Best Lens For Jewelry Photography 2020

By | 10/08/2022

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Jewelry photography can be a claiming without the right type of lens, especially if y’all intend on making money with it. While it’s possible to capture the general expect of nearly jewelry without specific equipment, anybody looking to have fine art product photography to the next level should invest in a proper lens that tin get really close up with the details.

Ideally, the best lenses for jewelry photography lenses are macro lenses. These lenses are specially made to go along everything in a small radius in focus, allowing the details and beauty of the jewelry to exist captured.

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With that in listen, there are a few lenses from major manufacturers that truly stand out amidst the plethora of macro lenses available. Ensuring that the lens properly fits the camera and the surroundings where the jewelry will be photographed is another major aspect to consider.

What Aperture Is The Best For Jewelry Photography?

Before we continue, it’southward important to annotation that each lens has its own “sweetness spot” for sharpness which can too go against some of the best practices for jewelry/product photography.
In most cases, the best aperture for jewelry photography is between f8-f14. However, the sharpest prototype that your lens can produce will exist 2-three stops smaller than its widest aperture.

Essentially what this means is that if you lot have a lens with an aperture of f2.eight, the sharpest image will be in the range of f5.6 – f8. To make things even more complicated, an adjustment in discontinuity for a macro lens doesn’t necessarily mean that the focus distance will have a meaningful difference.

For example, the area in focus at f32 wont be every bit sharp every bit the expanse in focus at f8, even when increasing the distance to go the whole ring/item in focus.

This is why I don’t recommend shooting with the smallest aperture possible for whatever of your commercial product photography, even though the temptation to get everything in focus in 1 shot is in that location.

In nigh cases, you will however need to implement focus stacking. For a more in depth await into discontinuity sugariness spots, check out this post from B & H.

The Best Lenses For Jewelry & Product Photography

Jewelry photo taken in our studio with a 90mm Macro lens

Whether you shoot with Sony, Nikon or Cannon, the all-time lenses for this line of work are macro lenses. I’ve alluded to this in the first of the mail, and it’s considering macro lenses allow us to go very close to our subjects and then we can set compositions that are suitable for advert, in high detail.

As the world evolves deeper into the online world and eCommerce is becoming more mainstream,
it’s not enough to only show what your product looks like anymore. People are no longer captive audiences browsing a Sears catalog, and thus we have to become more creative to capture their attending.

Macro lenses allow you to take listing images of your jewelry simply like annihilation else, merely besides give yous more flexibility to create imagery that you simply can’t get from regular lenses – at least not in the same way.

So there are many dissimilar focal lengths of macro lenses, ranging between 15mm to 200mm. So when shooting product/jewelry photography, you’ll want to use something that will accurately stand for your item and give you room for artistic expression.

200mm is simply overkill in our opinion. Foreground pinch is too much and small details are too big to identify what the item even is.

For us, we’ve found the sweet spot to be 100mm and is often the almost popular recommendation by most production photographers. Then with that said, allow’s have a wait at some of our favorite lenses for jewelry photography!

For Sony: 18-135mm Zoom Lens For Jewelry Photography And Lifestyle

Focal Length xviii-135mm
Mount Due east-Mount
Minimum Focal Distance 17.76″
Maximum Aperture 3.v-5.6
Filter Thread Size 55 mm
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A zoom lens!? Surely I’m kidding, right?!

I’ll let you in on a footling secret: most of our product photography is shot on the Sony 18-135mm lens.

This lens may seem like an odd pick for jewelry photography, but it is 1 of the best zoom lenses available for production photography considering of how versatile it is. The zoom given at 135mm focal length makes it perfect for jewelry of any size, and images are precipitous and crisp.

This zoom lens is perfect for capturing jewelry in a variety of settings for smaller spaces as well.
This 1 lens is versatile enough to capture lifestyle, studio, and advertizement shots without having to change lenses, which is a huge time saver. It has a very smooth focusing ring and a switch for moving between Manual and Auto focus.

Although this lens is slower than some others on the list, with an f-stop range of 3.5-5.6, most of your jewelry photography is going to exist shot with an aperture above f 8.0 anyways, and will probable involve some focus stacking.

However, there is one major draw dorsum. Technically it’s not a macro lens and information technology has a minimum focusing altitude of 1 ½ feet.

The lens is widely available and can be found on Amazon here.

Sony’southward 90mm f2.8 Macro Is One Of The Best Macro Prime number Lenses Available On The Market

Focal Length 90mm
Mount East-Mountain
Minimum Focal Altitude 11.04″
Maximum Discontinuity 2.eight
Filter Thread Size 62 mm
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I like to shoot with Sony considering their Autofocus system is the best in the world right now and we also do video, so I might be a piffling biased.

With that said,
any time we’re dealing with small items like jewelry, the way to get those sexy close-up detailed shots that you see in advertising campaigns is with a “prime” Macro lens.
100mm seems to exist the sweet spot for jewelry photography, and Sony has a 90mm f2.8 Macro lens that is incredible.

