Best Backdrop For Hair Photos

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It’due south one thing to be great at making pilus look expert, it’southward quite another to
have photos of hair that await practiced. No matter how fantastic your work looks in real life, there are a few things to consider when translating it into a photo.

In an manufacture where looks are everything, taking good quality photos of your work tin mean a big increase in business. Whether you are looking to concenter new clients looking for services, or maybe enter your work into a contest, having
professional-looking photos can make all the difference.

Despite what most people call back, the most important part of taking a good photo has aught to do with your equipment. In fact, what you use to have the photo doesn’t matter every bit much as how you ready it up. By paying close attention to your lighting and limerick y’all tin can take professional looking photos of your work using any camera bachelor to you—even your phone!

1. How to Utilise Light in your Hair Photos

The near of import part of taking a keen photo is
the lighting. From showing texture and color to highlighting your clients’ specific features, you need good lighting to make it happen. When information technology comes to photographing hair, natural light can’t exist beat. Having a window or outdoor space available to you to accept photos is ideal, since natural light shows color in its purest form. This ways good things for showing off your latest balayage.

Natural, diffused light besides has a softer quality in photos than artificial light, which can impact the overall feel of your photo. No matter what your lighting state of affairs currently is, there is a style to take a beautiful photograph.

Tips for using natural light in hair photos:

  1. Bright, straight sunlight can wash out colors and detail in photos. You lot tin diffuse direct sunlight with a sheer white curtain (or white issue paper taped to the window if you don’t have defunction handy).
  2. Your subject should usually be facing your lite source. This produces the well-nigh even, flattering lighting. If your master goal is to show off your work, then you want to have the section of hair that yous are photographing facing the window to ensure that information technology is evenly lit.
  3. If yous can’t accept your discipline facing your light source directly (or you lot just desire a little extra “oomph” on an evenly lit photograph) you can use a reflector to bounce light where you need it. A slice of white poster board, or even cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil volition work in a pinch—just position your reflector in such a way that the light will travel from the light source, hit the reflector and bounce back to the area of the hair that you are photographing.

If yous don’t take access to natural light, there are 2 other options for getting keen light in your hair photos: bright, articulate
“daylight” bulbs and a band light
. Which one you lot use depends on what you lot can use in your space and also how often you will be taking photos of your piece of work. Using daylight bulbs in your salon is the simplest style to go, and requires no extra equipment. However, if y’all will be taking a lot of photos of your piece of work, y’all may desire to consider
investing in a ring light.

Ring lights are typically near the size of a normal flooring lamp and accept a bulb in a unique “O” shape. The fundamental to using the ring lite is to shoot
it, this allows for dramatic, even lighting. Many beauty vloggers and social media influencers use right lights for this reason  and if you are planning to take a lot of photos of your work, it may be a worthwhile investment. The i draw back to using a ring light for all of your hair photos is that it is pretty limiting, creatively speaking.

2. How to Prepare your Hair Photos

When information technology comes taking dandy photos,
composition is key. This includes the background, color, pattern/texture, proportion and perspective (or bending) of your photo. Before y’all determine how y’all desire your photo to wait, yous’ll need to remember advisedly about what the goal of the photo is.

If you are trying to concenter more clients, you demand to bear witness your work in a articulate, professional way. Therefore, your composition should exist unproblematic and directly forward. If yous are looking to enter your piece of work into a creative contest, nevertheless, the limerick of your photos can (and should!) have a little more flair.

Playing with your photo composition can add together a unique postage stamp to photos of your work. In fact, this is the easiest fashion to develop a photography “fashion” that could even assistance with your overall branding. It is important to master the basics first, though, to be certain the focus stays on presenting your work in its best possible light.

Tips for composing your hair photos

  1. The offset rule of photograph limerick is the
    rule of thirds
    and it’southward all about balance and proportion. If yous imagine your photo as a 9-grid (with two horizontal lines and ii vertical lines running though information technology to create ix equally sized squares) you desire to position your subject where the lines intersect. This is non only where the eye naturally travels, but it besides creates a more than interesting photo.
  2. Photos taken from above make the subject field expect smaller and photos taken from beneath make information technology look bigger, generally speaking. You’ll desire to keep this rule in heed if you are planning to include your client’s body in the photo.
  3. Be sure to
    bank check your background. All too ofttimes, a beautifully lit, perfectly composed photo is ruined by clutter in the background. Be sure you do a check for used cups or cans, or even a crumpled upwards towel or awkwardly positioned coworker.
  4. Watch your
    patterns, textures, and lines. This is a common fault that a lot of beginner photographers make. If yous desire to focus to be on the quality of your work, then you need to keep all of the background “noise” to a minimum. This means paying special attention to the amount of colors, patterns and textures you lot accept going on in the frame. This may mean covering up a bright or patterned shirt or moving to a different background.

3. The Almost Important Hair Photograph Rule

Learning to accept good quality, professional photos of your work doesn’t take to exist intimidating. While make clean, fifty-fifty lighting and a thoughtful composition are of import, the most of import dominion to remember is to
have fun
while taking your photos.

Thanks to digital cameras, you can take a virtually unlimited number of photos, in order to get the perfect ane. So have fun with it! Once you have a feel for the basics, don’t be afraid to try different poses, lighting sources and backgrounds until you find the right combination
for y’all.

We tin can’t
to see what you can do!

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