Bad Stock Photo Of My Job

By | 08/08/2022

Stock photos more often than not aren’t the best at showing realistic views of what different jobs are like, merely sometimes they’re hilariously inaccurate. People accept recently taken to social media to point out the worst offenders, and the new viral hashtag
has been a solid source of laughs.

reports that the hashtag began amidst scientists, merely the hashtag has since spread beyond that realm and into all kinds of job fields.

Here’southward a sampling of stock photos being lampooned with #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob:

How to Work with DNA

Teaching Nix is a Serious Affair

Laughing at Life’s Silly Details

How to Really Focus on Coding

How to Encounter if Trees are Healthy

How to Celebrate a Successful Pelvic Exam

The Theory of Everything

Yous Can’t Be As well Conscientious with Dry Ice

The Police of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Teambuilding Through Meetings

The Proper Attire for Research

Considering Plants Are Scary

What is Space, Anyhow?

That Unsafe Blueish Liquid

Understanding the Secrets of the Encephalon

You can follow along with the hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob yourself by doing a search for information technology on Twitter.