Best Phone Camera In The Market

By | 22/11/2022

Concluding updated: November 10, 2022 (Changelog)

The best camera phones are ordinarily the best phones overall, and you’ll by and large detect flagships in this category – the likes of the latest Galaxies and iPhones typically deliver the highest prototype quality of the time.

Google Pixels may accept lost their edge in computational photography merely we still accept one to recommend if you’re after that Pixel wait. Xiaomi and Oppo have made great strides in the camera field also and oftentimes offer unusual hardware that delivers outstanding image quality. Finally, at that place’s also a photographic camera phone to become if you’re on a budget – non-flagships can take nice pictures likewise.

Editors’ choice

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128GB 8GB RAM $ 681.00 $ 850.00
256GB 12GB RAM $ 630.00 $ 926.00
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  • Unmatched versatile photographic camera system with two zoom cameras
  • Ultrawide cam at present has AF
  • Pinnacle-notch photo quality
  • Excellent selfies
  • All-round great video recording, superlative-quality stabilization
  • 1 of the best OLEDs, best chipset, all-time speakers
  • S-Pen inside!
  • The fast charging got some bad reception
  • Chipset fragmentation

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has it all – a huge sensor main cam, an autofocusing ultrawide, and not i but ii telephotos. And 6 months after it is still our favorite cameraphone.

The principal camera’s 108MP Nonacell sensor bins pixels 9-to-1 producing wide dynamic range in both proficient calorie-free and at night. The loftier-res imager as well enables 8K video recording.

Then, 3x zoom and up, the S22 Ultra excels thanks to its pair of tele cams. Both modules put up a keen performance at their native focal lengths and in-between magnifications aren’t besides bad either. Going by the 10x level isn’t out of the question, too.

The Ultra’southward ultrawide is one of the best that Samsung’southward put out to date. It’s abrupt and delivers cracking quality, but more than chiefly it adds autofocus, further extending its range of usability.

The 40MP selfie photographic camera is besides among the best ones we’ve seen – with outstanding quality beyond the board.

Finally, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is non only the all-time cameraphone, just one of the best phones on the marketplace right now. And for that it was an easy pick for the top spot in this category.

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Niche option

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256GB 12GB RAM $ 985.00
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  • Standout blueprint, IP68 rating
  • Superb OLED display
  • Great stereo speakers
  • Snapdragon viii+ Gen ane chip
  • Unrivaled main photographic camera
  • Video quality not every bit adept as on the predecessor
  • Telephoto can be unreliable in the dark
  • Exclusive to China

This list wouldn’t look right without a Xiaomi Ultra on it, but the 2022 option merely qualifies equally a ‘Niche’ choice. And it’s not because the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is a bad cameraphone – quite the opposite.

In fact, information technology has a remarkable camera system that’s headlined by a 1″ main unit – a sensor size that yous tin can only become on 2 other phones, but those have specific limitations that the Xiaomi doesn’t. The ultrawide and the telephoto aren’t every bit exclusive, but practice complement the primary camera nicely.

Xiaomi hasn’t skimped on the non-camera bits for its ultimate flagship for the year, so yous’re getting summit-quality display and speakers, as well as form leading performance – all of it in a stylish, water-tight torso.

Where the 12S Ultra comes a little brusk of perfection is video recording – somehow information technology’south not quite equally expert every bit the Mi 11 Ultra. The telephoto is also not every bit dependable in the dark as the predecessor’s. But those could be fixed in time to come software updates.

What isn’t going to change is the 12S Ultra’south availability outside of Red china – that’south non happening. So yous must really exist into that 1″ sensor to become through the hoops of obtaining the latest Ultra, and even then you lot’ll have to put up with its Cathay-focused software build. Hence the ‘Niche’ badge.

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Best for video

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128GB 6GB RAM $ 1,041.00 $ 1,099.99
256GB 6GB RAM $ 1,097.00 $ ane,199.99
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  • Form-leading blueprint, water resistance and immovability
  • Form-leading OLED screen, 120Hz, AOD, Dolby Vision, 2000nits
  • Class-leading performance, very good stability, great speakers
  • Class-leading battery life
  • Outstanding photo and video quality across all four cameras
  • All-time video stabilization available on a smartphone, high-quality action manner
  • Over-candy photos
  • Dynamic Island is a love-it or hate-information technology affair
  • Bigger and heavier than most
  • Apple’southward iOS restrictions tin can exist off-putting to newcomers to the ecosystem

The best iPhone always, the iPhone 14 Pro Max and then far, comes with a broad range of advancements, and fifty-fifty if yous don’t consider any of them groundbreaking or relevant to your usage, they’re there and add upwardly. The brightest screen past a country mile, now with AoD, a pill for the notch-anguish, a camera system with all-around improvements and not bad total-res images, and emergency hardware/software features – that’s the new stuff.

