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By | 13/09/2022

Looking for the all-time DSLRs? Whether yous’re buying your starting time camera or in the market place for an upgrade, beneath you’ll find all the best DSLRs we’ve tested here at Trusted Reviews.

With mirrorless cameras having risen in popularity exponentially over recent years, y’all might be wondering whether it’s even all the same worth picking up a DSLR. The truth is that, while mirrorless cameras frequently win out when information technology comes to video quality and sheer portability, there’south still a identify for DSLRs.

A DSLR generally offers a longer battery life, a more than established pick of lenses and an optical viewfinder for a abrupt and immediate view of what you’re shooting.

Nosotros await at all of these features and more when we review a photographic camera, including the design, display and viewfinder, features, image quality, video and software. We also include sample photos in all of our in-depth reviews, all of which you tin discover linked below.

For the all-time DSLRs at a variety of prices and feel levels, coil down. If you lot’re non assault a DSLR just yet, brand certain to check out our other photography best lists, including the best mirrorless cameras, the best compact cameras, the best vlogging cameras, the best action cameras and the best instant cameras. Don’t forget to also visit our guide to the best cameras for an overall breakdown of the top cameras bachelor correct at present.

Best DSLRs at a glance

  • All-time DSLR overall: Nikon D850 – bank check cost
  • The best option for beginners: Nikon D3500 – check price
  • The well-nigh capable DSLR beneath £2000: Pentax Chiliad-i 2 – check cost
  • A fantastic total-frame Canon DSLR: Catechism EOS 5D Marker 4 – bank check price

How nosotros exam

Learn more about how nosotros test cameras

We test every camera nosotros review thoroughly. We use set up tests to compare features properly and nosotros utilise it as our main device over the review period. We’ll ever tell you what nosotros find and we never, ever, have money to review a product.

Nikon D850

Best DSLR overall


  • sensor captures uncommonly fine detail
  • Fast viewfinder autofocus with silent shooting selection in Alive View
  • Rear thumb-operated sub-selector for fast AF point positioning
  • Extremely expert 1840-shot battery life


  • No phase detection AF in Live View
  • Touchscreen functioning doesn’t include key exposure settings
  • Wireless SnapBridge connectivity needs improvement

The Nikon D850 is a total-frame DSLR aimed at professional photographers and the successor to 2014’southward D810.

The camera features a sensor – an upgrade from the D810’s 36.3-megapixel i – that brought the camera line with the 50.six-megapixel Catechism 5DS  and the 42-megapixel Sony A7R II when information technology was released.

The D850 is powered by the EXPEED 5 processor found in the D500 and the D5, which along with the sensor, helps go along racket to a minimum when using higher sensitivity settings.

The as well camera takes advantage of the aforementioned 153-indicate Multi-CAM 20K autofocus organisation found on these cameras, which we found to exist fast and authentic when we tested it.

Continuous shooting is express to 7fps, but you tin can connect the optional battery grip to increment this to 9fps (though this will, of course, cost extra).

The camera features a weather-sealed magnesium alloy design with plenty of buttons, controls and customisation options. There’due south a three.two-inch, two.36m-dot tiltable touchscreen and a large 100% viewfinder for lining up shots.

When it comes to video, the D850 includes separate microphone and headphone inputs and was the starting time Nikon DSLR to support 4K video at upwardly to 30fps.

Michael Topham

Total review:
Nikon D850

Nikon D3500

The best choice for beginners


  • Proficient quality kit lens
  • Very good image quality
  • Fast and silent autofocus
  • Unexpectedly snappy live view
  • Smashing for bully learners
  • Value for money


  • Fixed rear screen
  • Video is HD rather than 4K
  • Mesomorphic compared to a mirrorless camera

The Nikon D3500 is the best DSLR we’ve tested for anyone new to photography, though it has fierce contest with the Canon 250D.

The D3500 is small for a DSLR (though not as compact as a mirrorless camera) and offers the advantage of the actress grip and residual of a DSLR. The screen is limited to a fixed 921K-dot display, but the camera comes with a fantastic 18-55mm AF-P kit lens that we found to exist sharp and consistent across its focal range.

The D3500 packs a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor and, though this camera is beginner-friendly, it isn’t simplistic. The D3500 features all the features you’d expect from a more serious DSLR, including the full set of program AE, discontinuity-priority, shutter-priority and transmission modes.

