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Adobe Bridge Download Without Creative Cloud

By | 14/10/2022

How to install Adobe Bridge CC

How to install Adobe Span

This tutorial shows yous how to install Adobe Bridge, a powerful file browser included with your Artistic Deject subscription that makes information technology easy to find your images and open them into Photoshop!

In this 2nd tutorial in Getting Started with Photoshop, yous’ll learn how to install Adobe Bridge. Span is a file browser that lets you find, organize and open up images into Photoshop. Your calculator’s operating system as well has a congenital-in file browser, whether information technology’south File Explorer in Windows or Finder on a Mac. So you may wonder, “Why non just use that?”.

The reason is that Bridge is much more than powerful and easier to use, with lots of keen features that your operating system’southward file browser doesn’t have. And Bridge is one of the all-time means to open images straight into Camera Raw, Photoshop’s powerful paradigm editing plugin.

Merely before we can utilize Span, nosotros outset need to install information technology. That’southward because Span is its own separate awarding. Then let’s larn how to quickly install Bridge using the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.

Allow’s become started!

Step 1: Open up the Artistic Cloud app

First, we need to open the Creative Cloud app, the same app we used in the previous tutorial when we learned how to keep Photoshop up to date. And the easiest way to open it is from within Photoshop.

In Photoshop, go up to the
bill of fare in the Menu Bar and choose

Choosing Updates from the Help menu in Photoshop

Going to Assist > Updates in Photoshop.

Stride 2: Scroll down to Bridge

The Creative Cloud app opens with a list of all the Adobe software currently installed on your reckoner. And beneath that is a list of other apps that are available. The number of bachelor apps depends on your Creative Deject subscription, but Bridge is included with all of them.

Whorl down the list until you see

Locating Bridge in the Creative Cloud desktop app

Scrolling through the list to detect the Span app.

Footstep 3: Click “Install”

Then to install Bridge, simply click the

Installing Adobe Bridge from the Creative Cloud app

Installing Bridge.

The installation can take a few minutes:

The progress indicator for the Adobe Bridge installation

The progress indicator.

When it’southward done, Span volition move up the listing in the Creative Cloud app so information technology appears with your other installed software. Y’all can now open Bridge at whatsoever time from within the Creative Cloud app by clicking the
Open up

Span can likewise be opened from within Photoshop, as we’ll meet in the next affiliate when we learn how to open images into Photoshop from Bridge:

How to open Adobe Bridge from within the Creative Cloud app

Installed apps testify an “Open up” button instead of “Install”.

Where to become next…

And at that place we have it! In the next lesson in Getting Started with Photoshop, I show yous how to utilize Bridge to download photos from your camera to your figurer!

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