Best Canon Lens For Soccer Photography

By | 16/10/2022

Getting Great Soccer Activeness Shots From The Sideline

Carey Schumacher is a highly successful professional person photographer who specializes in sport and outdoor family lensman. Schumacher’s piece of work has been featured on Fox San Diego, NBC 7/39 San Diego, San Diego’s CW and she has been a columnist on SoccerToday News since 2010.

Photography Tips

How often do you lot take pictures from the sidelines only to exist disappointed with fuzzy images? E’er scan through professional photograph books at youth soccer tournaments and wonder why their shots are meliorate? Here are tips from professional lensman
Carey Schumacher

who has photographed tons of professional person soccer players.

You’re not giving up your solar day task to pursue a career as the next neat lensman of Sports Illustrated or ESPN Magazine — you simply desire to capture great shots of your kids and their teammates. I’ve been a professional lensman for over ten years, shooting family portraits, events, and professional person sports across the country. Here is a six-pack of basic tips for soccer moms and soccer dads who want to get great activity shots from the soccer sidelines.

Step 1:
THE Photographic camera

You lot demand a digital “SLR” camera. A “point and shoot” camera or your phone’s camera volition not get the task done.

SLR cameras exercise not have the infuriating shutter filibuster that comes with a “signal and shoot” camera, plus the SLR eyes, lenses, and quality just can’t be duplicated in a indicate and shoot. Nearly professional sports photographers employ Canon, and so do I, just you can get bully images from a Nikon or a Sony as well. Y’all can spend equally niggling equally $500 or y’all tin drib thousands of dollars. Spend as much every bit you can afford and still have money left over for step #2:

Step 2:

The lens is merely as important as the camera! The little plastic “kit” lens that comes with a lot of SLR cameras is NOT good enough. Permit your kid practice juggling with information technology — that’s a much better use for that clamper of plastic.

Photography Tips

When you’re buying a lens, yous’ll come across a lot of numbers, similar this: “70-200mm f/2.viii.” That “70-200mm” is how far the lens can zoom. In order to get decent shots of the action during a soccer game, you’re going to need a zoom lens that goes up to 200mm AT LEAST! 300mm or more would exist fifty-fifty amend.

That second number (f/ii.8) is how wide the lens can open upward to let light into the camera, and LOWER NUMBERS are better! You’ll encounter some lenses that say something like this: “f/4-v.6.” That means the photographic camera can employ the f/4 number when you’re not zooming, but when y’all zoom, your lens will only be able to use f/5.half dozen. That’s neat, only it’s a lot better to purchase a lens that but has 1 f/number. A single f/number is a sign of a high quality lens — the kind y’all see on the sidelines in the easily of Sports Illustrated photographers.

You’ve got the camera and the lens fix, at present on to Tip #3:

Step 3:

If your photographic camera has a petty running man “action” setting, you tin can apply that. The camera will choose all the settings for yous.

If yous desire to be more in accuse of the camera settings, learn how to set the shutter speed, ISO, bulldoze mode, and focus style.

That’due south advanced stuff, but here’s the short version of the settings you’ll want to use:

Photography Tips

Shutter speed: Set the camera to “Tv” (Canon) or “Due south” (Nikon & Sony) and dial in at least 500. Higher is better for action shots. Sometimes I go as high every bit 1250.

ISO: The LESS low-cal you accept, the College the ISO yous need.
Drive mode: use the continuous shooting way, high speed.

Focus mode: set the camera to “Continuous” or “AI Servo” (not “single” or “one shot”)

Step four:

Your kids warm up earlier every game. Y’all need to warm upwards, also.

Accept pictures during warmups!

You can get some dandy shots during warmups — especially of goalies and teammates that may not get a lot of playing fourth dimension.

Try to shoot from an bending where you don’t run into a lot of teammates standing around in the background, and then information technology looks like game time action.

Step v:

Your photographic camera takes a lot of frames per second, simply you tin’t use that as a crutch, hoping that the photographic camera will go the great shot for y’all.

The number one rule of perfect timing for sports photography is SHOOT Early on! You take to become into the addiction of pressing that shutter button SOONER than what your instinct tells yous to do. Warm-ups actually come up into play here — you accept to get used to this before every game, so y’all go into that “shoot early on” groove!

For baseball game shots, (ask any SI baseball shooter) the coveted shot is “bat on ball.” It’due south VERY hard to go, simply that’s the “money shot” that every baseball game shooter is going for — with the hitter’southward bat right at that place on the ball. For soccer, though, the “foot on ball” shot isn’t necessarily the money shot. Many times, the player’s posture correct at the moment of touch isn’t very flattering. In fact, information technology tin await downright bad-mannered:

Photography Tips

For soccer, the “money shot” is the shooter in full “dorsum swing,” with the back leg fully extended, ankle cocked, with all of that energy prepare to exist unleashed on the opposition:

Photography Tips

Step 6:

If you want the players to look their best, you need to find a spot where the sunday is on your back, not in your face. The players in your pictures volition look more vibrant when the sun is hitting them from behind you.
Check out the shadows in this film:

Photography Tips

The grass, sky, and background are all brighter than the soccer boys.

Hither’s a shot where the sun was to my side, instead of shining in my face:

Photography Tips

The player stands out much more when you accept the calorie-free to your side or at your back.

Now go out there and create some great shots!

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