Best Digital Camera For Ebay Pictures

By | 31/10/2022

When selling items on eBay, it’s important that what yous’re selling looks practiced. People will generally be more trusting of a listing that looks professional person, and will, by extension, want to pay more. But how practise y’all get there? What kind of camera would yous need for your eBay listings?

You can beginning learning about cameras or have the help of this article. Before writing this, I’ve done huge enquiry, analyzed the features of multiple cameras and fifty-fifty tried our hands-on product photography and subsequently all of it, hither are the 9 best cameras to consider in 2022.

Unless you’re shooting professionally, you don’t need a camera with fancy features. What will help, instead, is a focus on a good quality sensor and lens line-up, both of which will assist you capture great images and frame your shot better.


  • Best Cameras for eBay Sellers in 2022
    • one. Best Overall: Sony Alpha 7C
    • 2. All-time Runner Upwards: Fujifilm X-T3
    • three. Best Full Frame Mirrorless: Catechism EOS RP
    • 4. Best Signal & Shoot: Sony ZV-1
    • 5. Best DSLR for eBay Photos: Nikon D5300
    • vi. Best Budget Point & Shoot: Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70K
    • 7. Best Value for Money: Canon PowerShot SX420
    • viii. Best Budget-Friendly: Canon PowerShot ELPH180
    • 9. Cheapest Option: Sony (DSCW800)
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  • Verdict

Best Cameras for eBay Sellers in 2022

When y’all’re clicking photos for eBay listings, it’south important that they look sharp and professional. As well, these images aren’t clicked for Instagram and are not going to be submitted to photography contests. What you only need is a good camera that can take decent pictures in decent lighting conditions.

The cameras we’ve shortlisted hither do just that. We ignored features like low-light and video performance, XLR outputs and the similar, and simply focused on the features that thing for skilful product photography.

Sony Alpha 7C

  • Type: Mirrorless ILC
  • Image Resolution: 24.2MP Full-Frame CMOS
  • Battery Life: Up to 680 shots
  • Weight: lbs

The Sony Alpha 7C is one of the best-rated mid-range cameras you lot can get. It borrows features from Sony’s older A7 3 and stellar S Iii and combines them to deliver a compact powerhouse of a camera that’s great for whatsoever kind of shoot.

Photography Features

If you’re shooting pictures strictly for eBay, the A7c’s 24.2MP Total-Frame BSI CMOS sensor is a scrap excessive. That said, the A7c will deliver stunning images in any low-cal and you can employ it for more than but eBay listings piece of work. Images from this camera can exist used to spruce up your website or storefront, and you can of course accept it with yous for travel shots also as real estate photography.

The sensor is backed by a 693-point AF system with face and eye-tracking features. It will never miss a shot and will smoothly track subjects fifty-fifty when shooting video. With 15 stops of dynamic range, images will wait smashing fifty-fifty when shot confronting a window at mid-afternoon, or outside on the beach.

Sony Alpha 7C
Sample Images

Video Capabilities

The camera shoots 4K 30fps video with 4:2:0 sampling internally. This is at 100Mbps in XAVC S, and profiles like S-Log2 and HLG are supported for greater editing flexibility. All video can be stabilised via the five-axis prototype stabiliser that’south built into the camera.

There are no recording limits for video, and if you utilise an external recorder like an Atomos Ninja V, you’ll exist able to tape videos at 4:2:2 x-bit sampling over HDMI. While eBay volition not host a video on the site, you lot can use the A7c to create stunning videos for Youtube or some other platform, further enhancing your eBay listing.

Design and Features

The A7c is ane of the smallest and lightest full-frame cameras around. While EVF quality is sacrificed, you get a 920k-dot iii-inch LCD that is fully articulated. Sony’s larger NP-FZ100 battery is also included, delivering nearly 700 shots on a single charge.

The photographic camera supports SDXC cards rated to UHS-Ii, and you likewise get USB-C, HDMI D, and dual 3.5mm sound jacks. The photographic camera full supports WiFi also as tethered shooting over WiFi or USB. These are useful when shooting products in bulk.

This lightweight body comes in at a mere 1.1lb and supports Sony’south E mount. Sadly, at that place is no built-in wink, which would have been of some benefit for product photography.


