Best Long Exposure App Android 2020

By | 14/10/2022

Long-exposure photography gives united states the ability the capture some pretty astonishing shots by delicately capturing moving elements in an prototype while keeping the shutter open at a tedious speed. While that’south great for things like traffic, scenery, and carnival rides, it can come in especially handy for quaternary of July fireworks.

While DSLRs are second-to-none when it comes to taking long-exposure shots (their shutter can stay open for an extended period of fourth dimension), you don’t need one to capture some great long-exposure shots on the go. You’ll take to utilise a third-party app to attain this, merely with goose egg more than your trusty Android device, you can snap some great long-exposure fireworks shots.

Step one: Go a Tripod

Every bit with all long-exposure photography, the key here volition be making certain your phone stays steady while yous’re taking the flick. It’s almost impossible to get a not-blurry flick while holding the phone in your hands, and then y’all really demand a tripod.

Whatsoever tripod will do — just brand sure you get a smartphone camera mount for it. Here are some highly-rated smartphone tripod camera mounts from Amazon.

Step two: Install Long Exposure Camera two

Afterward testing many dissimilar apps, by far the best long-exposure photographic camera app for Android is called
Long Exposure Camera 2. As a heads up, the UI leaves a lot to be desired, but the functionality is where it’due south at.

  • Install Long Exposure Camera two for gratuitous from the Google Play Store

Footstep iii: Change Exposure Duration

By default, Long Exposure Camera 2 is set to a x-second exposure timing. Fireworks don’t last this long, so you’ll probably want to plough this down. After some experimenting, I’ve found a 3-second exposure works best.

To change exposure duration, tap the “10S” push on the app’s main carte du jour, then drag the “Expsure Time” slider to the correct or left and press “OK.”

Step 4: Have Long-Exposure Photos

With your tripod set upward and the app configured to accept pictures with three-second exposure, you’re ready to shoot. Tap the shutter push button on the right side of the screen and wait a few seconds to meet the results. Don’t worry if things wait a lilliputian sloppy at offset, you’ll be able to set up that adjacent.

Step v: Adjust Settings in Mail service

Afterwards taking the photo, you lot’ll get a chance to tweak its appearance. The beginning tab lets you alter exposure, the 2d lets you change the hue, the 3rd changes saturation, and the fourth changes brightness. Particularly with depression-calorie-free photos and firework pictures, I’ve establish it’due south best to decrease effulgence a bit to drown out some of the low-low-cal racket.

Once you’re satisfied with your changes, tap “OK” if y’all desire to save the picture, or “NG” to discard it.

Next, y’all’ll see some options for saving the image. “NG” means “No Good,” as in discard this photo, so don’t tap that. The first salve button will save your image at a fairly low resolution with a watermark. The second will save your image in high-resolution without a watermark, only this requires an in-app purchase of $one.99.

When you lot’re done, the photo should be saved on your phone’due south internal storage or SD menu in the normal “Camera” binder. Check out the one I captured below — information technology’s the low-res watermarked version, but it did a great job of capturing that long-exposure effect!

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Cover image via Muhammed Zeeshan/Flickr, screenshots by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks