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By | 10/11/2022

This article will help you find the best affordable photographic camera for landscape photography. Mural photography is a enervating genre. And many guides tell yous only the best cameras are good enough. And they’ll direct you to a list of cameras with center-watering prices. Simply Proficient Photography volition aid you without breaking the bank.

Nosotros’re here to aid y’all find an affordable camera for landscape photography. Landscape photography should be for anybody. And we’ll assist yous observe the perfect landscape camera no matter your budget.

Check out our ultimate guide to mural photography. Or take a await at these landscape photographers for inspiration. And our Epic Landscape Editing course will take your mural photography to the adjacent level.

Landscape of trees next to a small lake
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What to Look For in a Camera for Landscape Photography

When you ready out on a landscape photography mission, you demand to know your photographic camera is upwardly for the task. Landscape photography has a unique set of demands. And non every photographic camera works well for landscapes. Nosotros’ll guide you on what to look for when finding the best affordable photographic camera for landscape photography.

Paradigm Quality

Image quality is the cardinal to good landscape photography. You want to testify the beautiful landscapes in all their celebrity. And if the camera doesn’t produce high-quality images, the natural beauty will exist lost. And your landscape photos may terminate upwards apartment and uninspiring.

The megapixel count of the camera sensor plays a large part in epitome quality. A college MP count usually ways meliorate image quality. Just too exist enlightened of the size of the sensor. Some MP counts might look low. But they can still produce excellent images on a smaller sensor.

Medium format cameras have a big sensor. It’s bigger than APS-C and total frame cameras. They are splendid cameras for landscape photography. And professionals love the incredible images they produce. But medium format cameras don’t fit with the affordable theme of this post. They’re fabled machines, just they don’t come cheap.

ISO Settings

ISO too plays a role in the quality of your images. Mural photographers like to use lower ISO settings. 100 ISO is fantabulous if you have it. But anything lower is even ameliorate.

Image Stabilization

Epitome stabilization systems utilise to exist a characteristic of high-cease cameras. They were a luxury not often plant in more than affordable cameras. But now we’re seeing it in affordable cameras too.

Paradigm stabilization can exist optical or sensor-shift. Both types counteract
camera shake, reducing motility blur in your images. That allows you to use slower shutter speeds. And it helps yous when shooting landscapes without a tripod.

Ecology and Atmospheric condition Sealing

99% of landscape photography is shot outdoors. And landscape photography cameras demand to withstand the conditions. Environmental sealing means the photographic camera is resistant to grit and humidity. Just a weather-sealed camera is ideal. It tin can accept wind and rain, and then you don’t have to pack upwards when the sky opens.

Mountain landscape with yellow flowers in the foreground
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The All-time Affordable Photographic camera for Landscape Photography

This is where we find the best affordable photographic camera for landscape photography. Our list includes cameras of all types. We have DSLR and mirrorless cameras. And we have bridge and meaty cameras. They all meet the demands of landscape photography. And they all have an affordable price tag.

i. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Marking Four

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV product photo

  • Camera Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor Size: Micro Four Thirds
  • Image Resolution: 20 MP
  • Viewfinder: Electronic, two.36m dots
  • Video Quality: 4K
  • User Level: Enthusiast
  • Toll: $$

A Micro Iv Thirds (MFT) sensor is smaller than an APS-C and total frame sensor. That might non sound ideal for landscapes. But MFT cameras are meaty, powerful, and total of features. Olympus is a specialist in MFT cameras. And the OM-D Due east-M10 Marker IV makes it to the top of our list of the all-time affordable cameras for mural.

The Micro Four Thirds photographic camera gives you an prototype resolution of 20 MP. That doesn’t sound like much. But you can expect stunning epitome quality. The color rendition and dynamic range are first-class. The ISO range starts at 100, which is ideal for landscapes. And you tin raise it to 25,600 in manual style if you’re in low light.

Prototype stabilization is a handy feature for capturing landscape photos. And this camera uses a 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization organisation. It reduces
photographic camera shake, giving yous more than options for shooting by paw. You won’t demand a tripod on your side by side landscape expedition.

The autofocus organization is excellent. It uses 121 focus points and has face detection and discipline tracking. You become a continuous shooting speed of 15 fps. And you have 4K video quality. The lack of weather sealing is a downside. But the fantastic camera features make the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark 4 a versatile machine. Simply we recall it’s the best photographic camera for mural photography if you’re on a upkeep.

two. Pentax 1000-70

Pentax K-70 product image

  • Camera Type: DSLR
  • Sensor Size: APS-C
  • Image Resolution: 24.two MP
  • Viewfinder: Optical
  • Video Quality: Full Hd
  • User Level: Beginner
  • Price: $$

The Pentax K-70 is platonic for shooting landscape photos. It’southward a rugged DSLR camera that builds on the Pentax reputation for durable cameras. It’southward a pop entry-level photographic camera in the landscape photography world. It combines operation, toughness, and an affordable price.

The Pentax G-70 is completely weather-sealed. That means yous can shoot landscapes come rain or shine. You lot can’t control the atmospheric condition. But the K-seventy’s rugged torso means it’s no longer a concern.

The performance inside the body is also excellent. The APS-C sensor gives you a resolution of 24.ii MP. That’due south far ameliorate than any smartphone camera. And the dynamic range is outstanding for a camera at this level. Yous also go an impressive ISO range, starting at 100 with a top limit of 204,800. That makes it the best camera for landscape and nighttime photography.

The shake-reduction arrangement is another handy feature for mural photographers. It doesn’t offer the same milk shake reduction as a sensor-shift arrangement. But it does improve quality when shooting handheld.

The lack of 4K video will put off video makers. Just all the features combine to make a fantastic camera for landscape photography. The Pentax K-70 offers excellent value for money with a kit lens included.

3. Sony a6100

Sony Alpha 6100 product photo

  • Photographic camera Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor Size: APS-C
  • Image Resolution: 24.ii MP
  • Viewfinder: Electronic
  • Video Quality: 4K
  • User Level: Enthusiast
  • Price: $$

The Sony a6100 is an older model in the Sony Blastoff series. Simply it remains a high-quality camera. And the historic period means information technology’s more of a budget camera for landscape photography. Sony mirrorless cameras are considered some of the best. And the a6100 is the best
mirrorless camera
for landscape photography if you lot’re on a upkeep.

The Sony a6100 offers splendid image quality. The APS-C sensor gives you lot a 24.ii MP count. Your landscape shots will be vibrant with an outstanding dynamic range. They’ll exist good enough for enlargement and print media. The camera offers a proficient set of ISO settings. ISO 100 is ideal for daylight landscapes. But you lot can accept information technology up to 51,200 for dawn and dusk shots.

The autofocus system is a leader of its grade. It has 425 dissimilarity and phase detection points for tracking subjects. And it has heart detection for humans and animals. That’southward a bonus if you desire to effort wildlife photography too. And the 11 fps burst mode volition help yous with the faster animals.

The Sony a6100 is an interchangeable lens camera. And you can purchase it with excellent kit lenses. But it’southward a compact camera that’s easy to transport. That makes it an fantabulous choice for a traveling landscape photographer.

iv. Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70K

Panasonic Lumix ZS70K product photo

  • Camera Type: Compact
  • Sensor Size: ane/two.3″
  • Image Resolution: 20.3 MP
  • Viewfinder: Electronic—1.16M dots
  • Video Quality: 4K
  • User Level: Beginner/Enthusiast
  • Price: $

The Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70K is the all-time meaty photographic camera for landscape photography. Information technology’southward a powerful camera with excellent features. And it’s small enough for a backpack pocket. It’s an impressive compact. And it gives you enough of bang for your cadet.

The DC-ZS70K only has a 1/two.3″ camera sensor. But information technology gives you an impressive 20.3 MP resolution. And the fixed lens enhances image quality for landscapes. It’s a Leica lens, and so you lot can’t fault the quality. And it also gives you an incredible focal length range, giving y’all 30x zoom capabilities.

Epitome stabilization isn’t mutual in meaty cameras. But the DC-ZS70K combines optical and sensor-shift stabilization. That ensures abrupt images without a tripod.

The other camera features are excellent as well. The electronic viewfinder and LCD screen are vivid and detailed. And you lot accept fabulous 4K video. The Lumix 4K Photo fashion besides gives you lot a xxx fps burst rate. It’s a versatile photographic camera. Simply nosotros think it’southward fantabulous for landscape photography.

5. Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 product image

  • Camera Blazon: DSLR
  • Sensor Size: APS-C
  • Image Resolution: 24.2 MP
  • Viewfinder: Optical
  • Video Quality: Total Hd
  • User Level: Beginner
  • Toll: $

The Nikon D3500 is i of the best entry-level DSLR cameras. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to start photography. And it has the features and performance for new landscape photographers. Information technology’s an affordable DSLR that won’t permit you down.

A Nikon DSLR camera is a great place to start with photography. And the 24.2 MP resolution gives you excellent image quality. Information technology’s a big jump from smartphone photography. And it will fuel your enthusiasm for landscape photography.

The D3500 has a solid ISO range, starting at 100 with a top level of 25,600. That ways you can try low-light photography when the sun goes down. At that place’s a expert choice of auto and semi-motorcar modes. And there are built-in guides for absolute beginners.

The Nikon D3500 comes with an fantabulous kit lens. But it as well allows you to expand your horizons with other lenses. It’due south compatible with all Nikon F-mountain lenses, and then yous have hundreds to cull from.

You have a high-quality optical viewfinder. And the battery life is excellent. The autofocus is primitive, but it’south withal reliable. The D3500 isn’t the camera for video makers. At that place’s no 4K, only full HD. But it’s the perfect DSLR camera for a budding landscape photographer.

6. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Marking Three

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III product image

  • Photographic camera Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor Size: Micro Iv Thirds
  • Image Resolution: 20 MP
  • Viewfinder: Electronic—2.36M dots
  • Video Quality: 4K
  • User Level: Enthusiast
  • Price: $$$

Nosotros’ve included another Micro Four Thirds camera from Olympus. They’re fabulous mirrorless cameras for landscape photography. They’re meaty and lightweight. And they have excellent features for this type of photography. The Olympus OM-D Due east-M5 Marker III will stretch your budget. But it’s a quality camera for mural photographers.

mirrorless camera
has an image resolution of xx MP. That’south powerful for an MFT sensor. And you can expect detailed images with fantastic quality. But if 20 MP isn’t enough, you have High-Resolution Shot mode. You need a tripod for this fashion. Merely it gives yous incredible 50 MP photos. That’s perfect for landscape photography.

Don’t worry if you left your tripod at home. The photographic camera has built-in epitome stabilization. Information technology reduces
photographic camera milkshake
when shooting by manus. And that allows you to utilize slower shutter speeds without blurring your images.

The autofocus is some other highlight. Information technology uses 121 focus points for locking and tracking subjects. And you lot have a continuous shooting speed of 30 fps. You won’t miss a thing from your next trip. And the body is completely conditions sealed for outdoor photography. The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark Iii isn’t the cheapest on the listing. But information technology’s one of the all-time cameras for landscape photography.

7. Canon EOS Rebel T7

Canon EOS Rebel T7 product photo

  • Photographic camera Type: DSLR
  • Sensor Size: APS-C
  • Prototype Resolution: 24.1 MP
  • Viewfinder: Optical
  • Video Quality: Full HD
  • User Level: Beginner
  • Price: $

The Canon EOS Rebel T7 is a fantastic DSLR camera at a fabulous price. Information technology’s non the almost recent release in the Canon EOS Insubordinate range. But it’south an first-class beginner mural photography camera. It’s one of the most accessible DSLR cameras. But it has a good array of features likewise.

Image quality is the chief thing with landscape photography. And the 24.i MP Rebel T7 won’t disappoint. The vibrant colour and the dynamic range are impressive for a camera at this level. The ISO range gives you enough to play with, going from 100 to 12,800 ISO.

The optical viewfinder makes composition easy. And you lot have built-in wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. That makes transferring and sharing images easy. The vari-angle LCD screen is a handy feature. The autofocus is limited. But that won’t matter if you lot stick to landscapes.

The battery life is very skillful. But there are a few downsides. The continuous shooting speed is very wearisome at 3 fps. The video quality is limited to 4K. You lot can go for the newer Catechism EOS Rebel T8i if yous have the budget. Simply the downsides of the Rebel T7 won’t make it the way of your landscape photography.

viii. Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 II

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 II product image

  • Camera Blazon: Span
  • Sensor Size: 1″
  • Image Resolution: twenty.1 MP
  • Viewfinder: Electronic—2.36M dots
  • Video Quality: 4K
  • User Level: Beginner
  • Price: $$

The Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 II is a bridge camera. That’south a cantankerous between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR camera. They’re fantabulous for beginners. And the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 II is ideal for casual landscape photographers. It may exist an entry-level camera. But it has advanced features for superior quality photos.