These come on top of Pro Max staples like great bombardment life, superb speakers, and premium and durable build quality. The most potent chipset in the business and at least 5 years of back up for the software y’all’ve known for ages (and probable love and hate at the aforementioned fourth dimension) are other classic arguments for the iPhone, Pro Max included.

While all four cameras deliver fantabulous photos, they are a flake overprocessed and won’t necessary pass for natural-looking next to ones coming from a Sony or a Huawei. But, the iPhone has the best video quality, even better – information technology comes with class-leading stabilization and audio quality, too. So, for its consistently good, fifty-fifty if overprocessed photos, and best in-grade videos, we do recommend the 14 Pro Max as the best phone for videos, suitable for vloggers and the likes.

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256GB 12GB RAM $ 733.00 € 829.00
128GB 8GB RAM $ 765.71
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  • Groovy photographic camera hardware across all three rear units
  • Superb image and video quality across the board
  • Outstanding brandish, flagship operation
  • 4 speakers, class-leading charging speed
  • Just 2x zoom, no AF for UW camera
  • No ingress protection
  • Uninspiring battery life

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra was our previous Editors’ pick for a cameraphone, but it is no longer available. Worse, it seems the 12S Ultra will stay China-exclusive. On the other hand, Xiaomi knows how to make a cameraphone and its current flagship – the 12 Pro – is one worthy of your attention.

Information technology packs a triple 50MP camera setup on the back – a rather unique combination of tiptop-class hardware and puts it to good use, producing great results across almost all scenarios. Our only beefs are with the not-that-long-range zoom (2x) and the lack of AF for the ultrawide camera.

The Xiaomi 12 Pro shoots excellent photos and videos with all cameras, selfies included, and its stabilization is really good. And when nosotros add together the flagship hardware – i of the all-time OLEDs and chipsets on the market, plus four speakers and 120W charging – we surely accept a winner here.

Fifty-fifty without a 3x, 5x or 10x telephoto, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is still one of the most capable modern cameraphones out there and it earns our recommendation.

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128GB 12GB RAM $ 739.89 $ 829.00
256GB 12GB RAM $ 952.00 $ 999.00
Bear witness all prices
  • Lighter than the two main competitors, about as premium likewise; IP68 dust- and h2o-resistant
  • Precipitous, bright, colour-accurate, with a high refresh charge per unit, this brandish is stellar
  • Android from the source, exclusive feature set up, unrivaled perception of smoothness on this side of the OS dissever
  • Peachy camera quality overall with an unmatched character that has a loyal following
  • Less expensive than major competitors
  • Tensor fleck
  • Fast firmware updates
  • Below average battery life, possibly partly a effect of display refresh charge per unit seemingly not as adaptive as advertised
  • Very wearisome charging by today’s standards
  • Ultrawide camera is underwhelming in low low-cal
  • Selfies rarely come up out tack sharp

Pixels have historically lacked mainstream appeal, and the lack of truly global availability is no pocket-sized office of why that is then. This year, the listing of countries with official Pixel presence has been expanded to 16, and perhaps that will drive sales numbers upward, even if a lot of the world will even so be missing out..

And in that location’southward quite a lot to be missing out on. The camera system is the single biggest Pixel 7 Pro selling point that comes to listen, and it brings some welcome improvements, even if a fleck modest. That, of form, comes on top of what is a hard to quantify character that you lot simply tin’t get on anything that’s not a Pixel.

The Pixel 7 Pro is certainly non the all-time flagship right now – battery life is markedly worse than on a current iPhone, and a Milky way will probable get you improve longevity too. Neither Apple nor Samsung are industry leaders in charging speed, simply Google has become an manufacture… trailer? Ii hours for a full charge tin can plow into an bodily outcome in mean solar day-to-day utilise, we reckon.

But as far every bit consistently skillful and reliable photo and video quality is concerned, the Pixel is 1 of the best. It is a compelling package that tin hands win over other brand loyalists if given a chance, and the enticing pricing helps a lot.

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256GB 12GB RAM $ 828.99 € ane,040.90
512GB 12GB RAM $ i,028.00
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  • The most natural-looking photos and videos from a smartphone.
  • Versatile photographic camera with 3.5x-5.2x continuous optical zoom, the UW camera with AF.
  • Fast wired and wireless charging.
  • 4K HDR 120Hz OLED, SD8 Gen 1 chipset, real stereo speakers, great battery life
  • Solid no-nonsense IP68-rated design
  • No Night Fashion – UW and Tele cameras stand up to do good a lot from information technology
  • No charger in the box, not even a cable
  • The suite of camera apps tin be confusing.