The A7c is a hybrid full-frame camera that shoots dandy stills and spectacular video. If your work involves more than just product photography for eBay listings, this is a peachy camera to take. If you’re just shooting for eBay, you might want to look at a cheaper camera like the Canon EOS RP, or even Sony’southward ZV-1.

  • Small and light
  • Great bombardment life
  • Articulating LCD
  • Support for tethered shooting
  • Excellent ISO performance
  • No flash
  • Smaller EVF

Fujifilm X-T3

  • Blazon: Mirrorless ILC
  • Image Resolution: 26MP APS-C CMOS
  • Battery Life: Up to 390 shots
  • Weight: 1.19 lbs

One of the most underrated cameras yous can pick up in 2022 is the Fujifilm X-T3. It’due south an APS-C mirrorless photographic camera with 1 of the sharpest sensors ever made, and perfect for enhancing those eBay listings.

Photography Features

The 10-Trans IV sensor in the Ten-T4 doesn’t use a Bayer assortment colour filter. This tin can create issues when working with RAW in certain, unoptimised paradigm editing programs, but the upside is moire-free, stunningly sharp images which is what you need for your eBay list.

That sensor is rated at 26MP, and coupled with Fuji’s X-Processor four engine, tin can shoot at a ridiculous 30fps with a ane.25x ingather when using the electronic shutter. That’s more than than enough speed and resolution for product photography.

The 400+ PDAF points focus nearly instantly (0.02 seconds) and can track objects. Fuji’s fast, brilliant exposure metering too means that subjects are perfectly exposed all the time.

Fujifilm Ten-T3
Sample Images

Video Capabilities

Video is where the X-T3 truly shines. It’s missing IBIS, but it’due south 1 of a handful of cameras that tin can shoot DCI 4K 60fps video, and even 240fps slo-mo at FHD. Oh, and all this tin be recorded at 10-bit 4:two:0 sampling and 400 Mbps internally.

Every bit we’ve said before, videos tin can raise the quality and visibility of your eBay list, and if that’s your aim, you just can’t go wrong with the X-T3.

Blueprint and Features

The X-T3 is designed to look like an quondam-school film camera. This is nifty from an aesthetic standpoint, but when it comes to ergonomics, you lot might desire to invest in a 3rd-party grip.

While information technology is a small camera weighing ane.18lb, the Ten-T3 comes packed with pro features. These include dual SDXC card slots, USB-C, HDMI D, and a 3.5mm mic jack. The camera too supports USB-C PC chargers and an audio out via USB-C and a 3.5mm adapter. For framing your shots, you go a 3.iv-1000000 dot viewfinder and an articulating LCD.

The ane complaint is that Fuji all the same uses the NP-W126S batteries that are only rated for 390 shots. Thankfully, bombardment grips are easily available.


The X-T3 is a photographer’s dream camera. It has a few quirks that’ll take a scrap of getting used to, but if yous’re looking for an exceptional hybrid photographic camera that excels at video, few cameras tin can compete.

  • One of the sharpest images sensors e’er fabricated
  • 10-scrap 400Mbps DCI 4K video
  • 30fps outburst mode
  • Gorgeous EVF
  • Dual SD card slots
  • Battery life
  • Ergonomics

Canon EOS RP

  • Blazon: Mirrorless ILC
  • Image Resolution: 26.2MP Full-Frame CMOS
  • Battery Life: Up to 250 shots
  • Weight: 1.07 lbs

It’s hard to believe that Canon sells this camera for as trivial equally it does. Featuring a spectacular full-frame sensor, superb AF and a lightweight body, it’s hard to fault the Canon EOS RP in any department.

Photography Features

When it comes to prototype quality, the EOS RP stands with the best. The 26.2MP CMOS sensor is superb, and information technology’southward paired with Canon’southward all-time-in-form Dual Pixel AF system, DIGIC 8 image processor, and an evaluative metering organization that merely nails exposure every time.

The total-frame sensor will evangelize gorgeous bokeh for your eBay production photos, and the rest of the hardware will enhance your shot in any setting.

Canon EOS RP
Sample Images

Video Capabilities

The EOS RP is a superb FHD video camera but sub-par when information technology comes to 4K. At 4K, the camera forces a massive crop and only uses a slower, unreliable CDAF mode for focusing.

4K quality is good, however, and if yous’re shooting product videos you shouldn’t have any trouble. 4K is recorded at a maximum of 30fps and FHD at threescore. Both tape internally at a 4:ii:0 8-bit sampling.

