Best Place To View Brooklyn Bridge

By | 17/10/2022

The Brooklyn views of Manhattan are the best skyline views in the urban center! Try to evidence me wrong! I’ve said it more than once and I’ll keep proverb it, the New York skyline views from Brooklyn are unbeatable! From waterfront parks forth the East River to faraway look-out points in South Brooklyn to rooftop bars – plus many more spots that offer the best views of Manhattan!

Bank check out my absolute favorite best views of Manhattan from Brooklyn – and let us know if we missed 1 of your favorites!

New York Skyline Views from Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Promenade with the New York City skyline.

The New York skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most unbeatable spots for views in the entire urban center! Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a must if you’ve never done it and i of those quintessential NYC experiences that never gets old, fifty-fifty for a local (unless you go along a weekend in the middle of summer – it’southward packed!).

You can walk or wheel in either direction, but the best way to do it is to get the Manhattan skyline views from Brooklyn by starting from DUMBO and walking towards the skyline.

This, of class, is i of the most pop Brooklyn Instagram spots because of non only the span and the beautiful compages, only considering it offers one of the best views of Manhattan and the skyline. The views of the New York skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge include views of Lower Manhattan and the World Trade Centre and even the Statue of Liberty. If y’all look contrary of Lady Liberty you’ll also get great views of the Manhattan Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Girl walking by Brooklyn Bridge with skyline view in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Before enjoying the views of the New York skyline from the Brooklyn Span, you can spend some time in one of the best parks in Brooklyn, the Eastward River waterfront park in DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge Park. In that location are several slap-up things to do in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and it’south good to familiarize yourself with all the areas it covers from the DUMBO waterfront to Brooklyn Heights waterfront on either side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The lawn betwixt Pebble Beach and the Manhattan Bridge offering some of the best Brooklyn views of Manhattan and the NYC skyline. What I love about this lawn is that it’southward ordinarily not every bit decorated as other parts of the park and you can become the Manhattan Bridge in your photos or Brooklyn Bridge in your photos too.

This is a smashing unobstructed view of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn, specifically Lower Manhattan with views of the World Merchandise Tower and surrounding buildings.

piers at Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO Brooklyn by Katie Hinkle

Continue along the waterfront to where the historic and beautiful Jane’s Carousel is to get another vantage point right next to the Brooklyn Bridge and if you go along along the paths around to the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge and proceed, you get more than culling views from the Brooklyn Heights waterfront with the piers in the foreground and the skyline in the properties.

For more incredible views, bank check out the best piers in New York City.

Fourth dimension Out Market


Ane of the best things to practise in Brooklyn and in Dumbo is checking out the Time Out Market in the Empire Stores Building steps off of the Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO waterfront. Time Out Marketplace New York besides happens to be a bully identify to take hold of a bite to eat with many different vendors on the get-go floor and you can continue up to the 5th level of the edifice for more options and a bar plus their outdoor terrace.

The elevated outdoor terrace offers some of the best views of Manhattan from Brooklyn along with Brooklyn Bridge Park beneath, both the Manhattan Span and the Brooklyn Bridge. This is a popular spot at effectually sunset, and what makes it even more enticing are the nutrient options since this is one of the all-time DUMBO restaurants with a view!

This Brooklyn view of Manhattan is hard to shell since you have everything right here, and every bit you can see in the photograph, this is one of the best dusk spots in Brooklyn as y’all get to see the skyline and bridge lights sparkle and glimmer!

Manhattan Bridge

view of New York skyline and Brooklyn bridge from Manhattan Bridge

Much like the views of the New York skyline from the Brooklyn Span, Manhattan Bridge also offers cracking views! The Manhattan Bridge walk is underrated compared to the Brooklyn Bridge, of class, yous don’t become the same aesthetic, as Manhattan Bridge is a bit more of a gritty view as the walking path is on the lower level of the bridge and your all-time view of Manhattan is looking or shooting through the debate.