The Sony Xperia one Four impressed united states of america with its iv superb cameras on both ends. The three 12MP rear shooters are all of the premium kind and the strong processing brand for the most natural-looking and balanced photos and videos a smartphone can relieve. The continuous zoom, even if non as impressive every bit it sounds, has its use cases and does come in handy.

Nosotros wish Sony implement Night Mode – while the main camera does wonderfully at nighttime, the UW and the zoom ones would strongly benefit from these and their output is not up to par.

In improver to the camera, the Xperia i 4 also offers flagship-course features beyond the lath – the 4K 120Hz OLED, the Snapdragon eight Gen ane chipset, the IP68-rated torso, the total-fledged stereo speakers, the battery life, amid others.

Sony is also selling various accessories for the Xperia 1 4 to make information technology even more attractive to photographers and vloggers, there are all sorts of photo and video apps – from basic to advanced, and you tin fifty-fifty connect the Xperia with Sony Blastoff cameras. Information technology is a truly powerful cameraphone that deserves a spot here.

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Value proffer

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256GB 8GB RAM ₹ 27,990
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  • Keen daylight photo and video quality from the main and UW cams
  • Surprisingly good 2x digital zoom from the chief photographic camera
  • Corking 90Hz OLED, HDR10+, snappy Dimensity 900 chipset, 8GB RAM + 256GB storage
  • Bang-up battery life, fast 65W charging
  • All of the small goodies – 3.5mm jack, tri-card slot (with microSD), NFC
  • No ingress protection
  • No stereo speakers

The Oppo Reno7 5G, also sold as Oppo Find X5 Lite in some markets, is an excellent smartphone with a well-rounded characteristic set and attractive pricing. It’due south a cracking offering for those wanting a cameraphone on a upkeep – the photograph and video quality across all cameras are very adept, and the hardware is consistently reliable.

It’due south got a lot going for it outside of its camera, including solid bombardment life, speedy charging and a full set of nice-to-haves. The AMOLED brandish is also pretty good, and the Dimensity 900 5G chipset is capable enough for the midrange class.

If your upkeep is about the €400 marker, you should definitely consider this Oppo smartphone!

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256GB 8GB RAM $ 813.01
Testify all prices
  • Standout design, IP68, impressive brandish
  • Incredibly versatile 4-photographic camera setup with two tele shooters
  • Three cameras feature OIS, 2x tele is gimbal-powered
  • Great photograph and video quality
  • Snapdragon eight Gen 1 scrap
  • No high frame rate gaming
  • Bharat-exclusive

The vivo X80 Pro could have been our top selection, but its availability is still limited to India and a couple of Eu markets. It is a swell cameraphone with an innovative quad-camera setup and all merely the UW snappers characteristic hardware-based stabilization. The 12MP 2x telephoto fifty-fifty comes with gimbal stabilization. All cameras shoot excellent videos and photos and this rarely happens.

The X80 Pro is a full-blown flagship with an excellent IP68-rated blueprint, a stunning 120Hz OLED screen, the most powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 bit, plenty of storage, stereo speakers and whatnot. The fast charging speeds are impressive, too.

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128GB 8GB RAM $ 448.00 $ 619.00
256GB 8GB RAM $ 564.00 $ 704.99
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  • Compact and premium build, easy to handle, unique-looking design, grit- and water-resistant
  • Sharp, vivid, color-accurate brandish
  • Expert battery life because the telephone’s size
  • Android from the source, exclusive feature set up, unrivaled perception of smoothness on this side of the OS dissever
  • Overall, swell camera quality with an unmatched character that has a loyal following
  • The display is just 90Hz equally opposed to competitors pushing beyond 120Hz
  • Very boring charging by the standards of the twenty-four hour period
  • Ultrawide camera is underwhelming in low low-cal
  • Selfies rarely come up out tack sharp

The Pixel vii is definitely one of the all-time options in the €600-700 range, specially when considering camera quality. It has a flagship-worthy operation, although a scrap lower than you’d expect; it’southward 1 of the best phones for mobile photography, if not the best-in-form, and information technology has bright OLED, cracking-sounding stereo speakers, long bombardment life (with the size category in mind) and exceptional software ensuring timely updates and smart features.

Sadly, there are a few caveats to consider here. There’s no truthful telephoto camera; the display is limited to 90Hz; some of the virtually advanced software features are region-dependent, and the charging solution is only manner too outdated for a 2022 flagship release.

But we do recommend information technology- at that toll, the Pixel vii offers a unique combination of ultra-premium camera experience, long bombardment life and AI-based features that make it the smartest child on the block.

