Basics Of Using A Dslr Camera

By | 19/10/2022

Using Your DSLR Camera

How to use a DSLR camera is on the mind of every new photographer that has one. These cameras are complicated pieces of technological equipment. If yous own a new DSLR photographic camera, you don’t want to be stuck using it on machine mode. This is what you employ your telephone for, not your DSLR camera.

If you only employ settings similar aperture priority mode, and so you are not getting the nigh from your DSLR photographic camera. Shutter priority mode and plan mode are much the same. You need to learn how to make the best use of your digital single lens reflex camera.

This article will assistance yous gain a improve understanding of whether you use a Canon camera or if you have a collection of Nikon cameras. Using the discontinuity priority modes and the shutter priority modes are only going to limit what you can exercise with your DSLR camera.

Most of today’s DSLRs (Digital Unmarried Reflex Photographic camera) are similar in design. But the buttons and controls can exist found in dissimilar places, depending on brand and style. At that place are a lot of settings available for you to use to capture unique photos. Just while there are many settings to choose from, not all are completely understood earlier being used. It is important to know about your DSLR photographic camera settings then that you can choose the best ane for what you are seeking to achieve.

is a lot more fun when you know what you lot are doing. When you lot take a new DSLR camera, it’s important to know how to use information technology. The aforementioned goes for a mirrorless photographic camera.

Canon DSLR camera.

What are the Basics of a DSLR Camera?

Here we volition have a good look at how to employ DSLR camera settings. It’s not complicated when you have the fourth dimension to understand what you are doing.

If you accept a new photographic camera or a mirrorless photographic camera and desire to learn how to employ it, check out the 365 Days of Photography Course, which takes you step past pace on how to utilise your new camera in transmission mode. It as well looks at transmission focus fashion and every aspect of how to use a DSLR camera. No matter what camera model you lot have, this beginner’s
guide will teach you much more than well-nigh it than your photographic camera transmission will.

DSLR cameras are amazing. When you lot utilise your camera well, you’ll be able to take your digital
to a new level. You really want to get off aperture priority mode and any auto manner. Your camera will not be able to make artistic choices for you in these modes. Yous are much better off learning how to have photographs in manual mode. All y’all really need to practice is acquire to command the shutter speed and aperture, and then the right corporeality of light reaches the photographic camera’south sensor. This will give y’all a correctly exposed image no matter what camera model you lot accept.

Learning to apply transmission focus mode is non and then important considering the autofocus on every camera is getting better and better. You do need to know how to manage your focus point and focus mode and the difference between a fast shutter speed and a slower shutter speed. These are things that influence how much mistiness is in a photo.

DSLR camera settings.

Basic Settings and Steps to Start Using Your DSLR Photographic camera:

Make sure the batteries are charged.

Y’all don’t e’er want to exist out with your camera and discover that yous don’t have whatever charge in your battery. Information technology really is essential to take photographs.

Make sure you accept a retentiveness bill of fare.

Purchase extra retentivity cards, then yous accept plenty of memory for shooting pictures. The quality of pictures you are taking determines the retentivity infinite y’all will need.

memory card.

Turn your camera on.

This is the start aspect of using a camera that you’ll acquire to do automatically. In no time, you lot will non even have to think most where the on/off switch is. Side by side thing, you’ll exist managing the discontinuity setting, shutter speed, and ISO the same fashion.

The more often yous apply your photographic camera, the easier it becomes. You’ll be able to adjust the settings well without having to pay full attending to them.

Cull a “mode” on meridian.

Virtually cameras accept a choice of exposure modes to choose from. The most commonly used mode is the aperture priority mode. Shutter priority mode and car mode are besides popular.

This is more then with new photographers who have not discovered the joy of taking photos with their camera in manual mode.

camera modes.

Automatic Style

When y’all set your camera to automatic, you permit the camera figure out the exposure for you lot. This means if information technology requires a flash, the flash volition go off unless you set it to the no-flash auto mode. This is most often used for simple betoken-and-shoot

Program Mode

In program mode, your shutter speed and aperture are gear up by the camera.  This style is good for snapshots and when y’all don’t have time to accommodate settings. In this mode, the camera also makes the pick of how the exposure is set. This is always simply controlled by how the camera is programmed and works the same for Catechism cameras and Nikon cameras.

Shutter Priority Mode

Yous set the shutter speed, and the photographic camera selects the best aperture.  This setting is good if yous are trying to freeze or blur motility. Too, the shutter priority mode is skillful when you lot are get-go getting used to your settings.

