Best Photography Books Of All Time

By | 07/11/2022

Of all the photo books I’ve bought, there are a couple that sticks out. These are my

favorites books near street photography.

If I could only purchase or recommend one photograph book that every photographer should own, it has to be The Decisive Moment past Henri Cartier Bresson – such a masterpiece!

Henri Cartier-Bresson- The Decisive Moment
The Decisive Moment on Amazon.

The Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier Bresson.

This is
the bible of photo books
and every iconic photographer of our time would tell yous the aforementioned.

It’southward a thick book with a lot of text about Henri Cartier Bresson and his photographic journey to become
the almost famous street photographer
of our time.  Become it on Amazon.

Magnum Contact Sheets

Have you lot always wondered how professional person documentary and street photographers work a scene?
Book about street photography Magnum Contact Sheets

Information technology’southward for adept reasons this book is on every “all-time street photography books list. Become Magnum Contact Sheets on Amazon.

Magnum Contact sheets give you an inside look into how some of the world’s greatest street and documentary photographers, like Henri Cartier- Bresson, Inge Morath, Alec Soth, and  Elliott Erwitt work a scene.

If yous want to buy one volume about street photography, this would be my recommendation.
Read all the crazy positive reviews on Magnum Contact Sheets on Amazon.

Recently bought photography books

The Suffering of Low-cal: Thirty Years of Photographs by Alex Webb (This but arrived and
information technology’s incredible!!

Bystander: A History of Street Photography by Joel Meyerowitz.

Trent Parke: Minutes to Midnight by Trent Parke.

Bruce Davidson: Subway by Bruce Davidson.
I’ve really made a video based on Bruce Davidson’south Volume Subway.

Street Photography Now by Sophie Howarth.

Book about street photography - Road to Seeing

Route to Seeing – Dan Winters

I was immediately drawn to this book when I institute it. The title, the beautiful layout, and the thickness.
Information technology’s a 696 pages book that will accept you through Dan Winters’ journey on how nosotros became the photographer he is today, starting in his teenage years as an enthusiastic photographer and fighting his way up the ladder, every bit a photo assistant.

This book is not really a ‘How to take meliorate photos’ volume, just more like a ‘how to become a professional lensman“, through the eyes of i Dan Winters, who is best known for his portrait photography, but also has a lot of street photography.

If you haven’t read it, you should get ‘Road to Seeing’ on
Dan has had a very interesting life and the 696 pages are gone earlier y’all know it.

Photographer's eye - book about street photographyThe Lensman’s Center by Michael Freeman
This book is photography 101. Michael Freeman goes in-depth about how to do composition in photography and if you take ever read one of Michael Freeman’s books, y’all know they are packed with how-to’s & practical examples on how to have better pictures. It’due south difficult to detect a better teacher in photography than him. Michael Freeman takes you through the overview of lighting, ISO, aperture, and some of the tricks on how to get better composition on your photographs. This is non about street photography, only about how to understanding light, exposure, and composition.
Just read the reviews on

Must-Watch: Iconic Photographer’s Favorite Photobooks

Understandig Exposure - book about photography

Understanding Exposure, Fourth Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Photographic camera.

The topic of this book is not street photography, but how to take better pictures. But for me, as a street photographer, this is one of the books that I’ve learned more than from, in terms of general photography tips. I can’t recommend this enough.

Understanding Exposure
is one of the best-reviewed photography books on Amazon and for good reasons.
Bryan Peterson does an astonishing job of explaining circuitous concepts of exposure in photography, which allows the reader to take a lot better photos.
See the reviews for yourself.

Vivian Maier street photography bookVivian Maier – Street Photographer.

By now, most of u.s. have heard about Vivian Maier through the Netflix documentary Finding Vivian Maier. In her book about street photography, y’all’ll run across how a lot of examples of how to practise slap-up composition and how to capture moments. Vivian Maier is mostly known for shooting with her Rolleiflex camera, which is an interesting choice of camera for street photography considering you naturally will shoot from the hip. Too, make sure to watch this video on how to take photos like Vivian Maier.

Get the Vivian Maier – Street Lensman on

These books I’1000 recommending are a mix of photo stories, essays, how to’s, biographies, and contact sheets from some of the nearly accomplished street photographers, documentary photographers, portrait photographers, photojournalists, and portrait photographers, and mode photographers.

This list is compiled by my personal preferences of which book that left the biggest impression on me and from conversations with other street photographers and documentary photographers.

Some other way to learn photography

Too using books as a tool to become a amend photographer, I can highly recommend you to check out Skillshare. This Street Photography Class example is created by a really talented photographer who tin can teach you nearly limerick, editing, and editorial street photos. They have a gratis trial.

I promise you found out which street photography volume you want to pick up next.

And that fact that you made it through the list, tells me y’all are on the right rail to improve your photography skills.
Even if you just want to take better photographs as a hobby, for the family or professionally.

Gear tin can only become you so far. But you already know that.

If you lot’re on the lookout for gifting a photographer a Christmas or altogether gift or if you demand to make a wishlist, brand sure to run across my list of photography gift ideas.

Since I started doing street photography, I only bought 2 cameras. The Ricoh GR II at first, and then the Amazing Fujifilm X100f. Since then, the residual of my budget for street photography has gone to photograph books, essays, journals and photo travels.

I but got my hands on the brand new X-T3 for from Fuji and it’southward a animal!)
Update: The 10-T4 from Fuji is out, and it’south fabricated for videographers

Read about the two cameras I’m using for street photography; The Ricoh GR two, The Fuji X100V, and my Fuji x100f.
Read about my 365 days of street photography and check out my street portraits in black & white and in colors.

I also share guides and tips on how to use photograph sharing websites like Instagram, Flickr, 500px, Ello & Tumblr.