Design and Features

The trunk is compact and lightweight, but the blueprint is ergonomic and functional. You become all the buttons and dials you lot could ever need, native back up for Canon’s RF mount, and support for EF and EF-S mounts via an adapter.

There’s a 1 meg dot fully articulating LCD, a relatively modest 0.39-inch viewfinder, USB-C, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI C, a stereo mini jack, and an E3 last. Battery life from the included LP-E17 is a very poor 250 shots. A small price to pay for the size of the RP.


While other hybrid cameras tend to focus on video, the RP is a photographer’s camera showtime. Information technology’s likewise clay cheap for the quality on offering, and if your focus is production photography for eBay, you’ll be a fool to pass up on the RP.

  • One of the cheapest full-frame cameras
  • Dual Pixel AF
  • Compact and lightweight body
  • Paradigm quality
  • FHD video performance
  • Poor battery life
  • 4K doesn’t use the whole sensor

Sony ZV-1

  • Blazon: Point-north-Shoot
  • Image Resolution: xx.1MP 1-inch CMOS
  • Battery Life: Up to 260 shots
  • Weight: 0.65 lbs

Interchangeable Lens cameras like the Sony A7c and Canon EOS RP crave a significant investment to excerpt the virtually out of them. If yous demand something simpler that doesn’t compromise on paradigm quality, the Sony ZV-i is worth considering.

Photography Features

Point and shoot cameras tend to use tiny 1/two.three-inch sensors. These are much larger than the sensors yous’ll find on a smartphone, but piddly in comparing to APS-C cameras. With the ZV-ane, Sony’due south opted for a more comfortable center basis, i.e. a one-inch sensor.

This BSI CMOS sensor has a resolution of 20.1MP and can shoot continuously at 24fps. It’s abrupt and is paired with a bright F1.8-2.eight lens with a 24-70mm equivalent zoom. This is great for product photography as well as outdoors shooting. The zoom is particularly useful for macro shots of your product (shut ups.)

For shooting outdoors or for using the maximum aperture under bright lite, Sony even has even added an ND filter. Better yet, the instantaneous AF with tracking includes a product focus fashion which ensures that your bailiwick is always in focus.

Sony ZV-1
Sample Images

Video Capabilities

Primarily designed as a vlogging camera, the ZV-one boasts of some great video features. This includes a 4K 30fps video mode that uses the full sensor, excellent stereo mics for picking up make clean audio, and a fully articulated LCD screen for shooting in any orientation.

Various Log modes include Due south-Log and HLG are also supported but be warned that depression-calorie-free performance isn’t that great regardless of whether you’re shooting log or not. This is a pocket-size sensor, after all. For eBay videography, nevertheless, this is non a factor and you shouldn’t be concerned.

Design and Features

At 0.65lb, the ZV-1 is incredibly calorie-free. The small trunk lacks an EVF or whatever form of IBIS, only there is a gyroscope and accelerometer that records move data for stabilisation in post. Data is stored on an SDXC menu.

The fully articulated LCD boasts of 921,600 dots and is very clear. There is no built-in flash, but yous become a hot-shoe mount and back up for Sony’s new digital microphones. So, in case you need to record some music videos, this camera has yous covered! HDMI, USB-C, and a iii.5mm mic jack round out the features.

This is a small camera so bombardment life is an understandably poor 260 shots. There are no battery grips for this form cistron, simply you can hands attach a USB PD ability banking company to keep the device charged during long shoots.


The ZV-1 isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s priced in the aforementioned range of Sony’due south mid-range APS-C ILCE cameras like the A6400. Still, the ZV-1 is one of the but cameras of its kind and you’re unlikely to get a indicate-n-shoot with more features or ameliorate image quality. If information technology’s simplicity you seek, and quality, go the ZV-ane.

  • Dedicated AF manner for product shots
  • Congenital-in ND filter
  • Digital microphone support
  • Articulated LCD
  • Fast lens for the form factor
  • Expensive
  • Poor battery life

Nikon D5300

  • Blazon: DSLR
  • Image Resolution: 24.2MP APS-C CMOS
  • Battery Life: Upward to 600 shots
  • Weight: 1.17 lbs

If it’s only paradigm quality y’all seek, you might desire to consider an erstwhile-schoolhouse DSLR like the Nikon D5300. It’s an older blueprint, and cheap by mirrorless standards, only yous nonetheless go excellent image quality and practiced, fast AF performance.

