Best Color Settings For Viewsonic Monitor

By | 17/11/2022

OSD Setup And Scale

The OSD has a cool red background, which we think fits the XG2401’southward function as a gaming brandish. There isn’t anything unusual to report here just y’all will need to visit a few specific options to enable FreeSync operation; it isn’t turned on by default.

OSD Tour

The main OSD screen has viii submenus. The last option, Retentiveness Recall, will return all settings to their factory defaults without a warning screen. Take care when using it.

This is the only monitor in recent memory that benefits from an increase in the Contrast slider. Normally we go out it alone or reduce it to forestall item clipping. In this case, raising information technology three clicks cleaned up grayscale tracking and gave us a picayune more low-cal output.

You can change inputs in the OSD or but press the number 1 bezel key to bicycle through the active signals.

Book and Mute controls affect both the internal speakers and the headphone output.

At that place are six colour modes. All just User Color are fixed and just allow Brightness adjustments. Native and sRGB are pretty much the same equally yous’ll run across in our tests. Bluish and Cool will add a distinct blue tint to the image while Warm covers everything in a sepia tone. We found User Color to be the well-nigh accurate preset with or without calibration.

Selecting User Colour takes y’all to a one-betoken grayscale adjustment. There is enough of resolution available but you won’t need more than a few clicks to set things correct.

The signal information includes resolution and refresh rate but not FreeSync status. For that you lot’ll have to consult AMD Catalyst.

Sharpness comes fix to 50, which is the ideal level. Higher values add significant edge enhancement and lower ones make the image softer.

Dynamic Contrast will increment perceived contrast but at the expense of highlight and shadow detail. Nosotros found the XG2401 to have excellent native contrast so nosotros don’t think whatsoever help is necessary.

Overscan zooms out the image past vii per centum and only applies to the HDMI input. Eco Mode cuts energy consumption by reducing the backlight level.

Bluish Light Filter reduces that primary to warm the image and reduce eye fatigue.

There are six view modes that represent to various tasks. One of them is called Game and that contains 7 further presets. All provide diverse combinations of brightness, overdrive and input lag settings. The all-time video and gaming functioning we found was in Standard mode.

SmartSync is something we haven’t seen before. ViewSonic says information technology “automatically selects the all-time refresh rate and response fourth dimension, and everyman input lag needed in FPS games.” Nosotros’re not sure why you wouldn’t simply choose settings that give you the best possible performance. And FreeSync should eliminate whatsoever need to mess with refresh charge per unit settings. When nosotros turned it on, it engaged the dynamic dissimilarity and reduced overall prototype quality.

AMD FreeSync is off by default so you’ll have to check this box during the XG2401’southward initial setup. First however, you need to visit the Setup menu and enable DisplayPort 1.two (shown beneath).

Response Fourth dimension is the same as overdrive and has three levels of operation. Ultra Fast results in the to the lowest degree motion blur but adds a bit of ghosting. It was like shooting fish in a barrel to encounter in test patterns and extremely detailed games. After playing a while, we returned information technology to the Standard setting.

Depression Input Lag also has iii settings that reduce processing overhead. On the Ultra Fast setting, we recorded results comparable to other 144Hz monitors and it had no sick effects on video quality. See our tests on page vii for more information.

Blackness Stabilization is a low-end gamma control. If y’all’re having trouble seeing item in night areas of the screen, turn this up.

Advanced DCR will vary effulgence based on content in iv steps. We think this enhancement is best left off.

The OSD is available in 12 languages and can be positioned anywhere on the screen. The timeout can exist extended to 60 seconds and pivot when yous rotate the panel to portrait fashion. Ability Indicator refers to the LED underneath the bezel. You tin barely run across it when its on, but in a night room information technology might exist distracting. Finally, make certain to check the DisplayPort 1.2 box to enable FreeSync.


The XG2401 comes out of the box set to Native style. This provides a adequately accurate color gamut but gamma and grayscale tracking could be better. Whether yous calibrate or not, nosotros suggest the User Colour manner. Even without adjustment information technology measures well with but tiny errors in grayscale and gamma. If yous can tweak the RGB sliders, this monitor will nip the heels of a few professional screens nosotros’ve tested. In improver to the image adjustments, make sure to turn on DP 1.2 and FreeSync and set your video driver to 144Hz. Please effort our recommended settings to optimize your XG2401.

Swipe to gyre horizontally

ViewSonic XG2401 Calibration Settings
Color Suit User Color
Effulgence 200cd/m2 43
Effulgence 120cd/m2 22
Brightness 100cd/m2 17
Brightness 80cd/m2 12
Effulgence 50cd/m2 4
Dissimilarity 73
RGB Sliders Red 97, Green 97, Blue 100
Sharpness 50
Blue Light Filter 100
Viewmode Standard
Response Standard
Low Input Lag Ultra Fast
Black Stabilization 5
Avant-garde DCR 0