Dissimilar the zoom lens nosotros just looked at, prime lenses cannot change their focal lengths. While this results in much less versatility, it’s a tolerable merchandise-off for the increased sharpness and clarity. The main draw dorsum is that you lose a lot of flexibility when it comes to space.

Macro lenses are specifically made to get
real shut
to your product and capture all the fine details, rather than portrait or landscape photography. For showing off the gleam of diamonds or the effects of light on a band in and then much item y’all will spend hours cleaning up scratches in mail, this extra focused zoom sets upwardly compositions nicely.

As a top of the line offer from Sony, information technology includes some truly amazing glass accompanied past high tech, easy to utilise options like automated internal focusing, transmission focus ring, focus limiters and lens-based optical image stabilization. Information technology even has a minimum focus altitude less than 12″.

Sony users who are focused on product photography and specialize in jewelry should look no further; this is the holy grail.

Unfortunately, information technology comes with a price to lucifer. But you should be able to make that dorsum in a single job with the images you can get with it. Bank check it out on Amazon here.

Nikon’due south 105mm f2.viii Macro Lens Is A Lightweight And Quick Lens For Jewelry Photographers On The Go

Focal Length 105mm
Mount F-Mountain Lens/FX Format
Minimum Focal Distance 12″
Maximum Aperture 2.eight
Filter Thread Size 62 mm
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My wife, on the other hand, shoots with Nikon (and she’south still with me).

I like to joke that shooting with Nikon gear reminds me of those analog liquid level indicators in those scarlet gas tanks from the hardware store, but I accept to acknowledge that the prototype quality is superb (and I’m secretly jealous).

Among Nikon’s best offerings for jewelry photography is their 105mm macro lens, which features much of the same applied science equally the previously mentioned Sony 90mm lens. In that location are a few key differences though, such every bit:

  • A more compact, 105mm focal length
  • A lighter frame
  • Slightly less advanced engineering science
  • A cheaper price point

So if you shoot Nikon, this will be your bread and butter. The glass has extreme clarity and accuracy for stunning pictures of jewelry and is one of Nikons best offerings for an entry level product photographer. Information technology’s besides lightweight and small-scale enough to easily acquit around, which is really of import when trying to maneuver around a small studio.

It is available for purchase here and tends to sell out speedily, given its mix of price and quality.

The Canon EF 100mm f2.8 Macro USM Is A Slightly More Budget-Friendly Choice

Focal Length 100mm
Mount Canon EF
Minimum Focal Distance 12″
Maximum Aperture 2.8
Filter Thread Size 58 mm
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Canon’s offering into the macro lens area is one that matches Sony’southward and Nikon’s in many ways while coming in merely slightly cheaper than both.

Canon is known for their high quality across the photography earth, coming equipped with:

  • incredible colour accuracy
  • a quick f-stop
  • a low minimum focal distance of 12 inches
  • ultra low dispersion (proficient for chromatic aberration)

While Sony’s 90mm may be also far out and Nikon’s 105mm as well close, a 100mm macro is ofttimes the sugariness spot for jewelry. Of class, differences are adequately minimal and volition largely come downwardly to personal preference, especially if yous have a cropped sensor.

A unique attribute of this macro lens for jewelry photography is the ultra-low dispersion element.
This is meant to eliminate color fringing, chromatic aberrations, and ghosting to provide clear and very sharp images. This is peculiarly important if you lot accept enervating clients that will inspect every pixel.

The Canon 100mm Macro is a great choice for enthusiasts who prefer sticking to Canon gear or professionals who are looking for one of the all-time lenses bachelor for jewelry on a upkeep. It can be purchased here.

Sigma’southward 105mm f2.viii Lens Is A Great tertiary Party Choice

Focal Length 105mm
Mount Canon EF
Nikon F
Sony E
Minimum Focal Distance 12″
Maximum Aperture 2.8
Filter Thread Size 62 mm
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Official lenses past their corresponding brands aren’t your simply options out there. In fact, third party lens manufacturers similar Sigma, Samyang and Tokina are providing some of the near flexible options, and are starting to have up pregnant market share. Some of those reasons are:

  • They are competitive on price
  • Often have ameliorate technology
  • Are available for major camera brands, like Canon, Sony and Nikon

That’due south where Sigma comes in, and their 105mm macro lens is probable going to be the best available at its price point.

The lens is incredibly sharp, has all the technology of the Sony 90mm such as Epitome Stabilization (if needed), range limiter, M/AF switches, etc., and the 105mm focal length is perfect for capturing every detail of the jewelry yous are shooting. This lens is meant to fit on Canon’s EF series joints, just Sigma offers a variety of lenses that fit on Nikon F as well equally Sony E-Mount.

At the fourth dimension of this writing, Amazon has some packet options for the Sigma 105mm:

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Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Parcel for Cannon EF Amazon

Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Bundle for Nikon F Amazon

Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Bundle for Sony Due east Amazon