Best Light Meter For Street Photography

By | 27/10/2022

Every serious photographer knows that light is one of the nigh critical components of a shot. The bachelor lighting determines your ISO settings, shutter speed, and discontinuity.

When shooting in automatic mode, it’southward less crucial for you to pay attention to the lighting as your camera does it for you. When transitioning to manual mode, these decisions are all on you.

Throughout history, photographers have been searching for a fashion to accurately read the lighting to get the perfect exposure. In the mid-1900’s, the lite meter as nosotros know it today was produced.

Lite meters are small portable devices are able to provide you lot with an accurate reading on light exposure someday and anywhere. This allows y’all to make appropriate adjustments to your camera, the surround, or your own sources of external lighting to accomplish a better level of exposure.

While getting your hands on i a lite meter can be useful, it is of import to note that non all of these gadgets are created every bit, so nosotros did all-encompassing inquiry to help identify some of the elevation performers. Cheque out our list below to discover the perfect light meter to add to your kit.

Lumoid Recommended

i. Sekonic L-308X-U FLASHMATE

Sekonic L-308X-U FLASHMATE Image

  • Sekonic L-308X-U FLASHMATE Deals

At the superlative of our list, we have the Sekonic Fifty-308X-U FLASHMATE light meter. If you lot are looking for a gadget that volition give yous maximum value for your coin, then this is the product you want to go your easily on.

Sekonic’southward light meter comes with a higher price tag, but the available features ensure it can provide yous with more accurate readings than many of the cheaper alternatives that y’all are going to find on the market today.

This light meter is bachelor in ii different models and is able to provide an accuracy that is measured to 1 10th-of-a-stop. Electronic flashlight and ambient low-cal readings can be recorded with the device. The built-in LCD brandish you to cheque the readings at any given fourth dimension.

ii. LUX LED Light Meter LM-50KL

LUX LED Light Meter LM-50KL Image

  • LUX LED Light Meter LM-50KL Deals

The LUX LED Light Meter LM-50KL from LATNEX is another option that provides great value for your coin. This calorie-free meter comes at a very attractive price tag, yet it comes with a number of advanced features that a photographer is sure to rely on. The gadget is able to provide readings in diverse measurements, human foot-candles or Lux, ensuring y’all can work with a organization that you are familiar with.

The LATNEX meter comes with an included calibration certificate, providing evidence that the product is able to deliver accurate readings. Y’all can measure any type of visible lite with the device, including LED white light.

3. Kenko KFM-1100 Motorcar Digi Meter

Kenko KFM-1100 Auto Digi Meter Image

  • Kenko KFM-1100 Auto Digi Meter Deals

Adjacent up on our list is the Kenko KFM-1100 Auto Digi Meter, which is ane of the more than expensive options. Even though the toll tag is high, many photographers practice enjoy the accuracy that this device is able to offer.

The KFM-1100 is exceptionally like shooting fish in a barrel to use. The production comes with a full instruction manual to ensure yous tin commencement obtaining readings for light exposure in the environment without whatever struggles.

There is an LCD display that is able to provide you with readings at any fourth dimension. A congenital-in retentivity function also helps to gain access to previous readings for future reference.

4. Gossen DIGIPRO F2

Gossen DIGIPRO F2 Image

  • Gossen DIGIPRO F2 Deals

The Gossen DIGIPRO F2 is another expensive meter, but information technology is i of the better quality options that you are able to choose from at the moment. The product features a number of different metering methods, ensuring you tin can become a more accurate reading based on the specific type of low-cal that is being measured.

The DIGIPRO F2 comes with a built-in display, which provides you with an overview of the exposure reading. There is an analog contrast control part, as well as individualized adaption technology congenital into the product.

5. Sekonic L-208 TWINMATE

Sekonic L-208 TWINMATE Image

  • Sekonic Fifty-208 TWINMATE Deals

The next choice on our list is besides from the Sekonic brand, simply 1 of the more affordable light meters from this trusted brand. The Sekonic L-208 TWINMATE is great for beginners who have not used this blazon of device before but still offers a total set of advanced features.

The Sekonic L-208 TWINMATE has a hold-and-read mode, which is able to lock a reading and display it for a flow of fifteen seconds at a time. This gives you more time to evaluate the exposure in a specific expanse. Half-stop increments can be adjusted co-ordinate to your requirements.

vi. Extech LT505 Pocket Light Meter

Extech LT505 Pocket Light Meter Image

  • Extech LT505 Pocket Light Meter Deals

If you are in the marketplace for a compact light meter that too provides top quality features, then consider the Extech LT505 Pocket Light Meter. This is a very lightweight device that you can grab for an inexpensive price. While it is not the most affordable option out there, it does offer you lot admission to some avant-garde features.

The LT505 measures the calorie-free that information technology is exposed to in two different units, depending on your specific preferences and requirements. Yous tin can switch betwixt readings in Lux or foot-candle. At that place is a zero calibration function built into the gadget, and it offers a data hold feature for like shooting fish in a barrel hereafter reference.

vii. HoldPeak HP-881D

HoldPeak HP-881D Image

  • HoldPeak HP-881D Deals

The HoldPeak HP-881D Digital Illuminance Lite Meter is one of the most affordable calorie-free meters on our list. This production is able to provide a reading in different scenarios, with a series of customization options to ensure yous get an appropriate reading for the specific blazon of light you are measuring.

The HP-881D has an LCD screen with a built-in backlit, ensuring you tin easily meet the readings at any time. The product likewise comes with a rotate sensor head, information storage features, and a faster response than some of the alternative options out there.

8. Dr. Meter LX1330B

Dr. Meter LX1330B Image

  • Dr. Meter LX1330B Deals

The Dr. Meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance Light Meter is another affordable option. This meter comes with a series of features that a photographer can apply in order to better light exposure in their photos. The default measurement system provides a reading in Lux, but additional settings can exist used for a more than customized experience.

When you purchase from Dr. Meter, you become a one-year warranty period that protects your purchase confronting manufacturing defects. The product has a built-in data hold role, auto zeroing, and a rapid response for faster readings.

9. BDMETER Digital Light Meter

BDMETER Digital Light Meter Image

  • BDMETER Digital Low-cal Meter Deals

For a price that falls in the cheapest range, the BDMETER Digital Light Meter serves equally a basic option that can provide you with authentic readings without the need to spend hundreds of dollars. This is an illuminance meter, which is able to provide a reading on various elements that the sensor is exposed to.

There is a congenital-in LCD screen in this device, and the product is able to provide measurements at a range of up to 200,000 Lux. The blueprint is pocket-sized and meaty, which likewise makes it piece of cake to carry around and concur in your mitt.

10. URCERI MT-912 (Upkeep Winner)

URCERI MT-912 Image

  • URCERI MT-912 Deals

Our acme option for anyone on a low upkeep is the URCERI MT-912 Low-cal Meter. The product is extremely meaty, which makes information technology an ideal selection if you do non desire to conduct too many camera accessories with you.

Y’all accept the ability to measure luminosity at a range of up to 200,000 Lux with this product. The URCERI Lite Meter is besides able to provide a reading on the ambient temperature. The production has high accurateness with a color LCD screen, which is quite rare for this type of gadget.

Choosing the Best Light Meters

With one of the all-time light meters in your photographic camera purse, it is possible to get an authentic reading on low-cal exposure wherever you lot are. This gives yous an opportunity to modify light in a false surround, change management, or peradventure the position of the subject that is being photographed in a more natural lighting scenario.

We shared our selection of the top light meters that are currently on the marketplace to make the process of choosing one easier for you.