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Best Full Frame Dslr Under 1500

By | 28/10/2022

Buying guide: Best cameras under $1500

If you’re getting serious virtually photography and don’t mind spending a bit more money, y’all’ll find some astonishing cameras in the $m-1500 toll range. These cameras have excellent sensors (some total-frame), advanced autofocus systems and 4K video capture. Expect plenty of direct controls and customizability and, in some cases, weather-sealed bodies.

The do-everything choice: Fujifilm Ten-T3

The Ten-T3 does merely nearly everything very well. prototype quality is first-class, with a option of bonny ‘Pic Simulation’ color modes and detailed, flexible Raw files. Autofocus with well-nigh 10-series lenses is snappy with constructive focus tracking, eye-detection AF for portraits and zone focus modes that will accommodate to a range of sports. This is on top of a well-respected interface which blends traditional dials with a good degree of customization.

The X-T3 does all this while as well offer some of the best video we’ve encountered. It can shoot highly detailed 4K footage at up to 60p with the pick for 10-flake capture for maximum grading leeway. Useable (though not flawless) video AF makes it comparatively like shooting fish in a barrel to get skilful results, too. Only the lack of in-body stabilization counts against its go-everywhere, capture everything credentials.

Full-frame for stills shooters: Nikon Z5

The Nikon Z5 is an first-class value for those who desire the improved dynamic range (and image quality equally a whole) and additional command over depth of field of a full-frame photographic camera. The Z5 is a well-congenital mirrorless camera with a 24MP sensor and in-body image stabilization. It offers a high resolution EVF, a tilting touchscreen and dual SD card slots.

Image quality is excellent, with pleasing JPEG colors, wide dynamic range, and very good loftier ISO operation. The Z5 is not a neat choice for video shooters, however: it has a hefty ingather in 4K and rolling shutter can be an effect. If video’south not your thing, though, the Z5 is an first-class choice for entering the full-frame world on the cheap.

While the 10-T3 and Z5 are our top picks in this price category, the cameras beneath are also worth your consideration. Read on for a detailed look at their features and performance.

  • Our pick: Fujifilm X-T3
  • Our pick: Nikon Z5

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