Best Places For Photography In Houston

By | 18/10/2022

Are you looking for places to take pictures in Houston? Good places to take family unit photos in Houston? Find them below!

Girl Family Photo from Buffalo Bayou Park
Buffalo Bayou Park at Sabine Street

More than whatsoever other time of the twelvemonth, this is when I meet families posing for photographers out around Houston. And so what are some good backdrops for neat pictures and holiday cards?

See below for a map, pictures, links and ideas for your next family photo in Houston. (And note, all places are okay for your own personal photos. If yous are a professional lensman, bank check the rules before yous become.)

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  • ane. Buffalo Bayou Park:
  • 2. Menil Collection:
  • 3. Sam Houston Park:
  • iv. Murals:
  • 5. Hermann Park:
  • 6. Discovery Green:
  • 7. H2o Wall Park:
  • viii. South Boulevard:
  • nine. Sis of Clemency Park:
  • ten. Bethel Church building Park:
  • 11. Helen’southward Park:
  • Map of places to take pictures in Houston:

Buffalo Bayou Park:

There are many many spots for cracking photos in Buffalo Bayou Park. You take trails, skyline and absurd equipment and sculptures.

Family Photo at Sabine Street Bridge
Sabine Street Span at Buffalo Bayou

1A. Sabine Street Bridge:

From this fancy bridge, you accept a great view of the skyline. Park at the  Water Works edifice parking lot or on the street, for gratuitous. There is no parking on the bridge, simply the walk is very curt.

Nature Play Area at Buffalo Bayou Park
Fish Family Play Surface area at Buffalo Bayou Park

1B. Fish Family Play Area:

This nature playground has tree stumps, slides and climbing equipment… all right along the bayou and with a view of downtown. Park at Water Works building parking lot or on the street, for free.

Eleanor Tinsley Park View of Downtown Houston
Eleanore Tinsley Park at Buffalo Bayou

1C. Eleanor Tinsley Park:

This park has an amazing view of downtown! You can pose for photos away from the street… then information technology can exist easier for parents with kids that similar to run. Park along Allen Parkway (in the newly added parking spots) for free.

Wortham Waterfall Buffalo Bayou
Wortham Waterfall along Buffalo Bayou in Downtown Houston

1D. Wortham Waterfall:

At the other side of Buffalo Bayou Park from the playground is the Theater District. Behind the Wortham Theater, at the bayou, is this waterfall. Park in a paid garage or at metered street parking.

2. Menil Collection:

Yous will run across a lot of families and photographers out at the Menil Collection Campus. There are trees, sculptures and the distinctive grayness buildings, benches and bungalows. Parking is gratuitous along the street or in the parking lots.

Menil Park
Menil Park
Menil Park Sculpture
Menil Park

3. Sam Houston Park:

Accept photos past the historic buildings and church… with the downtown skyline in the background. Metered parking is bachelor along the street.

Sam Houston Park Church
Sam Houston Park

4. Murals:

Houston is full of colorful walls! Find a

Houston Astros Star Mural
Astros Star Mural on 19th Street

five. Hermann Park:

With trails, trees, bridges, trains and water features, this is some other popular spot for family unit photos. You can park for gratuitous in the lots or pay for metered parking on the street.

Marvin Taylor Trail at Hermann Park
Marvin Taylor Trail in Hermann Park

5A. Marvin Taylor Trail:

This Hermann Park trail has giant trees lining the path. At that place are good photo dorsum drops correct by the parking lot (near the health museum) and also past the driving range.

Hermann Park Centennial Garden Walkway
Centennial Garden in Hermann Park

5B. McGovern Centennial Garden:

This Hermann Park cute garden is right by the Museum of Natural Science. There are flowers, arches, water and benches.

Hermann Park Rock Chair
Hermann Park

5C. The rest of Hermann Park:

The park is so large, you will find many more than spots for expert photos. The zoo and railroad train station part of the park has a cool bridge and lake… merely can get very busy. The rest of the park has copse and benches and h2o that will piece of work well and be less busy.

half-dozen. Discovery Green:

Big trees, colorful cake walls and lots of sunshine brand this some other neat spot for photos. Parking is paid in lots and metered on the street.

Jumping at Discovery Green
Discovery Green
Kayaking at Discovery Green
Discovery Green
Discovery Green Colorful Block Wall
Discovery Green

7. Water Wall Park:

In the Galleria, take pictures by the giant wall of water or by the behemothic trees the line the park.

Waterwall Park Galleria
Waterwall Park

8. S Boulevard:

In the Museum District, behemothic oak trees line the street. On Northward and South Boulevard, west of Menil, the median has a cool brick sidewalk and fifty-fifty more trees than the rest of the neighborhood. Parking is gratuitous along the street.

South Blvd
South Boulivard

Sister of Charity Park:

This park is the about surprising thing in downtown Houston. Paths, plants and covered walkways.

Sisters of Charity Park
Sisters of Clemency Park

10. Bethel Church Park:

Simply wait at this place. Information technology’s a city park in an old burned down church building.

Bethel Church Park
Bethel Church Park

xi. Helen’s Park:

Water, rocks, pergolas and paths. Parking is gratis in the library parking lot.

Helens Park Stream
Helen’s Park

Map of places to take pictures in Houston:

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