Learning how to manage your shutter speed well is important. You lot don’t want to cease up using a slower shutter speed than is what is best. When you lot have a moving bailiwick, this is most of import to know. A fast shutter speed will also assist you to avoid blur from the camera shake. This is what happens when a slow shutter speed is used, and the camera moves during the time that the shutter is open up. And then the whole of the photo will appear to be blurred.

For more than info see: Shutter Speed and How to Conform Your Shutter Speed.

photographer holding a camera.

Aperture Priority Mode

Here you get to cull the aperture, and the camera sets the shutter speed. If you want the background blurry or everything in focus (Depth of Field) this would exist your best pick. Also, for any beginner photographers, this mode volition help y’all learn how to control the depth of field and put you at a good first above others.

For more info see: Introduction to Aperture and Aperture Setting.

Transmission Way

With the manual mode, you cull shutter speed and aperture yourself. You tin can exercise this by belongings downward the +/- button and moving the punch until you lot are satisfied with your setting. Using this exposure compensation control does non provide you with such accurate control over your exposure settings. This is best achieved by learning to manage the aperture setting and shutter speed setting yourself.

The ISO setting as well has an influence on exposure and should never be set to motorcar ISO if you want to be in control of your exposure. Leaving the ISO set to auto ways that the photographic camera is in control of the exposure. No thing how you adjust your aperture and shutter speed, the camera manages the ISO automatically. This means that the camera is in command of the exposure setting besides. It will determine what it is programmed to and accommodate the ISO accordingly.

For more info see: How to Shoot Using Manual Fashion.

camera on a tripod in outdoor setting.

Effects or Scene Modes

These modes are for special furnishings and optimizing the settings for the scene existence photographed. If yous want to learn to use your camera well, forget about these settings. They are simply at that place to make it seem like
is piece of cake. If y’all want to do like shooting fish in a barrel
photography, there is not much point in owning a photographic camera. A phone will do just fine.

The scene modes in cameras can crusade more than confusion than they are worth. Take a lilliputian time to learn to use your camera well. There are not many of import settings. Once you have learned to command them, you will take no inclination to even look at the scene or consequence modes.

Information Display Options

But about whatsoever digital photographic camera has this Information Display or “info” push button or some variation of it. Shooting information is displayed on the monitor when this button is pushed. Information technology’s all in that location! Learning to read what is the well-nigh important and relevant information on this screen takes time. But it is worth making an effort to empathise it. This will help you lot to become a better lensman than you are at present. Information technology’southward typically used when reviewing photographs.

See: Histograms and other Photographic camera Settings.

person shooting with a DSLR camera.

Epitome Quality

At that place are two bones image quality choices. You can set your camera to save your photos as RAW files or as jpg files. This is an of import option. Y’all need to learn how to best save your photographs if you lot desire to edit them or if you prefer not to.

File Format and Compression Ratio(Quality):
Ready to NORM

For more info come across: Quality.

Prototype Size

Measured in Pixels:
Prepare to Large

For more info come across: Megapixels and Resolution.

White Balance

Helps adjust the lighting and colors depending on the lighting. Most of the time you lot can exist confident that the camera will become the white rest right when information technology is fix to auto. Auto white residuum means the camera decides if it needs to filter out any color bandage that may be present in the ambience light where you are taking photos. If the light has a different tone, the photographic camera will add together an opposite-toned filter to correct the photos you capture. Most of the time you will not even be aware of this.

The only times when it’s best to set the white remainder manually is when there is lite from unlike sources of unlike colour temperatures. The other fourth dimension that auto white balance is non so proficient is when you lot are taking photos using studio strobe lighting.

For more info see: White Residue.

Nikon DSLR camera.

ISO Sensitivity

This adjusts how responsive the camera sensor is to light. A depression ISO setting is best in bright light. Like on a sunny day. On a cloudy mean solar day, a setting that is a little scrap higher is good. When the lite is low, like at night, you will need to adjust the ISO to a college setting. At higher ISO settings, photos will exist afflicted by digital racket.

For more info run into: ISO Sensitivity.

Release Mode

This setting controls how many photographs are taken per second when you press the shutter release button. Nearly cameras have the options of single and burst style. So you can set this to only accept one photo at a time. Or you can manage the setting, then the camera takes a lot of photos continuously as long equally you have your finger on the shutter release push button.

For more info run across: Shutter Release Modes.

