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By | 23/11/2022

What’due south the Best 360 Camera for The Construction Industry?

360 cameras have found uses in a variety of industries including real estate, wellness, teaching, travel and construction. In well-nigh of these cases it’due south the ability to create virtual tours which makes 360 cameras useful for these industries. I’ll be focussing on which 360 photographic camera is best for the construction industry specifically in this mail service.

I’ll be taking yous through the appropriate 360 photographic camera options taking into consideration the quality of the images, ease of use, special camera features and how well they survive in tough environments. I’ve used all of these cameras and accept experience working with those in the construction industry to implement this new technology.

Having discussed the use of 360 cameras with professionals in the construction industry, I’ve found that many can see the employ for such a device merely do non take time to learn the subtleties of using a 360 camera nor do they wish to hire external photographers.

The main use of a 360 camera in this industry is to record all stages of construction in a much more intuitive way than is possible with a normal camera. 360 images can also be used to show progress to external parties and reduce the need for site visits. The best photographic camera for the task would exist able to shoot high resolution 360 images to capture the most details equally well as be durable and easy to use.

Photographic camera Options

Camera Features Rating Price Where to Buy

Ricoh Theta Ten

  • Rugged Design
  • 60MP High Resolution Photos
  • Auto HDR
  • Built in GPS
  • Large Touch Screen
  • 5.7K video

$899 / £899 Coming Soon

Pilot One EE

  • 33MP Photos
  • Waterproof
  • Built in VR Tour Creator
  • Large Battery & Storage
  • Livestream 8K 360 Video

$1799 / £1499 View on Amazon

Ricoh Theta Z1

  • 1 Inch Sensors & Variable Aperture
  • RAW Image Format
  • Defended Lightroom Plugin
  • Machine HDR Modes

$950/ £849 View on Amazon

Insta360 One X2

  • Rugged Design
  • 5.7K 360 Video + Unmarried Lens Shooting
  • Best Editing App
  • 2-in-1 Camera
  • Amazing Stabilization
  • RAW Photos
  • Waterproof

$499/ £446 View on Insta360

Ricoh Theta X

The Ricoh Theta Ten is specifically designed for professional use. The camera tin shoot extremely high resolution 360 images using an auto HDR mode, which boosts the prototype quality. The Theta Ten is not much harder to use than an iPhone and then it’southward easy for well-nigh to selection up and learn.

Ricoh theta comparison table

What makes it currently the best 360 camera for the construction manufacture is the loftier quality of its 360 images, the lack of editing required and the rugged blueprint. The Theta 10 is made from a magnesium alloy which is touch and durable. While not in anyway indestructible the photographic camera should survive in some difficult working environments.

best 360 camera construction

While other professional 360 cameras are designed for photographers the Theta Ten was adult to be used by professionals already in their industry, to be used equally another tool. Probably the cameras greatest strength is the high resolution 60MP images; such large images allow you to view details beyond the capabilities of well-nigh cameras.

Pilot One EE

This is an all-in-one virtual tour creator that can create VR tours automatically without any external editing. The camera can shoot 30MP images which should capture enough detail in most scenarios. One time captured the camera uses its Pilot Tour software to automatically create the virtual tour as you shoot.

Having this capability allows you to skip having to use any virtual tour software. Once you’ve finished shooting you’ll be able to view, embed and ship the VR tour immediately; saving fourth dimension and often coin.

You can also livestream 360 video in 8K over a variety of platforms, allowing anyone to view your site in real time with reasonably clear interactive video.

The Pilot One EE is more expensive than any other option on this list and it’s likewise by far the largest. You will too find that the Theta X tin shoot college resolution images which may be crucial if you take a particularly large site and need to capture details from a altitude.

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Ricoh Theta Z1

The other professional person 360 camera from Ricoh is less suited to construction employ merely does have a quality advantage. The deviation between the Theta Z1 (review hither) and Theta X is that the Z1 shoots lower resolution images, only tin can shoot in the RAW format.

Shooting in RAW allows you to capture good quality in lower lighting conditions as well as better colours. The Z1 besides has larger sensors which likewise improves the overall look of your images. In order to use RAW images you need to be able to edit in Lightroom which makes the workflow much longer.

This camera has been popular among professionals over the by few years thanks to its excellent quality images, however information technology lacks a screen and external storage. Personally I think this photographic camera is better for creative shots, whereas the Theta X is more of a workhorse.

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Insta360 1 X2

The most pop 360 photographic camera right at present is more often than not used as an activity camera thanks to its many video options. The One X2 is as well able to shoot reasonably high quality 360 images and so can also be used to create virtual tours.

insta360 one x2 review

The advantage of the
Insta360 One X2

is its small compact size, it’s the smallest and lightest camera on this listing. It tin also shoot 360 photos using a HDR mode similar to the Ricoh Theta 10, allowing y’all to boost the quality of your photos with a unmarried setting.

The One X2 can’t lucifer upwards to the other 360 photographic camera on this list when it comes to image quality, so you may find details lacking in this photographic camera. You also need to use the Insta360 app or desktop program to finish creating your 360 photos; this is mostly automatic but it’south still an extra step.

The One X2 is the cheapest option and may be good enough for smaller sites. Information technology’s a very popular camera with a lot of guides and support online.

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I would recommend the Ricoh Theta Ten to anyone in the structure industry wanting to contain 360 images into their work. This camera is pretty much designed to be used by people who are not necessarily photographers in their solar day to day job. The Theta X also has the highest resolution of any 360 photographic camera in this list so it would as well create the clearest images, making it easer to run across details on site.

While the Theta X is my recommendation, any of these cameras would piece of work well as a construction tool. It would probably only take a few hours to learn the whole process of using their camera to record your sites in 360 and creating VR tours to exist shared.

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