This bridge photographic camera only has a i-inch sensor. Only information technology’s a powerful ane-inch sensor, giving yous detailed images with a 20.1 MP resolution. That’s enough for some stunning mural shots. And the FZ1000 Ii is a hybrid camera. It gives you fantastic 4K video recording.

The Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Ii has a stock-still lens. When you see the name Leica you know the lens quality isn’t in question. With a wide focal length range, information technology’s ideal for taking landscape photos. You take a wide angle of 25 mm that expands to 400 mm. That’s a zoom range of 16x.

Things can get shaky at that kind of focal length. But the camera keeps things steady with the optical image stabilizer. And it combines that with a sensor-shift system for extra shake reduction. The Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Ii guarantees precipitous images. That makes it one of the all-time cameras for landscape photographers.

9. Canon EOS RP

Canon EOS RP Full frame camera product image

  • Camera Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor Size: Full Frame
  • Image Resolution: 26.2 MP
  • Viewfinder: Electronic—2.36M dots
  • Video Quality: 4K
  • User Level: Enthusiast
  • Price: $$$

Full frame mirrorless cameras are excellent for landscape photos. Just these cameras don’t come cheap. The Canon EOS RP is 1 of the nigh affordable full frame cameras you’ll detect. It volition yet stretch your upkeep. But it makes our listing of the best affordable cameras for mural photography.

The total frame sensor gives you a resolution of 26.2 MP. That’s not record-breaking for a full frame photographic camera. Merely you’ll be impressed with the prototype quality. And information technology’south non just nearly how many megapixels the sensor has. The larger pixel size means y’all accept an improved dynamic range. That’southward ideal for more complex landscape photos.

The autofocus system is excellent. And the LCD screen allows for bear upon and drag focusing. The Canon EOS RP as well has optical stabilization to proceed your images sharp. And filmmakers will be pleased with the 4K video options.

The Catechism EOS RP is your best option if y’all need a full frame
mirrorless camera
on a budget. The performance is excellent. And y’all’ll definitely snap some eye-catching mural shots. Mural photographers will also be pleased with the atmospheric condition-sealed body.

10. Catechism PowerShot SX70

Canon Powershot SX70 product image

  • Photographic camera Type: Bridge
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.3″
  • Paradigm Resolution: xx.3 MP
  • Viewfinder: Electronic—2.36M dots
  • Video Quality: 4K
  • User Level: Beginner
  • Price: $

The final entry on our listing is another bridge photographic camera. Bridge cameras are fantabulous options for beginners and casual photographers. But the Catechism PowerShot SX70 has all the features to make it i of the best cameras for landscape photography. And the affordable price puts it on this list.

The sensor might exist modest, only you lot get fantastic image quality. twenty.ane MP is impressive from a 1/2.3″ sensor. And the Digic viii image processor gets the most out of every pixel. And that goes for video mode as well. Bridge cameras aren’t known every bit hybrid machines. Merely the PowerShot SX70 gives you lot lovely 4K video.

The fixed lens is fantastic. It gives you a 65x zoom range, meaning nil is too far. And y’all accept a 21mm wide-angle focal length for stunning landscapes. The optical quality is excellent. And it has optical stabilization to keep your photos crisp.

The electronic viewfinder is bright and accurate. And the LCD screen flips out and rotates for ease of employ. The camera tin double equally a webcam with the EOS Utility app. And you lot accept Wi-Fi connectivity. The Canon PowerShot SX70 has more than than you might expect. And the toll makes information technology one of the all-time affordable cameras for landscape photography.

Landscape image of small house on a hill with green fields before it
© Arno Smit (


I promise this list has proven you can master landscape photography on a budget. There are enough of fantastic cameras for landscape photography. And nosotros’ve found the best upkeep-friendly options. You don’t need to re-mortgage your business firm to finance a medium format photographic camera.

There’s a skillful option of cameras. Nosotros’ve included mirrorless and DSLR cameras. And at that place are compact and span cameras. The Canon EOS RP is the only full frame camera on the list. But it’southward a skilful budget option if you lot want a larger sensor.

Landscape photography should be for anybody. And now, you can get started no thing your photography budget.