Best Macro Lens For Nikon D5200

By | 07/08/2022

“affordable” Macro Lens for D5200?

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“affordable” Macro Lens for D5200?

I am looking at buying a lens that is capable of doing ‘macro’ photography.  I take a very limited budget and am only doing photography equally a hobby.  I have ordered a lens however constitute out that it does non have vibration reduction, then I’one thousand concerned that this lens will non piece of work for what I want to practise with it.  I don’t want to deport a tripod all around every where I get.  And then… I am looking for suggestions for a lens that will allow me to have shut up handheld.  Any suggestions?  The lens I accept ordered is the Tamron 90mm (without the VR)

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Tamron xc is very nice!


Anjelrae2 wrote:

The lens I take ordered is the Tamron 90mm (without the VR)

The Tamron 90, with or without VR, is a very nice and well-regarded lens and then you chose well. I think VR is squeamish to have only not essential. I don’t have VR on whatever of my lenses – and I have been taking photographs for decades.

A tripod is not absolutely essential either. With good technique, a high shutter speed and/or illumination by flash y’all tin work wonders. As you approach the higher reproduction ratios (say, 1:1) the camera tends to be focused past you moving your whole body backwards and forwards then gently squeezing the trigger at the right moment.

Re: “affordable” Macro Lens for D5200?


Information technology depends what you are going to be taking pictures of and the avaiable light. With proficient technique you should easily be able to shoot handheld at 1/125 sec. or even 1/lx second with the lens. If the object y’all are shooting is moving then you’ll take to shoot at a minimum of 1/125 or faster anyway.

VR doesn’t really work anyway when you are shooting at or nigh ane:1 macro no matter what speed you shoot at.

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Tamron SP 150-600mm F5-6.iii Di VC USD

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Re: “affordable” Macro Lens for D5200?


Anjelrae2 wrote:

I am looking at buying a lens that is capable of doing ‘macro’ photography. I have a very express upkeep and am only doing photography every bit a hobby. I have ordered a lens all the same institute out that it does not accept vibration reduction, so I’m concerned that this lens volition not work for what I want to exercise with it. I don’t want to carry a tripod all effectually every where I go. And then… I am looking for suggestions for a lens that will permit me to take close up handheld. Any suggestions?

You might look at the Tokina 100mm f2.eight, as it is optically superior to about other macro lenses at (and in some cases, above) that cost range. In that location won’t exist whatever AF on the D5200, but to exist honest, about macro focus is washed manually, and then that probably won’t affair.

Also, don’t worry also much well-nigh VR. Information technology helps only very slightly with macro to begin with, and you can e’er increase your shutter speed a little to brand certain you lot eliminate camera milk shake if you’re still concerned.

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Re: “affordable” Macro Lens for D5200?

Another way to get is close up filters depending on your upkeep. britain/closeup-filter-vs-macro-lens/

Likewise expect to used macro lenses B&H, Adorama, and KEH you might find a bargain.

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Why buy annihilation else? You don’t need large, heavy & $$$ FX or f2.8 glass for DX macro. you’re shooting closed and then f11, f16…

I love the lightweight & affordable 85mm (127mm FX equivalent) Nikon 85mm DX Micro (macro) its more than than capable. These are what a new-to-macro shooter tin can do. I really demand to spend more than time improving my macro skills:

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Nikon D500

Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm F1.8G

Nikon AF-South DX Micro-Nikkor 85mm f/3.5G ED VR

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