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Niche option

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256GB 8GB RAM $ 737.00 $ 779.99
Evidence all prices
  • Slim dual-glass curved design, good-looking, IP68-ratedt
  • Bright OLED screen, 120Hz refresh, 300Hz impact rate, HDR10+, tiny notch
  • Adequate flagship performance, great speakers, fast charging
  • One of the best cameras on the market with a keen photograph and good video quality
  • Outstanding selfies
  • Works and talks well with other Huawei devices
  • Mediocre battery life
  • No Google Apps/Services
  • Few if any HDR10-compatible apps
  • No 5G

The Huawei P50 Pro is a great smartphone with nifty full-blooded, and you can tell that by its premium blueprint and photography-oriented hardware and features. The P series has been around for many years, and Huawei has ever raised the bar with its cameras. The P50 Pro is no dissimilar.

Huawei’s latest cameraphone easily impresses with the latest generation Leica camera that’southward put within a unique dual-circle setup. The use of a 64MP sensor with a Bayer sensor has paid off with lossless zoom of up to 7x. The render of the monochrome camera, 40MP at that, will definitely intrigue creators who have a knack for the B&West dramatic photos..

The P50 Pro is undeniably a good smartphone – its screen and performance are swell, too equally the speakers, the software parcel, the overall camera experience, and the charging speed, too. If you fancy a cameraphone of high quality, the P50 Pro is a proper choice, especially at that €800 or and so price.

While its battery life turned out uninspiring, its biggest hurdles are the lack of Google services and 5G. Still, if anyone tin can live without 5G speeds and you lot can practice just fine on a mixed diet of App Gallery and 3rd-party app stores, and then the P50 Pro might be a good fit.

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Affordable option

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128GB 6GB RAM $ 374.00 £ 412.63
128GB 8GB RAM $ 359.00 $ 390.00
Testify all prices
  • Solid camera performance in all scenarios, selfie has AF
  • Fresh and lightweight design, thin bezels
  • Flagship class 120Hz OLED with 12-chip color dept
  • Competitive fast charging solution
  • Battery life could be a bit ameliorate
  • No proper ingress protection this time around, no IP rating

The Xiaomi 12 Lite seems like a solid “lite” version of the more expensive Xiaomi 12X, vanilla 12 and 12 Pro. It maintains a relatively competitive price tag, which makes sense in the Xiaomi 12 series while retaining some high-end features. А speedy 67W fast charging, a flagship-grade OLED panel, a big 108MP master sensor and boxy, tricky blueprint make a compelling instance.

What’due south really impressive virtually the Xiaomi 12 Lite is its solid photographic camera performance, a rarity in this price range. The primary, ultrawide and selfie cameras offer commendable photograph and video quality. For that, and the well-rounded specs canvass, nosotros’d recommend the Xiaomi 12 Lite as an affordable cameraphone.

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Nov 10 2022:
Added the Xiaomi 12 Lite as an affordable option.

November i 2022:
Replaced the iPhone 13 Pro Max with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Replaced the Pixel 6 Po with the Pixel 7 Pro. Added Pixel seven and Huawei P50 Pro. Removed the Oppo Find X5 Pro.

July xx, 2022:
Added the Xiaomi 12S Ultra as a niche option.

June 29, 2022:
Replaced the Galaxy S21 Ultra with the Galaxy S22 Ultra (new top). Replaced the Xiaomi Mi xi Ultra with the Xiaomi 12 Pro. Replaced the vivo X70 Pro with the vivo X80 Pro. Added Oppo Find X5 Pro, Oppo Observe X5 Light/Reno 7 5G, Sony Xperia 1 Iv. Removed the OnePlus viii Pro, Zenfone 7 Pro, Realme 8 Pro, Pixel 5a 5G.

November 5, 2021:
Added Google Pixel 6 Pro and vivo X70 Pro+. Removed the Oppo Observe X3 Pro.

October 20, 2021:
Replaced the Apple tree iPhone 12 Pro Max with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. Replaced the Pixel 4a 5G with the Pixel 5a 5G.

May 10, 2021:
Replaced the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with the Mi eleven Ultra as our Editor’s choice. Replaced the Realme 7 Pro with the 8 Pro. Removed the Huawei P30 Pro (now two years sometime and hard to find), the Mi Annotation 10 (former and hard to find), and Mi x Ultra (local to People’s republic of china and now replaced past the 11 Ultra).

Feb xvi, 2021:
Replaced the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra with the Galaxy S21 Ultra as our Editor’s choice.

Jan 05, 2021:
Replaced the Realme 6 Pro with Realme 7 Pro.

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Replaced the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra equally our Editor’s choice. Replaced Apple iPhone xi Pro with 12 Pro Max. Replaced OnePlus 7T Pro with OnePlus 8 Pro. Replaced the Pixel 4 Forty with Pixel 4a 5G as the former is no longer on sale. Added the Zenfone 7 Pro, Xiaomi Mi x Ultra, and Huawei P40 Pro.

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