Photography Features

The 24.2MP DX format CMOS sensor in the D5300 is an excellent selection even in 2022. It has a higher resolution than Nikon’s flagship D4, and shoots at a 5fps outburst when needed.

AF points are limited to 39 and they only focus down to -1 EV, only you’re shooting products and don’t demand low-light performance or a tonne of AF points capable of tracking moving subjects. The D5300 has more than what y’all’d need for eBay shots.

Nikon D5300
Sample Images

Video Capabilities

The FHD 60fps video mode is non bad, actually, especially when paired with a fast, good quality lens. If you lot’re just simple shooting production videos to pad upwards your eBay list, FHD is a proficient resolution to work with, especially because it’due south much easier to edit than the high bit-rate 4K that fancier cameras shoot.

Blueprint and Features

The D5300 is modest and light for a DSLR, but still large when compared to modernistic mirrorless cameras. You lot have the DSLR mirror mechanism to thank for that.

On the plus side though, you get a comfortable, ergonomic grip that will keep your shots stable and you from getting drawn on long shoots.

There’s a fully articulated LCD for framing, equally well as a 95% optical viewfinder with a 0.82x magnification when using a 50mm lens. The vertical travel focal-plane shutter is virtually silent and can shoot equally fast as ane/4000s.

Ports include HDMI C, micro USB, and a 3.5mm mic jack. An EN-EL14a battery provides power and allows the camera to click 600 shots before dying.


The D5300 is an older photographic camera but it has a fantastic sensor and all the power-user features that one would look from a DSLR. It’s a not bad, inexpensive camera for taking beautiful product shots for eBay.

  • Excellent image sensor
  • Superb ergonomics
  • Light for a DSLR
  • RGB evaluative metering system
  • Congenital-in fill flash
  • No 4K support
  • Express AF capabilities

Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70K

  • Type: Point-n-Shoot
  • Paradigm Resolution: 20.3MP 1/2.3-inch CCD
  • Battery Life: Upwards to 380 shots
  • Weight: 0.71 lbs

If you demand a inexpensive point & shoot camera that clicks fantabulous pictures for your eBay listings, the Lumix DC-ZS70K is a great option. Recollect of it as the LX10’due south long-zoom counterpart, it boasts of most of the same features, a much longer lens, and the aforementioned IS and shooting modes.

Photography Features

While the LX10 is paired with a fast 24-70mm equivalent lens, the ZS70K is paired with a slow 24-720mm lens that delivers about 30x optical zoom. The sensor is a lot smaller, though, only coming in at 1/2.3 inches to the LX10’southward ane-inch sensor.

You however get 20MP resolution and five-axis stabilisation, along with the benefits of having a long zoom for product too as travel photography. Compared to cameras with larger sensors, you lose out on bokeh and low-light operation. Given the price and because the subjects you’ll exist shooting, that’s a fair trade.

Additionally, features similar AI-based background and focus-stacking should make your job as a product photography easier, adding some spice to your eBay listings.

Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70K
Sample Images

Video Capabilities

The smaller 1/2.3-inch sensor is rated at 20MP so lets you shoot 4K video at 30fps. If you’re into vlogging, the rear LCD screen can flip upward. With such a small sensor, paradigm quality is certainly non keen, only it’s good enough for eBay listings.

The lack of an ND filter tin be frustrating for outdoor shoots, but the long zoom and IBIS organisation practice offer a great deal more flexibility than the LX10 or ZV-1.

Design and Features

The design of the ZS70K is very similar to that of the LX10. It feature a small, meaty, solidly congenital body with poor ergonomics and a plethora of buttons.

The flip-upward LCD is groovy for vlogs also as for photographing depression objects. At that place’s a congenital-in fill flash that’s perfect for product photography, and the lens features a zoom ringing for zooming in or out smoothly.

The camera weighs virtually 0.71oz and the tiny battery gets you about 250 shots before dying. Battery life is indeed low, only unless you’re shooting products at scale, 250 shots should be enough.


The ZS70K is a surprisingly capable compact camera with a great zoom range and support for macro shots. If yous demand great images for eBay and don’t intendance about technical prototype quality, you’ll similar the ZS70K.