It has an ISO range of 100-25,600 for decent depression-light performance and can capture 5fps in its flare-up for manner, making it easier to snap photos of energetic kids and pets.

Video capture is limited to Hd (all of our best mirrorless cameras right now support 4K shooting) only image quality is good, offering realistic colours both indoors and outdoors.

Perchance the biggest benefit to the D3500 over its mirrorless rivals is the camera’s splendid i,550-shot battery life, which will continue you shooting for significantly longer without having to stop and recharge.

Rod Lawton

Full review:
Nikon D3500

Pentax Yard-1 2

The most capable DSLR beneath £2000


  • Huge degree of external command
  • Splendid rugged, atmospheric condition-sealed build quality
  • Superb image quality, with loftier resolution and dynamic range
  • In-body stabilisation gives sharper images with nearly any lens
  • Uniform with vast range of new and used Chiliad-mountain lenses


  • Heavy and beefy body
  • Slow wake-up from machine power-off
  • Screen isn’t impact-sensitive
  • Sluggish live view autofocus

The Pentax K-1 II is the update to 2016’s Pentax K-1, the camera company’s first full-frame DSLR, and is the best value DSLR we’ve tested if you’ve got less than £2000 to spend on your next photographic camera.

The K-ane Ii boasts a durable, weatherproof magnesium blend torso that’southward slightly heavier than even the D850. The big grip is coated with textured rubber for a secure hold and in that location are a large number of buttons, dials and switches, including customisable dials on the front and rear.

There’s a 3.two-inch tilting LCD display that we plant to be sharp and accurately colour calibrated, as well as an optical viewfinder with a magnification of 0.7x and almost 100% coverage of the scene.

Inside, the camera packs a 36-megapixel full-frame sensor, fast autofocus and built-in epitome stabilisation.

Paradigm quality is excellent – nosotros constitute the camera to be especially well suited to photographers looking to shoot static subjects like landscapes – and the ISO tin can go equally high as 12,800 with acceptable results (we would avoid the ISO 409, 600 and ISO 819,200 settings).

Equally far as video goes, the K-1 2 can capture Total Hd resolution at 30fps and the photographic camera offers both microphone and headphone inputs. However, if video is your priority, we would recommend opting for a camera that supports 4K instead.

Andy Westlake

Full review:
Pentax Chiliad-1 II

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

A fantastic full-frame Canon DSLR


  • Full-frame sensor
  • Touchscreen is useful
  • Solid 4K video recording
  • Congenital-in Wi-Fi


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Frame rate isn’t particularly high

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is the fourth iteration of the 5D and an excellent DSLR if you’re looking for a full-frame Canon model.

The design volition exist familiar for 5D Marker III users, though the hump where the viewfinder lives is larger to make room for the Wi-Fi and GPS unit and the grip is deeper for added security.

The camera too replaces the Mark Three’s 22.three-megapixel sensor with a xxx.4-megapixel one and brings the native ISO up to l-102,400 for improved low-lite performance.

In that location’due south an optical viewfinder with Intelligent Viewfinder Ii to show data like shooting modes, a level and a grid to help with composition. There’s also a 3.ii-inch, 1.62m-dot touch-sensitive display just isn’t an articulating one, meaning y’all can’t tilt it.

The photographic camera features two image processors: a DIGIC 6 chip for metering and a DIGIC half dozen+ for high-speed image processing. There’s as well support for Canon’southward Dual-Pixel AF technology and Dual-Pixel RAW and the AF points cover a greater expanse of the viewfinder than that on their predecessor and are sensitive down to -3EV.

Images captured with this camera are sharp and colours are well-saturated and relatively noise-free up to around 25,600.

There’southward as well support for 4K video capture, putting this camera in line with many of our best mirrorless cameras when information technology comes to videography. That said, those interested in a mirrorless equivalent will want to bank check out the Canon EOS R.

Amy Davies

Full review:
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

We as well considered…


Which DSLR brand is amend?

Right now, our favourite DSLR is by Nikon. However, there are plenty of corking DSLRs by photographic camera makers like Canon, Pentax and more than.

Do DSLRs come with lenses?

You lot can buy DSLRs as trunk-merely, but many manufacturers will offering them bundled with a kit lens only a bit more than.

What is a total-frame DSLR?

A full-frame DSLR is whatever DSLR with a total-frame sensor. This means the image isn’t cropped and total-frame sensors offer additional benefits, like ameliorate depression-light functioning.

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