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Practiced starting signal

While I would never claim to be anything but a keen armature, this class takes you all the way from a complete novice to someone who is proud to brandish their efforts. And what’south more than, groovy to go on improving and trying.

AYWMC—I learned and so much!

AYWMC is an astonishing grade to larn about how to use your camera to it’s total potential. I learned so much. Receiving weekly emails over a year gives y’all fourth dimension to learn and do your homework without too much pressure level. I would highly recommend it!

A Year With My Camera – bully class!

My year long course, A Year With My Camera, has come up to an end. I’ve really enjoyed the class and I understand my camera and so much more at present! I not only know how to adjust the settings on my camera to have a better photo, I really know and sympathize why I’m doing it! Emma explains things very conspicuously in the lessons and the construction of lessons ways you can go at your own pace and take time to play around with your camera and work information technology all out without ever feeling under pressure level. I highly recommend this class for anyone who was a beginner like me. Did I mention information technology’south complimentary?!

The course may have ended just my journeying doesn’t finish hither; it’s just the offset.

AYWMC – A fantastic photographic camera journey

This class is really very good. The weekly lessons are at just the right level and tone to guide you through the process of learning how to use your camera. It makes you pick up your photographic camera very week. The year went so apace. Yous practise need to be disciplined but it is worth information technology. From photography tips to editing to GIF making it takes you to new and interesting places with your photographic camera and introduces y’all to a new community of people.

‘A Year With My Photographic camera’ – fun and free photography grade

Emma’southward ‘A Yr With My Camera’ course is fun, inspirational…and entirely free.
Signing up for the June 2020 AYWMC course during lockdown, I longed for a welcome distraction. I began to grasp the technical aspects of photography that had previously confused me – hyperfocal distance and the exposure triangle, to name but ii.

Emma skilfully takes class participants through the basics of photography, and with the talent of a truly skilled instructor, effortlessly provides bite-sized chunks of information that are piece of cake to digest and reinforced by weekly projects. Form admins feed back on submitted projects and there is plenty of peer support and review from fellow course participants.
It is an inclusive and safe space to acquire and grow your photography skills, with an ethos that fosters respect and encouragement. Information technology doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or a competent novice, you will not regret signing upwards for this course. Highly recommended. Thank you Emma, Judith, Hilary and Hayley!

AYWMC June 2020

I have just completed AYWMC and I have enjoyed every minute of information technology. I have learnt so much thanks to Emma. I am off Motorcar and have learnt to apply the other settings on my photographic camera. It is an first-class course and gently leads you through and then many aspects of getting the nearly out of your photographic camera. I can throughly recommend this course< I wish I had found it earlier. I am looking forward to the Flower Grade I have signed up to next month and I know that Emma is going to stretch our knowledge still further

Great course for beginners

I’chiliad so grateful that a friend told me about this class. I’d ever been happy with my photos taken on auto settings, but this course has fabricated me realise that my photographic camera can be used for BETTER photos. There is so much that I’ve learnt, in easy steps, that I wouldn’t have known my photographic camera was capable of.

A bully class for anyone wanting to…

A great course for anyone wanting to learn more most photography. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and expect forward to putting my new knowledge into practice.

I would highly recommend this course to…

I would highly recommend this form to anyone who wants to use their camera with conviction and creativity. Clear teaching materials. Great back up all the way through. My camera is now used and I am taking the photos I want. If you want to go off ‘auto’ exercise this class.

…And now, the stop is near……

I’m coming to the end of a fantastic course. My photos are so much better than earlier and I’grand getting better all the fourth dimension. I’ve tried to learn from photography books in the past and failed from the start. I’ve waited each week for the email and found that to exist the best pace for me. Seeing the photos of the other people on the course helps me to understand what I’g doing and provides inspiration. I will definitely sign upward for some other course

AYWMC 2020

I really enjoyed AYWMC.I am a beginner and learnt many skills to get off motorcar .I looked frontward to the emails weekly to endeavour out dissimilar projects.I shared my photos and welcomed some positive responses.
This kept me going through lockdown and I learned to appreciate the outside scenery.
The instructions are clear to follow.
Give thanks you Emma and her team.

Fantastic Couse-I’ve learnt then much. Highly Recommended

For anyone wanting to develop their photography it is excellent. I had bought an Olympus camera and had barely got off Machine. I am now close to using Manual and only always apply RAW with a bit of Lightroom. I would say its best for someone who is a beginner with a bit of knowledge. The quality of the materials provided is excellent with expert examples and clear explanations. Additional materials are bachelor for purchase (Amazon)- I looked at these and they are of the same very high quality. I decided not to purchase them equally I found the online material more than than enough. Yous may get more than out of the year by purchasing them every bit there are boosted activities. The course is well structured, basically in 4 week themes, with weekly tasks. The tasks are well designed, proficient fun and atomic number 82 to adept learning. All aspects are well organised and support is first-class. The sharing aspect is strong. I purchased the AYWMC app which works well and is a better platform than Facebook. On reflection I should have used the App more than as it’southward more user friendly and better organised. Having completed my twelvemonth I joined the Photographic camera Club as I want to continue my association. I also purchased Emma’south Creativity workbook as part of my future development. I also sympathise AYWMC Year 2 is in the way and I am keen to do that too. I take gained and so much from my year and all aspects of my photography take developed significantly. It should be noted that it is enjoyable and fun- an important consideration. I would unreservedly recommend AYWMC to whatsoever photographer looking to develop their skills and knowledge.

This is the nearly amazing form

This is the virtually amazing grade. It is logically organised in small bitesize pieces that build together to develop a full understanding of how to employ your DSLR camera and then how to take a good photo in all sorts of situations. The additional support of admins and the other people on the grade helps to keep motivation and boost morale. I am happy to say that I am now confidently ‘off auto’ then pleased with the photos I tin make.

Having just completed the April 2020…

Having merely completed the April 2020 course which has been fun and very enjoyable. The form layout was piece of cake to follow and the instructions and pointers from Emma extremely helpful. Wish i could afford to keep going by joining the camera lodge.

3 months in and enjoying it

I started with AYWMC in Jan of this year having a off-white few years of taking photos but never having done any structured learning around it. With the target audition being beginners it gives a proficient opportunity to cover the nuts and grow into more complex subject field areas.

This is more than just a grade, information technology is a customs of similar minded enthusiasts learning, sharing and improving together.

I started in June of 2020 during a…

I started in June of 2020 during a COVID pause, and have thoroughly enjoyed this class. I have learned so much and honey that the grade goes at a slow pace. It gives me time to explore, practice, and larn. Information technology’southward the perfect pace for me!

I started in June 2020- my lockdown…

I started in June 2020- my lockdown project. I’ve loved learning how to become away from motorcar. And then many tips and hints. A dandy on line customs of supportive people also.

This is an incredible form!

This is an incredible class! Although I had to end halfway through the 1st fourth dimension I took it, I was welcomed back the adjacent form. It’s very thorough, professional and written in a way that is easy to sympathise, especially for beginners. The support is exemplary, there is a wonderful feeling of customs amidst all the classmates. I can only highly recommend it!

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