Considering of this, this Manhattan view from Brooklyn isn’t as pop every bit the view of the New York skyline from the Brooklyn Span. But there’s some other reason why this road is pretty awesome, if you’re a photographer your photos look a little unlike as this offers an alternative perspective of Lower Manhattan, the Eastward River, and views of the Brooklyn Bridge with the skyline and this walking path is always Manner less crowded if not empty compared to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Brooklyn Heights Promenade featuring the views and the BQEAnother great Brooklyn view of Manhattan is tucked away in a spot that for some reason many tourists miss, even though its just a short walk to all the fun around DUMBO, one of the most popular areas for visitors to come in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade has giant, historic mansions on one side of this clean-cut walkway with ample amounts of walking spaces, benches, and of form, some of the all-time views of Manhattan, Lower Manhattan to be more specific.

Too getting Lower Manhattan views with a bully view of the World Merchandise Center, you besides get groovy views of the Brooklyn Bridge and if y’all expect in the direction of Governor’southward Island, you also get a great view of the Statue of Liberty (which did you know was a National Park in NYC?), and Brooklyn Bridge Park below.

View from Brooklyn Heights and Squibb Park walkway in the snow of the NYC city skyline

Once you reach the stop of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade closest to the Brooklyn Bridge, there is another great New York skyline view from Brooklyn from the floating pathway that leads downward to Brooklyn Bridge Park through Squibb Park.

While you’re here, if you desire to explore one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city, there are some great things to do in Brooklyn Heights worth checking out, America’due south Outset Suburb, even though some argue Levittown is.

Rooftop Bars


Without a doubt, some of the best views of Manhattan are found from the many rooftop bars in Brooklyn! Some of the best options for rooftop Brooklyn views of Manhattan can exist found from the rooftop bars in Dumbo and the rooftop bars in Williamsburg.

While nosotros already mentioned Time Out Market place New York in DUMBO, you lot can too find two of our favorite rooftop bars here including Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge at the ane Hotel Brooklyn Bridge – which you’ll want to snag a reservation in advance and the rooftop at Randolph, one of the best breweries in Brooklyn!

There are quite a few options in Williamsburg that also offer stunning views of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn similar Westlight at the William Vale Hotel, this is another spot y’all’re going to want to secure a reservation for to get the jaw-dropping views of Midtown from 22nd floor of this upscale hotel.

Domino Park

View of Manhattan with a bit of mood from Domino Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn

A very popular New York skyline view from Brooklyn is located on the cute Williamsburg Eastward River waterfront from Domino Park. This park is already a really interesting spot since it was built on the former site of the Domino Suger Refinery and has ruins from this one time industrious facility worked into the concept of the park.

If you’re noticing a tendency, nigh all the best views of Manhattan from Brooklyn are along the E River waterfront and this spot is no different. From this spot yous get dandy views of Midtown’s skyline including Empire State Building views every bit well as nearby buildings and of grade to the left, the Williamsburg Bridge too.

Not to mention, this is 1 of the best parks in NYC too!

WNYC Transmitter Park

WNYC Transmitter Park in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Located along the East River waterfront in the Greenpoint neighborhood is some other swell Brooklyn view of Manhattan. WNYC Transmitter Park is one of the smaller waterfront parks and was named after the WNYC public radio station that used this expanse for broadcasting. Once the World Trade Middle was built and more than antennas were being placed in Manhattan and New Jersey, this spot was no longer needed to transmit radio waves.

There’due south besides a cool landscape here and yous can sit on the minor patch of lawn or walk to the pier to get one of the all-time views of Manhattan!

Old Celebrity Spotter

Old Glory Lookout in Bay Ridge Brooklyn view of Lower Manhattan and one world trade center in nyc

This one is a bit of a further in South Brooklyn, the Sometime Celebrity Sentry in Bay Ridge offers one of the best underrated Brooklyn view of Manhattan, specifically the view of the Globe Merchandise Heart and the tip of Lower Manhattan.

