisp, articulate images. It has an ultrasonic motor that drives the autofocus apace and almost silently. Even though it’due south a cheap lens, it all the same comes with Super Spectra coatings for accurate color balance, enhanced dissimilarity, and reduced ghosting.

Nikon 50mm f/1.4G-S:
For Nikon users, this quality lens is of groovy value. It’due south sturdy and reliable. Information technology offers outstanding image quality and border-to-edge sharpness. With its f/one.four aperture, this ultra-fast prime lens produces shine, natural, background blur.




35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm

Beingness a short telephoto, the 85mm lens gets you amongst the action while making the background appear closer than information technology is. With its ability for great bokeh, your subject really stands out. With this focal length, what you see is what you become. These lenses accurately photo the human being face with no baloney.


The 85mm lens is a classic portrait focal length. When you are level with the bailiwick’s caput you don’t get any baloney in the facial features, and it gives skilful compression to carve up the subject from the background. The wide discontinuity of this prime lens adds enough of bokeh effectually the bailiwick, so the viewer never has whatever incertitude most where to look. When used with the widest aperture, the 85mm prime lens produces an exaggerated depth of field that everyone loves because it turns decorated backgrounds into soft and colorful blurriness.


When you talk to hymeneals photographers almost the 1 piece of photographic equipment they can’t do without, the 85mm lens is top of the listing. This lens has a multitude of uses in wedding situations. You can capture all the important parts of the ceremony without having to stand correct next to the bride and groom, and it allows you lot to get close shots of family and friends without intruding into their personal space. They are accurate, calorie-free-sensitive, fast, reliable, and always produce excellent results.


Even though the 85mm is best known as a great portrait and wedding ceremony lens, being a short telephoto lens means information technology’s extremely useful for photographing wildlife also. Compared to wider lenses, you tin photograph close-ups of wild animals without putting yourself in danger. And considering its focal length is non as long every bit traditional telephoto lenses, information technology keeps the context of the animate being inside its surroundings. This is very important in wildlife photography because people like seeing the ‘home’ of the brute involved.

Landscape Photography

The 85mm lens is non usually considered for landscape photography, but it can be useful in some situations. It won’t give you that traditional landscape field of view, but it will assistance y’all see some of the detailed features of a location. This short-telephoto lens brings the scene closer to you and it fills the frame in a mode that a broad-angle lens cannot dream of achieving. Another advantage of this lens is that it excludes unwanted or distracting elements from the shot. If you have fences, roads, or people in the foreground, you tin can shoot right over them to capture the subject in the distance.

Just keep in mind the sweetness spot on the 85mm lens. Don’t utilize the narrowest aperture to attempt and capture all the details of the scene, equally most lenses lose sharpness at the extremes of their discontinuity range. Find the sugariness spot where images are sharpest and use that aperture when doing mural shots with a telephoto lens. An aperture of f/viii or f/11 often gives y’all the best results. This setting also has the advantage of letting in more light, and then y’all can use faster shutter speeds to overcome photographic camera milkshake.

Street Photography

Unless you are an extrovert, street photography can be an uncomfortable genre for photographers. If y’all adopt not to collaborate with people on the street, the 85mm lens allows you to continue your distance and still get the shots you desire. If you like this class of photography for the candid, portrait-fashion images of people as they talk, store, and stand effectually on street corners, the groundwork blur created by the shallow depth-of-field of this lens creates artistic effects. Many people consider the 85mm prime is as well tight for street photography, but in some situations, information technology has many advantages, then don’t rule it out every bit an option. Its long focal length narrows your field of view, and therefore your options, but unless you demand to photo the full scene it helps you lot capture detail in shots that would otherwise be unattainable.

This is Why Y’all Need an viii
5mm Lens

Getting close to your subjects and filling the frame is a standard composition technique highly valued in every style of photography, and the 85mm focal length easily fills the viewfinder with the subject field. The short-telephoto 85mm lens covers a variety of photographic genres with ease. Everyone recognizes it every bit the perfect lens for portraits and weddings, but it is also highly prized for sport and action shots. And with an 85mm lens on your photographic camera, you lot can wander city streets taking aboveboard portrait shots, or spend time in nature doing wild fauna photography.

85mm Lens


Nikon 85mm f/1.4G AF-S:
This is a professional-grade lens specifically designed for portrait and wedding photographers. It is an ultra-fast, high-quality lens with a large discontinuity of f/1.4 for low-light situations. The wide aperture produces a shallow depth of field that isolates subjects from the groundwork, merely it doesn’t compromise on paradigm quality and sharpness. The f/1.4 discontinuity makes subjects stand out from the background’s dreamy shine blur. If you desire to create a portrait that looks similar it belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine, you need this lens. The only affair that may put you off from buying this lens is its price. It’southward built for professionals who have the budget for top-class results.

Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art:
This lens is too expensive, but it is considered to be the ultimate portrait lens. Information technology has beautiful bokeh furnishings that only a large-diameter lens of this nature tin can offer. The focus is so precise that you can lock onto the student of the subject’s centre while blurring the eyelashes. It gives you the power to frame and capture the most beautiful moments during a hymeneals or portrait session. The quality levels and sharpness of this lens are outstanding. It has a superior optical blueprint to about lenses, and this prime number lens also has a transmission focus override for seamless fine-tuning of the subject.

EF 85mm f/i.8 USM:
Even though this lens is more budget-friendly than the previous suggestions, it still produces excellent results. It’s a versatile, lightweight lens with a ring-type ultrasonic motor that drives autofocus quickly and well-nigh silently. Its brilliant f/1.eight maximum discontinuity isolates subjects through its shallow depth of field, which produces excellent portrait shots and flattering wedding ceremony photos.


Thoughts on 35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm Lenses

If you demand an all-rounder lens to cover everything from landscapes to weddings, yous tin can’t become by the 35mm lens. The downside is the slight distortion that a broad-angle lens produces. The 85mm lens is exceptional for portrait and wedding shoots, just has severe limitations in areas such as landscapes and food photography. So, for everyday utilise, while withal roofing most of the bones needs of a photographer, the 50mm lens is a must-accept detail of photographic equipment. Its a versatile lens that adds class to your photos. If you lot accept to cull only one prime number lens for your collection, then the 50mm lens is the best choice.

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