Beginner Point And Shoot Film Camera

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If you plan to become into the wonderful globe of film photography, you lot’ve come to the right place. The best gear to kickoff with is a 35mm film camera. This format is still often used because of its convenience. Only, nowadays, as shooting film becomes more and more popular, the prices of these cameras go on going upward. If yous program to dive into 35mm motion-picture show cameras, make sure you lot know which one best suits your upkeep and needs.

Below we listing several of the best 35mm motion picture cameras y’all can still detect today!

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The All-time 35mm Film Cameras for Beginners

These are our top picks for the best 35mm flick cameras for beginners. We have something for everyone, from indicate-and-shoot cameras to SLRs. It doesn’t matter if this is your kickoff step on your film photography journey. You’ll be able to pick upward any of these cameras and start shooting.

The prices will vary from camera to camera. And the 35mm market is in constant flux, with prices going upwardly and down. Although these days the prices are simply going in ane direction—upwards! But don’t be disheartened. Now’s the time to find the perfect 35mm film camera to get-go your pic photography journey.

A Canon and a Nikon 35mm film photography camera on a table

9. Olympus OM-ane

The Olympus OM-one was the “Leica of the working class.” Information technology is quality packed into a modest size. Swell for both beginner 35mm film photographers and more experienced users. It is also an splendid choice for traveling.

What to love about this arrangement is the shutter speed punch on the lens mount. This allows you to keep your eye on the photographic camera without having to fiddle with a top-side dial.

Another quality benefit to this organisation is the OM mount lenses fabricated by Zuiko. They outperform many other brands on the market, making this one of the all-time film cameras for beginners.

The Olympus OM-1 35mm film camera

8. Minolta Ten-700

One of the almost underrated 35mm motion-picture show cameras is the Minolta 10-700. Throughout two decades, it stood out. A few of the reasons for this were the many exposure modes, TTL flash metering, and vivid viewfinder.

The plastic torso allowed it to exist lightweight without being low quality. This is an first-class camera for hobbyists and professionals akin.

One of the problems you might face is with the shutter speed. The lensman must accept their eye off the viewfinder to run across the shutter speed setting.

Likewise, if a recommended shutter speed falls between two-speed settings, both will light up. You volition have to select the one y’all believe is best.

The Minolta X-700 35mm film camera

7. Olympus XA2

Olympus has made a name for itself by making some of the best point-and-shoot film cameras. And the Olympus XA2 is at the very pinnacle of that list. It’south an absolute classic 35mm camera.

The Olympus XA2 is equipped with a 35mm lens. There’s no autofocus, which is a downside. But you tin modify the focus distance with the switch at the front. The options are 1.5 meters, three meters, and infinity. You tin do portrait, street, and landscape photography.

It’s durable and rugged with a strong plastic shell. And it’s small-scale enough to put in your pocket. The uncomplicated controls arrive perfect for beginners. Simply the fantastic results requite the photographic camera a broad appeal.

Over the last decade or so, this type of compact has become popular with mode photographers. Compact flick cameras are really in vogue correct now, and so prices can exist higher than you expect. But they’re the perfect gateway into film photography.

Photo of two Olympus XA2 35mm film cameras side by side on blue background

6. Nikon FM2

The Nikon FM2 is a great camera for hobbyists who desire to bring their photography to the next level. It does this at an affordable toll. Mechanical shutter? Bank check. Accurate light metering? Check. Fast shutter speed to one/4000th of a 2d? Cheque. And, it is perfect for outdoors where yous do not have easy access to batteries.

Information technology is as well like shooting fish in a barrel to use, allowing beginners to become to grips easily and quickly. The all-time thing about this camera is that it does non need a battery. Everything works fine without one.

What you will similar virtually about this beauty is its craftsmanship and the choice of bayonet lenses. It is a vintage photographic camera that you tin nevertheless employ without worrying about breaking it.

an image of the Nikon FM2 35mm film camera

5. Pentax K1000

This photographic camera aimed itself towards the amateur photographer market and was first introduced in 1976. These were pinnacle-rated cameras with students considering they were cheap. It immune them to learn and lasted a long fourth dimension, as they were built like a tank.

Many are still around, so finding one should non exist a problem.

an image of the Pentax K1000 35mm film camera

iv. Minolta Hi-Matic F

The Minolta HI-Matic F is a rangefinder camera. The rangefinder is an early type of bespeak-and-shoot film camera, popular in the 1970s and ’80s.

The name rangefinder refers to the system used for focusing. At that place’southward no autofocus, so you lot look through the viewfinder and turn the focus band on the lens. There’due south a small dot in the eye of the viewfinder, which yous use to find focus.

The Hi-Matic F has a stock-still 38mm prime number lens, making it perfect for street photography. The shutter speed and aperture are automated, so setting the ISO is your only concern. And then find your range and start shooting.

The rangefinder tin can take some getting used to, especially for people unfamiliar with old cameras. But the Minolta Howdy-Matic is a delight to utilise. It’s small and lightweight, perfect for everyday photography.

Product photo of Minolta Hi-Matic F with marble background

3. Nikon F6

The Nikon F6 comes from a long line of 35mm SLRs, such as the Nikon F and F4. The great thing about this brute is you can choice it up new.

You lot tin choose plan manner, shutter priority, and aperture priority through to transmission. It likewise has automatic picture show loading and machine film advancement, saving valuable fourth dimension during the capture.

The newer series SLRs of Nikon take an excellent lens and mount compatibility with the more recent DSLRs. It might exist a perfect choice for those who own Nikon cameras to build upwardly a solid set of moving-picture show and digital cameras using the same lenses.

an image of the Nikon F6 classic 35mm film camera

2. Leica M6

Nosotros all know Leica well. Many legendary photographers valued this iconic brand and turned it into a sensation.

The Leica M6 was the beginning 35mm rangefinder camera in its class. Information technology has a cute design. Meaty and with a subdued shutter sound. Perfect for candid images.

The Leica M6 is a near-perfect 35mm picture show camera. Just it comes with a very high cost tag. And they’re not piece of cake to detect considering owners rarely want to part with their Leicas. Nosotros recommend buying one from an authorized dealership or an established photograph store.

Being a Leica owner means you’re part of a community. This comes with benefits such as this make’south incredible repair and maintenance system, which allows you to ship your flick cameras to an official store for repairs. No other brand does that.

an image of the Leica M6 classic 35mm film camera

ane. Canon AE-one

Canon produced the Canon AE-i for about ten years. When you create a fantastic photographic camera, there is no reason to change. This camera was the new and improved SLR pattern that overhauled how 35mm SLR cameras were made.

This was Canon’s first affordable TTL (Through the Lens metering) camera. It has precise metering, shutter priority mode, and afterwards, the company added the machine-exposure characteristic.

Because of the depression cost and added features, it became i of the most popular 35mm pic cameras of its era. This means information technology’s non hard to find them today.

The Canon AE-one is perfect for photographers with a keen ambition for film. It’s not as elementary equally a point-and-shoot. It does require input from the photographer. But that’southward the best way to learn the nuts and bolts of photography.

an image of the Canon AE-1 film camera


Shooting film has lots of benefits. You have 36 shots, then you are more than conscious when it comes to taking a picture.

You lot do not need to use special effects or post-processing for having a vintage look. Ownership a 35mm film camera volition open a whole new world in photography.

The prices of the 35mm motion-picture show cameras are going upward. It’southward a smart determination to invest in one now before information technology gets more expensive. We hope our list helped you lot to notice the best 35mm film camera for y’all!

In need of some more than tips? Acquire how to capture stunning images with the camera you lot already own with our Photography for Beginners course!