Aura Frame Won’t Connect To Wifi

By | 10/08/2022
Aura Frame Not Connecting To Bluetooth
Aureola Frame Non Connecting To Bluetooth

To connect your Aura Frame with Wi-Fi, you have to commencement set information technology up with Bluetooth and and then lucifer the Wi-Fi credentials to configure the frame. Unfortunately, many users merits that the frame won’t connect to Bluetooth, and owners have been unable to set upwards their Aura frames because of this complication.

If you’re lucky, this will but be a minor issues that can be fixed rather easily by power cycling the frame. So, before you lot get to the manufactory reset, try to follow through with some of these solutions, and hopefully, you won’t take to spend much time fixing the frame.

Aura Frame Non Connecting To Bluetooth

  1. Turn On Location Features

Near of the time, Bluetooth is non working considering location features have been disabled on the mobile device. The prepare to this situation is every bit elementary as turning off the Bluetooth and and so turning on the location features before y’all plough the Bluetooth on again. This will help address the connectivity compilations, and your Aura Frame should work with Bluetooth if in that location aren’t any specific issues with the device.

  1. Check App Permissions

Sometimes, it is the app permissions that have been disabled through the mobile settings. Then, yous need to browse to the device settings, open up application configurations, and browse to the Aura frame smart application to check the permissions. If the app location permissions are indeed disabled, you can click on the slider to toggle them on. Other than that, in that location are no complex steps involved, and going with Aura smart application should address this complication in no time.

  1. Restart Your Frame

A few customers also pointed out that yous just accept to restart the frame when it doesn’t connect to Bluetooth. Minor connectivity problems similar these are pretty mutual, and it is only a improve idea to power cycle your frame before resetting the device or reinstalling the mobile awarding.

So, completely remove power from the smart frame and then wait for around xxx seconds before you lot power it up over again. One time the unit has fully booted up, you lot tin can go through the configurations one more time and use the 4-digit code on the screen to pair upwards the Bluetooth with your mobile device. Hopefully, yous won’t take to spend more time on boosted troubleshooting steps.

  1. Clear Application Cache

Information technology is not that uncommon for application bugs to create this issue with the frame not connecting to Bluetooth. So, at that place is no harm in resetting the application and refreshing the connectedness by clearing the app data. Information technology will but take a second, and y’all can open up the Aura app information to access storage options.

From the storage options, just click on remove stored cache, and yous won’t have to worry about awarding bugs anymore. Similarly, you demand to upgrade to the latest version if you’ve not updated the awarding in a while.

  1. Use A Dissimilar Mobile Device

The possibility exists that y’all’re running into Bluetooth issues considering of the mobile device. There is no harm in trying to connect the Aura Frame with the Wi-Fi by using a unlike phone, as in one case the unit is added to Wi-Fi, you will be able to utilise it with the connected smart application. And so, simply grab a different phone or borrow one from your family unit members and so connect Bluetooth to your smart device.

Changing the mobile device will also give yous more perspective on the primary cause behind this event. If the unit of measurement starts working with the new mobile device, and then you’ll know for certain that the issue was with the mobile Bluetooth. On the other paw, if the issue persists and the frame won’t connect to the mobile, and then you lot only take to rest the frame.

  1. Reset Aura Frame

Ideally, resetting the Aura frame to manufactory settings should address all the software-related bugs. However, there is besides a take a chance that your frame is defective. And then, make certain to involve the dealer if the unit is not fixed even after the reset. The warranty should cover these issues with the Aureola frame, and y’all tin demand a replacement if the unit is not working even afterward going through all of these troubleshooting steps to set up the Bluetooth.