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Sony A7iii Picture Profiles & Custom Settings (Cine4/HLG3/SLOG3)

Hi there,

I’m starting to edit my videos in DaVinci Resolve 16.2 so wanted to know which profiles practise you apply to shoot videos on my A7 Three in 2020. I have been so many videos on YouTube & scrap dislocated between all of them here are the ones I saw.

Sony Motion-picture show Profiles & Dynamic Range Guide (Cinematics vs Due south-Log vs HLG)

Working with HLG / Sony Colour Modes / Matching Picture Profiles – FAQ
https://world wide

The All-time PICTURE PROFILE for the Sony a7iii (HLG vs CINE4)
https://world wide Blue)

my NEW PICTURE Profile for Sony A7III 2019! HLG, SLOG, CINE (Henbu)

Picking the Perfect Sony A7iii Picture Contour | Cine4 vs South Log2 vs HLG (Brandon Washington)


My purpose

1) Shooting in low-light

2) Shooting outdoor

3) Shooting indoor with incandescent light or using Aputure AL-MW portable light (tutorials/handson)

And so now I’ve never been so confused in my life especially when starting to record video. Really need your help to upwards my video game and editing procedure.

Too I have no experience using LUTs on DaVinci Resolve. Let me know if there are expert costless LUTs or paid for easing my video process.

Thanks for all your help.

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Re: Sony A7iii Picture Profiles & Custom Settings (Cine4/HLG3/SLOG3)

I am using both HLG3 and SLOG2 depending on the project.

The easiest to betrayal and to form  is HLG3 but has less dynamic range. Slog2 is better in skilful lighting conditions.

HLG3 is more suitable for all conditions

Bank check this https://youtu.exist/QgWueYLkVVQ


Re: Sony A7iii Picture Profiles & Custom Settings (Cine4/HLG3/SLOG3)


Slog profiles are best avoided for lower light scenes.

The “Brand fine art now” guy you lot posted a link for (reposted below) does some great stuff and I’d recommend maybe following his advice to get you up to speed so start to play around from there – I generally use his settings every bit a starter or slightly tweaked Cine 2 or 4 profiles for the bulk of projects where lightning is non ideal. I’d say there’s a bit too much selection for most people within the A7 profiles and many wouldn’t make total apply of them to a discernible level anyway. Sentry this video again and give it a whirl. man?v=Hjyu2s0JawQ


Re: Sony A7iii Picture Profiles & Custom Settings (Cine4/HLG3/SLOG3)

Glad I see this annotate and the video. Very useful tips.