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The best places to sell your artwork online to support your artistic business.

Back in the day, artists were pretty limited in how, when, and where they could sell their art. In that location were no sites to sell artwork. If you wanted to get your art into someone’s easily, you had to find a fashion to get to them in person, whether at a fine art gallery, a artistic show, or an impromptu street sale.

But thanks to the cyberspace, it’s never been easier for artists to share their piece of work online with art enthusiasts across the globe—and to actually sell that art and support their businesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the best sites to sell artwork online then you can go coin from that auction right into your pocket.


  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • FineArtAmerica
  • Saatchi Art
  • UGallery
  • Shopify
  • TurningArt
  • Society6
  • Zazzle
  • Get Out There and Use Sites to Sell Artwork

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Yous can’t talk about sites to sell artwork without mentioning Etsy. Launched in 2005, this mega-popular online marketplace has become the get-to spot for crafters, designers, painters, and artists of all kinds to showcase their work, connect with potential customers and sell their fine art online.

Etsy’s popularity is both the biggest draw and the biggest challenge for artists. Its online marketplace gives you lot exposure to one of the largest audiences of craft and art enthusiasts on the internet. On the flip side, it also has ane of the largest groups of artists trying to make a living off their work, which can brand information technology hard to intermission through and get your art in front of the right people online.

How to sell art on Etsy:

sites to sell artwork

To sell your art on Etsy, you’ll need to create an Etsy shop. Once you’ve created your shop, you lot tin listing your products (make sure to include loftier-quality photos) and starting time marketing your products and making sales. Luckily, Etsy has a variety of tools to help you become your art in forepart of the correct audience.

In terms of fees, Etsy charges a nominal listing fee. If your fine art sells, you’ll pay a five% transaction fee and a 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee. There are also additional advertising fees if y’all desire to promote your products on the Etsy platform or off-site.


These days, people buy merely about everything on Amazon—and that includes art.

Depending on the type of art y’all’re selling, the world’south largest online retailer has a diverseness of opportunities, including Amazon Handmade, which features homemade, crafted items. Plus there’s an entire section dedicated to fine art, featuring one-of-a-kind paintings, drawings, watercolors, and photographs from partner artists.

How to sell art on Amazon:

sites to sell artwork

Amazon has different fee structures based on where and how y’all want to sell your products.

With Amazon Fine Art, you’ll demand to get approval through Amazon. One time approved, y’all’ll pay $0.99 per unit sale and a referral fee of betwixt 5 and xx% based on the full toll. You lot can get a full breakdown of fees on Amazon’s seller pricing page.

If you want to sell your art through Amazon Handmade, referral fees are 15% per sale (list your art is costless).


If yous’re looking for versatility, consider FineArtAmerica, one of the world’s largest online fine art marketplaces. FineArtAmerica combines a more than traditional gallery model with extensive impress-on-demand offerings. Whether y’all want to sell your original artwork online or requite people the option to have your art transformed into a T-shirt, an iPhone case, or a greeting card, they’ve got you covered.

How to sell art on FineArtAmerica:

sites to sell artwork

The steps to selling art on FineArtAmerica are as follows:

  • Open up an account
  • Upload photos of your artwork
  • Choose which products to characteristic
  • Set your prices and you’re ready to go

In terms of pricing, FineArtAmerica sets a base price for each product. Then, you set a markup, which you become to keep when the product sells. For digital downloads, you get to keep 100% of your asking cost. FineArtAmerica asks you to add a xxx% markup, which they go on every bit a commission. And if you make a sale on an original piece of work? Yous become to keep 100% of the sale.

Saatchi Fine art

If exposure is what you’re after, Saatchi Art might exist the place for you. The online art gallery and marketplace has a huge audience. Their website gets approximately 12 1000000 page views and 1.6 one thousand thousand visitors each month, and they have almost 500,000 followers on Facebook and over 650,000 on Instagram. Saatchi Fine art can also help yous sell on a global scale. The platform has sold to collectors in over 80 countries around the world.

How to sell fine art on Saatchi Art:

sites to sell artwork

To become started on Saatchi Art, yous simply create a contour, then photograph and upload your artwork. When you lot sell a piece of work, all you have to do is packet it. Saatchi Fine art handles the shipping and takes a 35% commission on the sale.

For more on selling your artwork online through Saatchi Art, check out their Artist’s Handbook.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of your art lining the walls of a loftier-end gallery, you might want to consider selling on UGallery. Its selection of paintings, illustrations, sculptures, prints, and photos are advisedly curated to entreatment to the truthful art enthusiast. This online gallery/art market place is also committed to showcasing new, exciting art. And then in order to keep things new and interesting, they only showroom art from emerging and mid-level artists—and that art must exist original and exclusive to the platform. Basically, UGallery is looking to recreate the feel of visiting and shopping at a loftier-end art gallery—just in the digital space instead of in a concrete location.