  • 4K30 video style
  • 5-axis stabilisation
  • 30x optical zoom
  • Macro photography mode
  • Congenital-in flash
  • Poor epitome quality in depression light
  • AF functioning

Canon PowerShot SX420

  • Type: Point-northward-Shoot
  • Image Resolution: 20MP 1/2.3-inch CCD
  • Bombardment Life: Up to 195 shots
  • Weight: 0.72 lbs

Looking for a budget-friendly camera with a great wink and excellent macro performance? Bank check out the Canon PowerShot SX420 from Catechism.

Photography Features

While it just has a 1/ii.3-inch 20MP image sensor, the SX420IS does boast of some rather impressive optics. The focal range goes from 24mm to most 1000mm equivalent, and you fifty-fifty get ii.v stops of IS when zoomed. That’southward roughly 42x of stabilised zoom, and 84x if yous factor in digital zoom, and a heed-bungle 164x with a digital teleconverter.

Of course, with such a long zoom, the discontinuity is quite pocket-size and you only get F3.5-6.6 and bokeh does suffer at the wide cease. However, you do become a macro manner and a long zoom, both of which tin can deliver great bokeh at the long end.

The congenital-in flash is the most useful feature, however. Information technology’s a relatively large flash for a compact camera, and can sync at speeds up to 1/2000s. This is bang-up for fill equally well every bit for freezing moving subjects. Use it judiciously and you’ll be guaranteed corking photos.

Canon PowerShot SX420
Sample Images

Video Capabilities

The SX420 IS is a much older photographic camera and is only capable of shooting 720p video at 25fps. This is stabilised video, even so, which is some salvation, but we’d recommend yous use a smartphone for video rather than this camera.

Design and Features

The design mimics a DSLR, merely without the interchangeable lens mount. The camera is big with a deep grip that is especially useful when taking reward of the camera’southward long zoom.

At 230,000 dots, the 3-inch LCD isn’t very abrupt, merely it is plenty for framing your shot. Nosotros’d recommend judging your shot on a laptop or computer monitor rather than on the body itself.

Other features include an orientation sensor, WiFi and NFC, GeoTagging via WiFi and a compatible smartphone, a micro USB connector, and an A/V output composite connector. Battery life is rated at just 195 shots.


A proficient flash and macro mode are essential for skillful product photography. You lot could spend more and invest in a DSLR and additional lenses and flash units, just if you’re on a budget, the SX420s should exist able to evangelize what you need.

  • Optical zoom
  • Epitome stabilisation
  • Powerful wink for a compact camera
  • 164x digital zoom
  • Macro mode
  • Video limited to HD
  • Tiny sensor

Canon PowerShot ELPH180

  • Type: Indicate-north-Shoot
  • Paradigm Resolution: 20MP 1/2.iii-inch CCD
  • Bombardment Life: Upwardly to 220 shots
  • Weight: 0.28 lbs

Hither is a pocket-friendly point-due north-shoot camera with some impressive features for its size. The Canon PowerShot ELPH180 can’t accept on the likes of the iPhone 12 or the Samsung Galaxy Note xx, but it tin offer far better prototype quality than your budget telephone can.

Photography Features

The 20MP 1/ii.iii-inch CCD sensor can output some very decent 20MP stills in adept lighting. The sensor is far larger and the lens far superior to what yous’d get on whatever smartphone in the same price range, making information technology an ideal choice for upkeep photo shoots.

Premium phones volition accept the atomic number 82 in the prototype quality department, but only because of better smarts and not because of the sensor. The ELPH180 also boasts of a larger, more powerful flash unit than any phone can manage.

Canon PowerShot ELPH180
Sample Images

Video Capabilities

When it comes to video, stick with your phone. The 180 is a inexpensive, entry-level stills camera and merely the fact that it can record video is gratifying. Quality is express to 720p 25fps and quality will drib dramatically in anything merely the best light.

Blueprint and features

This is a small, compact photographic camera that manages to look stylish despite its age. Buttons and functionality are very limited, simply then this is a uncomplicated camera to begin with.

On the rear is a 2.7-inch 230,000-dot LCD that’southward practiced plenty for framing the shot, and in that location’due south back up for SDXC and Middle-Fi retentivity cards. Yous get a mono photographic camera and audio out, a USB mini B port, and a NB-11L battery that’south good for 220 shots. At 0.28lb, the camera’s weight is negligible.


The ELPH 180 is a camera for those who need a dedicated photographic camera for eBay production photography and take a tight upkeep. Information technology’s amend than an entry-level or mid-range smartphone for sure but only works at its best in a good light.

