Best Color Settings For Asus Monitor

By | 10/08/2022

Asus VG248QE is a classic affordable gaming monitor whose prime feature is its reduced prototype display fourth dimension. It consists of a refresh rate of 144Hz and a resolution of 1920×1080.

These are the asus vg248qe best settings that you lot can use in your Asus monitor.

The Asus VG248QE comes in a 24-inch screen with a very rapid 1ms response time speed
and it has various settings and customizations.

It has had quite a success as a gaming monitor as it is quite an affordable gaming device in its range with such a slap-up refresh charge per unit of 144Hz.

Information technology has a expert premium quality build experience and blueprint. In add-on to that, It has good viewing angles and the monitor comes with born speakers.

The Asus VG248QE, however affordable, comes with its list of cons, the biggest of which is that its colors quite oftentimes experience faded and boring.

This might be quite putting off for a professional or fifty-fifty an amateur gamer. You lot are required to fully calibrate the monitor to get the optimal color quality that you desire while watching anything and playing games.

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Asus VG248QE Best Settings & Color Contour (Latest 2022)

In that location are very few catchy steps that you need to follow in gild to calibrate the monitor.

But a few changes hither and at that place in your settings and your On-Screen Brandish (OSD) menu and you would be good to go. Just these few steps and you would achieve your platonic colour contour settings.

Each Asus VG248QE Monitor is unlike from the other due to panel variance and you lot might have to practice some farther tweaks here and there co-ordinate to your preference and that is something you demand to keep at the back of your mind before you get started.

After trying and testing and making various tweaks hither and there, these were a few of the all-time OSD settings.

  • Splendid Manner: Standard
  • Brightness: 64
  • Contrast: 74 or 75
  • Sharpness: twoscore
  • Saturation: 55
  • Colour Temp: User
  • Smart view: Disabled
  • Skin Tone: Natural
  • Trace Free: 40
  • ASCR: Off

You can increase the brightness if you prefer much brighter images.

The ideal color temperature, though dependent on the user, should be 94 for greenish, 95 for red, and 88 for blue.

Here and as well for whatsoever of the adjacent options going higher up 60 in Trace complimentary, on almost occasions will atomic number 82 to inverse ghosting.

Asus VG248QE Settings & Color Profile (Latest 2022)

Here is the next setting:

  • First-class Fashion: Theater
  • Brightness: 55
  • Contrast: 44
  • Sharpness: 40
  • Saturation: 55
  • Color Temp: User
  • Smart view: Disabled
  • Skin Tone: Natural
  • Trace Costless: l
  • ASCR: Off

Here too, you can increment the effulgence to your preference.

The ideal color temperature for this though different the above would exist 96 for green, 100 for red, and 92 for blue.

Here is the last platonic setting:

  • Splendid Style: Theater
  • Brightness: 36
  • Contrast: 61
  • Sharpness: 49
  • Saturation: 61
  • Colour Temp: User
  • Smart view: Disabled
  • Skin Tone: Natural
  • Trace Complimentary: xl
  • ASCR: Off

Again, here too you lot are free to adjust the brightness as per your preference. The color temp here though would be 97 for greenish, 98 for cerise, and 86 for blueish.

Aside from these in a higher place modifications yous can say settings, there are some preset or default modes already present in your monitor.

If yous don’t want all the defoliation of all the diverse settings, and then this might be the style to go. Let’s accept a look at ways that you can use these settings to requite you just the edge that you lot require.

Asus VG248QE Settings & Color Profile (Latest 2022)
Different Modes In Monitor

1. Scenery Mode

These modes are as basic equally they come. Their images and the brandish of those images are sharp and bright. The saturation is quite high and very noticeable.

You tin can modify and or modify some of the features like brightness, and colour temp (Refer to a few of the colour temp combinations mentioned above), and contrast with this preset scenery manner.

2. Theater Mode

This is again quite similar to Scenery Mode. The slight departure that yous volition notice is that there is a slight reduction in shade crushing every bit compared to the scenery mode.

The few setting modifications available with this model are again Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Peel Tone, Color Temp, and Sharpness.

three. Game Mode

The Game mode falls in similar lines as the Theater Mode. Like Theater Mode at that place is a reduction in shade crushing nonetheless quite a fleck of oversaturation happens.

You can alter like settings similar in the theater mode.

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4. Night View Mode

Here at that place is a fleck of shade burdensome, beaching, and oversaturation. The dark and black shades seem quite composite and differentiating between them becomes hard as the dissimilarity is on lower levels.

Settings similar Color Temp, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, and Skin tone can be inverse.

How To Install Asus VG248QE Color Profile (Pace Past Pace)

Another Technique or you can say fix that helps to overcome the colour problem of Asus VG248QE is the ICC contour. ICC is the acronym for ‘International Colour Consortium.

The result of using an ICC profile is that your monitor will give you varied only correct colors for brandish. Let’s see how we install and make this ICC profile piece of work for usa.

  • Yous volition have to download the ICC profile according to your GPU.
  • Right-clicking on the ICC contour will give you an option of installing the profile.
  • Selecting this will result in the ICC profile being installed on your Monitor
  • Search for ‘Color Management’ on your Monitor and open the setting.
Asus VG248QE Settings & Color Profile (Latest 2022)

  • Select the monitor for which y’all want to install the color profile.
    Make sure “Use my settings for this device” is checked.
Asus VG248QE Settings & Color Profile (Latest 2022)

  • Then press the “Add together” button on the screen and select your ICC profile from the browse option given.
Asus VG248QE Settings & Color Profile (Latest 2022)

  • At present, select the profile that you want to install
    and hit the “OK” push button.
Asus VG248QE Settings & Color Profile (Latest 2022)

  • After Activation makes sure to make the ICC contour “Set every bit Default Profile”.
Asus VG248QE Settings & Color Profile (Latest 2022)

  • Click on the
    push and y’all are done.

These are the optimal settings for your ICC profile.

  • Splendid Mode: Standard
  • Brightness: 24
  • Contrast: 74
  • Sharpness: as per your preference
  • Saturation: every bit per your preference
  • Color Temp: 90 for Light-green, 100 for Ruddy, and 89 for Blue
  • Smart view: Disabled
  • Skin Tone: Natural
  • Trace Free: Any setting lower than 60
  • ASCR: Off


Installing the right color contour on your monitor will non only meliorate the picture quality just also improves your work experience.

By applying these asus vg248qe best settings, you tin can run across the changes in motion picture quality and will get much better images.

So, this is the complete article on Asus VG248QE Settings & Color Profile (Latest 2022). Hope you found it helpful.