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Why B&H is Improve Than Adorama?


1.  Their website allows yous to filter your search according to useful specifications.

2.  Useful reviews.

3.  “In stock” means it is in stock.  At Adorama, this might hateful in stock, simply if it actually isn’t, you pay shipping twice plus wait for what was claimed to exist in stock.

4. Customer service is ameliorate in my experience.

5. Unproblematic gratuitous shipping calculations.

Any other reasons?

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Re: Why B&H is Improve Than Adorama?


I’ve used Adorama going back decades, but not any longer.  I use B&H as my commencement resource.  I totally avert Amazon for also many reasons to list here, and B&H ends upwardly having the stuff I desire when I desire information technology, at the best price.  One rub is their aircraft.  Although it frequently says “Side by side 24-hour interval” on their site, it’due south non just not “Side by side Twenty-four hours”, but the package will probably be unaccounted for until the 24-hour interval of delivery – a few days out.  It’southward never critical for me, every bit I don’t make a living with my photography, but it’s disconcerting for my packages to appear to be lost/untraceable for days.  They actually ought to choose another carrier other than FedEx, IMO.


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Re: Why B&H is Ameliorate Than Adorama?


I like the website at B&H more than.  I think information technology’due south easier to find things, has more information – maybe. I call back most retailers are regurgitating the manufacturer’s/benefactor’s data.

I’d much rather shop locally (shipping is erratic and a problem for pretty much everybody these days and I detest trying to work around unclear delivery dates/times for valuable items) than either of them only the large local identify is shaky, very niggling stock on paw in their stores these days and their website is awful.  A little sketchy on their pricing simply they’ve got that more nether control because information technology’s too like shooting fish in a barrel to comparison shop on-line and get competitive pricing instead of letting them expect upwards unmarked prices.  I’ve had them send stuff to their “closer” store and go choice it upwardly to avert dealing with hoping for the best on deliveries.

Which leads to the “best” about B&H, the “PayBoo” tax rebate organization.  I’m in California so have high local sales taxes.  But it took nearly two weeks to complete the “instant” procedure and nevertheless got a low limit.  So still, small stuff, cheap stuff, I nonetheless consider local or Amazon first if Amazon is showing quick delievery times – I’m close to some serious amazon warehouse/aircraft locations and so do get pretty good delivery on lots of things.

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Re: Why B&H is Better Than Adorama?


I recently purchased a Sigma 16mm f1.4 lens for my a6600. Amazon had information technology for less than B&H, with quicker shipping. But, reading the Amazon reviews, many people complained that their lens came in an envelope. Others said that their lenses were obviously used previously. I went with B&H and got a factory-fresh re-create in a suitable aircraft box with appropriate padding. For me, it’s worth a few extra dollars.

I’ve been an Amazon customer since 1997, merely these days I avoid buying from Amazon across the lath, whenever I can.


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