This is a pretty swell dusk spot too considering not merely do you get one of the best views of Manhattan from Brooklyn but you likewise become the lights from the traffic on the expressway and if y’all turn the reverse way you get a absurd view of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

At that place’s also a not bad walking/running/biking path along the waterfront as well if you’re looking to take a longer stroll to take in this New York skyline view from Brooklyn.

Schaefer Landing


Located forth the Williamsburg waterfront along the East River is another stunner and one of the all-time views of Manhattan from Brooklyn! This besides happens to exist where the Due south Williamsburg Ferry stop is, so if you time it right you can grab a ferry ride to besides get another one of the all-time views of Manhattan from correct on the East River. If you lot do plan on considering this, hop on the ferry to DUMBO so yous can experience two of the all-time New York skyline views from Brooklyn in one solar day/evening.

Walk along the pier and you tin can find some corking photo opportunities and even places to sit and take in those breathtaking Midtown skyline views.

Marsha P Johnson State Park & Bushwick Inlet Park

Manhattan view from Marsha P Johnson Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn formerly known as East River State ParkAka the East River State Park and next to Bushwick Inlet Park is Marsha P Johnson Park on Williamsburg’south waterfront and offers more of the best views of Manhattan from Brooklyn.

These waterfront parks are right next to each other and accept ample amounts of green space and picnic spots and is worth checking out as it has front-row views of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn.

If you’re a history buff, pay attention to the interpretive signs around the park pointing out significant celebrated landmarks as this was the site of a former 19th-century shipping dock. In addition to the dandy Brooklyn view of Manhattan and the East River, these neighboring parks offering native meadow plantings amidst the historic runway yard remnants, bang-up picnic spots with a view, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Skyline Drive-In


One of my accented favorite waterfront Brooklyn views of Manhattan and the skyline is from Skyline Drive-In Picture palace in Greenpoint! If you have a car, or rent one, you tin enjoy a movie from the condolement of your vehicle and watch a pic with the sparkling urban center skyline backside the big screen!

Don’t have a car? They do let walk-ins come and relish a show, you lot however have to buy a ticket and bring your own chair then you don’t accept to sit down the entire motion picture on asphalt!

This is also the spot of the Greenpoint Final Marketplace in the summer months! And then you can even catch 1 of the best views of Manhattan from Brooklyn while shopping local vendors and snacking from food trucks during their market days.

Bank check out more of the all-time picture theaters in Brooklyn!

Smith & ninth Street Station

View of Subway Brooklyn and Manhattan Skyline from Smith and 9th Station

This is one of the best views of Manhattan and the skyline with a swell perspective of the train since this view, and hidden gem in Brooklyn is from the Smith & ninth Street subway station! This elevated subway stop offers actually not bad New York skyline views from Brooklyn as well as getting a railroad train action shot all in the aforementioned spot!

This stop in Gowanus is where the F & Thousand lines run, and also below here happens to be a Goodfellas filming location in Brooklyn also. The subway platform is outdoor and elevated so yous get a actually unique view of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn featuring Brooklyn buildings and the subway in the foreground and Lower Manhattan buildings in the backdrop similar the Globe Merchandise Heart.

The Tiny Cupboard

View of Manhattan from the Tiny Cupboard in Bushwick

Skyline view from the Tiny Closet rooftop

Fancy a comedy show in Brooklyn while besides getting a great rooftop view of Manhattan from Brooklyn? The Tiny Cupboard, located in Bushwick, is an intimate comedy venue that expanded its operation to its rooftop offer great comedy sets and stunning views of Midtown Manhattan including the Empire State Edifice and Chrysler Building.

This is one of our favorite summertime activities and we recommend y’all follow their page to see their current shows and line ups!

For more insane views exist certain to bank check out the best rooftop lounges in NYC including restaurants and bars with sweeping views of the skyline from all over the metropolis!

Did nosotros miss i of your favorite Brooklyn views of Manhattan? Let united states know in the comments below and nosotros will go check information technology out!

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