  • Weight is negligible
  • 20MP stills
  • Digital IS
  • Decent wink output
  • Good value
  • Depression burst charge per unit
  • Hard disk video

Sony (DSCW800)

  • Type: Point-n-Shoot
  • Image Resolution: 20MP i/2.3-inch CCD
  • Bombardment Life: Upwardly to 200 shots
  • Weight: 0.28 lbs

If you simply must have the cheapest camera possible that can out shoot your budget smartphone, there really is only ane pick and that’southward the Sony (DSCW800). This tiny ultra-compact photographic camera packs in some peachy features and a slap-up flash; perfect for those depression-budget eBay shoots.

Photography Features

Sony calls the sensor on the W800 a Super HAD sensor. Whatever the jargon, it’southward a 20.1MP CCD with impressive performance in skilful light. Its ISO range goes from 100-3200, only you’re best sticking with ISO400 or below for production photography.

This sensor is paired with a 26-130mm equivalent lens, or 5x optical zoom, which tin be pushed to 10x digital zoom if the demand arises. The lens isn’t fast, but it’s discontinuity is pocket-sized enough that your subject volition exist in focus in just almost any circumstances. In that location’due south also SteadyShot Digital IS in example you demand to shoot handheld.

Sony DSCW800
Sample Images

Video Capabilities

As with all upkeep cameras, video quality isn’t great and is an acceptable 720p at 25fps. Just recollect that this is a stills camera and not meant for video. The camera can shoot HD video at 25fps, just equally with almost ultra-meaty cameras, we’d recommend you avoid it since your smartphone volition practice a better task.

Design and Features

The W800 is sleek and surprisingly fashionable for such an quondam, budget signal-northward-shoot camera. The few buttons that are present are plenty to fully control the camera, and there’s a 2.7-inch 230,000-dot LCD for framing shots.

The battery is tiny and tin simply manage nigh 200 shots, just conveniently, it tin exist charged via micro-USB while inside the camera body. This tiny plastic body weighs a mere 0.28 lbs.


For those on the tightest of budgets, the W800 will practise the chore. Information technology has a decent sized flash and a practiced prototype sensor, both of which will evangelize cleaner, sharper images than a budget smartphone can. The W800 is a inexpensive camera, but don’t underestimate its capabilities.

  • Clay inexpensive
  • Small and compact
  • Good replacement for budget telephone camera
  • Digital IS
  • 5x optical zoom
  • Low-quality LCD
  • Poor video functioning

Ofttimes Asked Questions

Tin’t I just use my phone for production shots?

Smartphones take tiny sensors and an even smaller flash. Tricks like paradigm stacking tin can assist improve quality, but unless yous’re packing a premium phone, even a cheap compact camera will crush it in epitome quality.

How important is lighting and wink?

Lighting is earth-shaking for product photography. If you’re on a limited budget and shooting indoors, information technology tin sometimes make more sense to purchase a cheaper camera and buy adaptable lights or more powerful flash units.

Do I need a long zoom for eBay photos?

Usually, yes. Long zooms tend to accept skillful macro functioning, and secondly, a long zoom with a fast discontinuity will give you dandy bokeh and excellent isolation from the background.

Should I become a tripod?

If yous have a good lighting setup or a powerful photographic camera, y’all don’t need a tripod. On a budget-friendly camera, notwithstanding, a longer shutter courtesy of a tripod will vastly improve your product shots.


A picture might exist worth a k words to some, but on eBay, it could be worth a k sales (or dollars, depending on what you’re selling). If you sell regularly on eBay or maybe operate a storefront, it’s worth investing in a proficient camera to improve the quality of your listing and sell more than items. Hither are our recommendations:

  • If you’re only interested in photos, option upwardly a Catechism EOS RP. If you lot want image quality alongside videos, you might desire to consider spending more for the Sony Alpha 7C. They both take spectacular stills, but the more expensive A7c takes ameliorate video.
  • If you’re looking for a more reasonably priced alternative, do consider the Sony ZV-i, or, if upkeep permits, the Fujifilm Ten-T3.
  • For those on a tighter upkeep, the Sony (DSCW800) is an splendid option.

So what are you waiting for? Pick upwardly one of these cameras, go polish upwardly those eBay listings, and make some practiced money while you’re at it!