How to sell art on UGallery:

UGallery has a highly selective application process. To go started, artists have to submit digital copies of their fine art along with an creative person statement, a completed application, and a $5 awarding fee. If y’all’re approved to exhibit at UGallery, they’ll take intendance of marketing your fine art to their audition. If you lot make a auction through UGallery, you’ll split up the sale 50/50. Their team will ship you a custom box to package your artwork for the buyer and embrace all packaging and aircraft costs.


Sometimes, the best way to make a living off your artwork is to accept things into your own hands—and that means selling it online yourself.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy to sell art online. With Shopify, you tin can easily build a beautiful, easy-to-navigate e-commerce website to showcase your piece of work to potential buyers and bulldoze revenue for your business organisation. Shopify also comes equipped with a host of features (including website templates and a suite of marketing tools) that make it easy to get your shop up and running.

How to sell fine art on Shopify:

sites to sell artwork

To build and host your art shop, you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee that ranges from $29 (for the basic program) to $299 (for a more than advanced gear up-up). Yous’ll also need to set up up a fashion for your customers to pay when they buy your fine art. If yous use Shopify Payments, there are no transaction fees—but if you choose to use an external payment gateway, transaction fees range from 0.5 to 2%.

Desire to give Shopify a attempt but aren’t sure you’re set up to commit for the long term? The e-commerce platform offers a free 90-day trial, and then if you want to attempt building a website and selling your artwork on your own, y’all can practice information technology—take chances-free and at no price.


If y’all’ve ever walked down the halls of a large, upscale corporate edifice, chances are you lot’ve walked past at to the lowest degree a few paintings. And if you’ve ever envisioned your art lining those hallways, you’ll want to check out TurningArt. This service rents and sells art to commercial clients, as well as coordinates original commissions.

How to sell art on TurningArt:

sites to sell artwork

There are three ways to drive revenue through TurningArt:

  • Leasing:
    The artist earns a pct of the artwork’s price every month it’southward leased
  • Sales:
    The artist earns a commission when they make a sale
  • Commissions:
    The client commissions an artist for a specific project

The committee structure for TurningArt varies. For example, if an original work is sold, artists become 60% of the sale—but if a canvas impress is sold, artists receive only 20%. For more on TurningArt’s pricing structure, check out the FAQ pages for the Partner Artist Program and the Affiliate Artist Program.


If you want to see your art plastered on a huge multifariousness of products, yous’d exist difficult-pressed to find a meliorate partner than Society6. This print-on-demand powerhouse has one of the largest production assortments in the manufacture, enabling customers to explore your art through a huge diverseness of categories, including furniture, tech, dwelling house decor, wall art, and apparel.

How to sell art on Society6:

sites to sell artwork

To start selling your art on Society6, you lot’ll need to create an business relationship and upload your fine art to your artist’s store. From there, you lot can choose which categories you want to enable and characteristic your fine art. Y’all might accept i blueprint that would wait perfect on clothes, wall fine art, and telephone cases and another that would work all-time for furniture.

The proficient news? Society6 is 1 of the easier places to sell fine art online. They take intendance of marketing, fulfillment, printing, and shipping. The bad news? They’re not the most lucrative place for selling art. Artists make simply 10% of every sale. However, there are additional ways to drive revenue (including an affiliate plan), and opportunities to prepare higher markups for art prints, framed prints, and sail prints.

getting paid fast


Zazzle is another major player in the impress-on-demand world. Similar to Society6, Zazzle has a huge diversity of products where y’all can feature your art. Currently, the platform has over 1,500 blank product types. Just unlike Society6, Zazzle allows you to prepare your ain royalty rate, which tin help you earn more per sale.

How to sell art on Zazzle:

To get a Zazzle designer, all you have to do is upload your art, choose your products, and put them upwardly for auction on the marketplace. Zazzle takes care of the residue, including printing, shipping, and customer service.

As mentioned, Zazzle allows you to set your own royalty rates. You tin fix your rate anywhere from five to 99%; and then, Zazzle volition adjust the product cost accordingly.

Obviously, at that place are benefits to beingness able to set up your ain commission charge per unit—namely, that you can earn more than per sale. But considering you’re passing on that rate to your potential customers, it’s important not to set it as well loftier. Otherwise, it can be hard to drive sales in the Zazzle marketplace, especially when other artists are offer similar designs or products at a lower price.

Get out There and Use Sites to Sell Artwork

As an artist, your acme priority is to create. And with these sites to sell artwork, you tin observe new customers and drive revenue for your business concern—which will requite you the financial stability you need to go on to practice so. So all that’s left for you to do? Get out at that place, utilize i of these sites to sell artwork, and commencement dealing!

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