Focus Manner

Changes how the photographic camera volition focus on the subject. This is an important setting to control on your camera. The wrong focus style will mean that you exercise not get your principal bailiwick in focus. This is always disappointing because you cannot fix an out-of-focus photo.

Larn to set your focus point how you like. There are a variety of options for how to exercise this, including single servo and continuous servo modes. Some people prefer to use manual focus manner.

using and setting up a new camera.

AF-expanse Mode

What type of focus will be used for autofocus:
Set to Auto-area AF.

This setting determines where the camera will focus in your frame. It tin can be on one point, or you lot tin fix information technology for multi-signal autofocus. In this manner, the photographic camera volition decide what to focus on.

For more info run across: Af-Area Mode.


Sets exposure depending on the setting you choose:
Prepare to Average Metering.

This controls how the camera reads the amount of lite. In Averaged manner, the camera reads calorie-free from the whole image and provides an average reading. This is a handy default because it is pretty accurate nearly of the time.

When y’all want to be more precise with your exposure reading, learn to apply the Spot Metering mode on your camera.

For more info see: Metering Modes.

Active D-Lighting (Nikon)

Changes the difference betwixt shadows and highlights:
Set to OFF.

Auto Bracketing

Takes pictures at different exposures:
Set to OFF.

This tool is helpful when you are not confident that you lot are getting the best exposure. Information technology is also used to create HDR photos. With automobile bracketing turned on, the camera will take a predetermined series of exposures at different settings. You tin can so choose which 1 you like the best.

For more info see: Auto Bracketing.

Set Motion-picture show Control

Changes the colour pallet:
Prepare to Standard.

Exposure Bounty

Exposure bounty is used when your camera is set to any of the auto exposure modes. You lot can then apply the exposure bounty to adjust an exposure that you are not happy with. Maybe you have taken a photo, and information technology is too bright. You tin can gear up the exposure compensation to -1 or -2 and meet if it looks whatsoever better. The opposite can be washed to add more than light to an epitome that looks too night.

For more than info see: Exposure Bounty.

DSLR camera learning guide for beginners.

Flash Compensation

Helps compensate for flash:
Fix to 0.0

This is very similar to exposure compensation. Information technology allows you to control the amount of calorie-free from your flash that has an issue on your photos. You tin add more light or control it to add less calorie-free when the flash is too bright.

Flash Mode

When the flash is fired:
Set up to Normal.

It is of import to command when your flash will fire. If your flash mode is set to machine, the photographic camera will set the wink off any time it appears to exist a fleck dark. So when you are taking photos of the dark sky or fireworks, for example, the flash will become off. This will not help you take better photos. And so it is all-time to exist in command of when the flash will fire and not allow the camera manage this setting.

AE-AL Lock

To lock exposure in one surface area. This is helpful when you are using whatsoever of the auto exposure modes. When you lot take an exposure that you are happy with, y’all can press and concord the AE-AL lock push button to retain that exposure setting. This is practiced when the light is irresolute in your scene, and you don’t desire your exposure to self-adjust as it will do in any auto exposure mode. If you are using manual mode on your camera, there is no demand to use this setting.

For more info encounter: AE-L and AF-L Lock.

Photo Editing Software Included with Camera

If y’all are planning on taking pictures using the RAW file format, y’all need software to procedure your RAW files into the jpeg file format. Most new digital cameras include software to assist you lot manage, edit, and shop your images. Some software programs even allow you to command your camera using a tether wirelessly.

offers its EOS Utility.
has ViewNX-i software. This lets you browse nonetheless images and video files. You can edit still images via Capture NX-D or video files via ViewNX-Movie Editor.
has its Paradigm Data Converter. This displays RAW information and can adjust the brightness or color besides equally output evolution to a JPEG or TIFF file format.

Have an Online Video

There are literally hundreds of online video
courses available. Online courses are a flexible and convenient way to acquire
and improve your camera skills. For starters, we recommend
the 365 Days of

Yous can access the course at whatever time on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or your smartphone.

At that place is as well Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography on Udemy. This class includes 13.v hours of on-need video instruction.

Likewise, check out our article on How to Get Started in Photography.


The most effective way to acquire to apply your photographic camera is to report and practise with information technology every day. This will help you learn to manage the camera settings and enjoy
photography. When you lot don’t demand to stress nearly the settings, you tin enjoy taking photos a lot more than.

Take your time to larn the essential controls on your photographic camera. When you know how to manage these, you will be more than confident to accept amend photos.