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We ask top EyeEm Market photo seller Fred Bahurlet only how he did it.

Making your get-go auction is an achievement worth jubilant, but what is information technology similar to make that 10th, 20th or 30th sale? Run into Fred Bahurlet, a seller who has earned over $ane,000 from his photos on EyeEm Market over the last few months. We asked him just how he did it and his tips for your ain selling success. Read on to hear what he had to say:

Requite us a fiddling background on y’all and how you began in photography.

I am originally from Paris just at present based in south of France in Marseille. I’m a freelance digital artist, which for me is a mix of graphic design, spider web design and photography. You lot can find my piece of work online.

I got my commencement camera when I was 8 years quondam, simply it’s with digital photography that I started to shoot a lot. When I got a Canon 350D in 2005, learning photography became a lot easier – shoot, await at the screen, change the settings, shoot again… What I exercise is motivated by having fun and learning… photography is a part of the game I play to earn a living.

I take worked as a freelance news lensman on events like the Cannes International Film Festival. It’s an interesting experience to be behind the scene of major international events, and more often than not a lot of fun with my best friends who are news photographers.

Low angle view of flags against historical building

What have you noticed sells on EyeEm Market? Practice you observe whatever trends in what you’ve sold?

I’ve found that an image doesn’t have to exist extraordinary to sell. Unproblematic compositions, everyday pictures, people in ordinary life and travel images sell well. I have sold the same images several times, often in the same month, and they are ones that I personally find common.

Scenic view of sea against cloudy sky during sunset

Nosotros noticed you lot take ii accounts. What’s the reason behind that?

I started with my master account where I shared mainly travel photographs I shot earlier joining EyeEm Marketplace. And so, for the first time, I decided to shoot images as sellable products in mind. So I created a 2d business relationship to separate my travel photography pictures from the ones I was shooting to sell.

My main business relationship has 6900 images on the market place, more than 4000 on Getty. The second account has only 300 images on Getty, and my sales on each business relationship are in the same ratio.

A large part of my sales is based on few pictures sold several times. My tip here would exist to upload many photos rather than simply a handful and allow the Marketplace show you what sells.


How do you know what to shoot that is ‘sellable’?

There is an piece of cake way to know what to shoot: detect what’south published in the printing and online, open your eyes, feel the trends, be curious, know the rules, and forget them! It’s an everyday job and attitude.

Is it a surprise you lot’ve earned this much over the last months?

When I joined EyeEm Market, I didn’t know what to expect. Once Getty’south proper noun was revealed as a partner, I knew it could exist a serious game. It’due south always a surprise to sell even one image, considering there are millions and millions images on Getty, a lot of talents…

Close-up of person holding fish at beach

What are your superlative tips for photographers looking to sell their photos, as well?

The commencement rule is: at that place is no rule. Don’t put limits on what you shoot (but stay technically demanding). Don’t run everyday after the all-time sunset in your expanse… There are a lot of little things around you lot full of interest for the photography market.

Second, allow your images look as natural as possible. Don’t overuse filters.

Third, make several pictures of the same subject: wide views and close-ups. As a press photographer, I have experienced that leaving some space for texts is sometimes needed past the person licensing your prototype, and so take multiple shots to give more than choices to customers and increase your selling potential.

And of course, read the EyeEm Blog! Experiences are priceless. I accept this opportunity to thank the community and its inspiring talents.

Full frame shot of prickly pear cactus plants

What’south in your camera bag?

I carry Canon Digital SLR cameras and a range of lenses, a tripod, a GoPro, a Gorillapod, and some accessories, like a remote and filters. But sometimes my camera bag is just my pocket with an iPhone six.
What are you doing with your earnings?

With my starting time payment, I accept bought a yacht. (Just kidding!) In seriousness, my earnings are waiting to be spent in flying tickets and a new camera.

Seascape seen from airplane
Gondolier at work in venice


St marks cathedral and doges palace against clear blue sky
Sailing boats at harbor and church notre-dame de la garde in background

Cheers to Fred for sharing his feel as a successful photo seller! Make sure to follow him on EyeEm. Y’all can brand a profit, too – join EyeEm Market to commencement licensing your photos. Already on Market? Add more photos! Find more tips, interviews and superlative sellers on the weblog.