Adobe Bridge Camera Raw Not Enabled

By | 24/10/2022

You’ve just launched your Adobe Photoshop and noticed a camera raw enabled consequence! It got you thinking about what could go wrong to show this error message. You tried to think of all the possible reasons but tin can’t seem to figure them out!

So, what’s the reason behind
camera raw editing is not enabled mac

The first trouble is with Adobe wanting to confirm a qualifying product. If there’s an upshot with your Adobe Photoshop subscription, then this could happen. Then, at that place’south the DLL file missing issue. Adobe camera raw requires an amtlib.dll file to launch the raw editing. And lastly, the bridge app outcome.

It’due south great that you lot got to know well-nigh the reasons but what about the solutions? To know that, y’all’ll accept to exist a little patient!

Is Information technology Normal to Take Photographic camera Raw Editing Error?

Yous might exist thinking about what’s the reason behind this recurring trouble. All the same, what many fail to worry about is whether it’s a normal phenomenon or non. Evidently, it’s not a common thing for an application to evidence such an mistake bulletin.

Peculiarly if it’s something like
Abode Camera Raw
for CS6!

However, the surprising thing is that many users face this issue. Even Adobe admits that in that location’s a problem with Photoshop that shows this camera raw error. This result is not every bit severe as the
macOS Monterey installation in the launchpad
trouble though.

Considering that’southward more abrasive than anything. Still, yous’ll take to deal with your CS6 camera issue somehow correct? Otherwise, you can kiss all your raw photos goodbye!

So, it’s important to know the reasons or causes why this error message shows up. And only and so you tin can solve this issue and start editing your raw photos once again.

Now, let’s check out all the possible reasons and their respective solutions!

Why Does Camera Raw Editing not Enabled CS6 Upshot Occur?

As mentioned before, I could notice 3 possible reasons for this problem to occur. Now obviously information technology does not mean your mac has all the issues. While these are different reasons, the outcome is the same. And that is to make photographic camera raw editing enabled.

As well, don’t retrieve that there is no other trouble with the camera raw. Fifty-fifty sometimes the photographic camera filter choice breaks down as well

Then, try to be conscientious using these types of heavy applications from now on.

With that being said, allow’southward beginning with the possible reasons for these problems.

Qualifying Production Identification:

camera raw editing requires that a qualifying product
upshot is the nigh prominent. If you haven’t faced this yet, y’all’re a tremendously lucky person.

Photographic camera Raw editing is non enabled
bulletin pops up in two scenarios. I, When you open up the image in the bridge. And some other is when y’all effort to upload information technology to the Adobe portfolio.

Camera Raw Editing not Enabled Error

If you’ve faced the message in such scenarios, then there’south a uncomplicated fix. Let’southward have a look at that solution!


First, you lot’ll have to open the Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom awarding. After the app is open up, shut down Adobe Span. When it’south closed, relaunch the Bridge application. Then, you lot should detect the camera raw editing is now enabled successfully.

It’southward quite the piece of cake ready to such an irritating problem, isn’t it? Nevertheless, not all issues are easy to solve.

Missing DLL File:

Non all applications are free from bugs. Not even the best i. So, if your Adobe camera raw is not beingness enabled, there might be a software issues.

Now, the well-nigh recognized trouble to testify up is the missing DLL file upshot.

There are patently tons of Adobe files that make upwardly the whole application. However, it’southward possible for some files to get out of place.

Equally a outcome, some awarding functions tend to misbehave when yous need them.

Still, you should be actually grateful that it’s but a software issue. If information technology were hardware issues like
dead pixels on MacBook, then that would’ve been heartbreaking.

Well existence grateful is fine and all but you’ll plain need to solve this right? And so allow’s look at the possible solution for this missing DLL file cause.


This solution does not require you lot to open up your Adobe application. Because it mainly deals with the installation binder and the missing file. Become to your Adobe folder and look for the

Don’t forget to expect for it in Bridge, Extension director, and other sub-folders.

When you’ve found the DLL file, copy information technology. Salve the file under a different name equally a backup. Now, Just paste the renamed file into all the extension folders.

If the above process does not work, notice the artificial DLL files. Practise the aforementioned equally the previous process. Fifty-fifty if the sometime guide does not help, this should solve the result without a hitch.

Span Settings Result:

Sometimes, the problem appears because of the Span function. In your Adobe Photoshop, yous’ve surely dealt with Bridge photographic camera before. But fifty-fifty if yous regularly utilise that, some changes might occur in the backend.

On such occasions, you lot’ll have to modify the settings.

Adobe span camera raw editing is not enabled mac
will remain.

Then, let’s notice out how to fix this particular upshot in Adobe Bridge.


I know there’southward only 1 question spinning through your mind. So, the big question is, “how to enable camera raw editing in Adobe bridge?”

First, merely open your Adobe Photoshop without any image. Then, select your JPEG file from the Open menu. However, don’t click to open up the paradigm yet. You should exist able to see options settings in the bottom left corner. Open the prototype with the format or camera raw.

how to enable camera raw editing

After going through this procedure, your Raw file should have no problem with Adobe span. However, remember that sometimes CS6 does not let you to change the raw preferences.

If that happens, but go with the default settings.

So, there you accept it. In my findings, these were the most prominent reasons that many faced. I hope your issues are solved with the
camera raw editing is not enabled mac fixes! And if you can’t still solve information technology, you can try switching to the default photos app.

The Apple photos app can edit raw files quite well actually. Hence, yous can requite it a endeavour as well!

Often Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Open Camera Raw on Mac?

To open up your photographic camera raw on mac, you’ll demand to press Shift + Command + A simultaneously. Just this keyboard shortcut volition just work when you’re inside Photoshop. So, starting time, select an image layer so execute. After that, the Adobe photographic camera raw function should open nice and shine.

How Do I Open up a Catechism RAW File on My Mac?

If your Canon camera supports Raw footage, you can open it through Adobe settings. For that, first, go to the folder where you have the raw photo. And then double click to open up it. After that, go to the edit menu from the Adobe Photoshop toolbar. And so, choose the image format to open up RAW as the original.

Why Is Camera Raw Grayed out?

Generally, the reason for Camera Raw to exist grayed out is the file or image format. In well-nigh cases, when a 32-scrap image is opened, the screen just stays gray. Even if you employ the Shift + Control + A keyboard shortcut, the outcome remains the same. This issue is very frequently seen in the Camera Raw 9.10 version.


So, there yous take the full disclosure of
camera raw editing is not enabled mac
event. I don’t think after implementing the to a higher place-mentioned fixes, you’ll have any further problems.

Now, go ahead and edit those crispy raw photos without whatsoever worries!