Best Places For Photography In Massachusetts

By | 10/11/2022

Where to accept your Boston-area photoshoots

This has been a topic I’ve meant to do a big write-up on for the longest time. I guess it took a pandemic to brand fourth dimension for information technology! With people wanting to safely social distance during photoshoots, I recommend heading a scrap out of the city for some reprieve from the crowds, joggers, dogs and bikers. Here is a list of some of my favourite locations photoshoots I’ve photographed in.

This is not a definitive list. I can honestly make any location work. I photograph in people’due south homes 85% of the fourth dimension and I take never set foot in their homes before the session, and I always have to go far piece of work. That training over the past several years has helped me strop into what’s important to include in my frame of an epitome and what to ingather out. If you stay until the end of the blog post I volition evidence examples of some minor parks and parking lot photograph sessions. I keep forgetting to have more than behind-the-scenes images, but when I get more, I volition add them to this post. Just know you lot don’t have to go to the Public Gardens and that’south actually my least favourite place to photograph in the Boston area. Here’due south my list for locations for photoshoots.

Locations are a personal preference

I had a PDF that I used to electronic mail to anybody when they asked for location suggestions. I tell them that they have to brand sure they love information technology because a location is very much a personal preference. I love street fine art, derelict buildings, muddy puddles, splashing in the lake, and hikes upwardly mountains. I can confidently say that 99% of my sessions do not include whatsoever of those items.

The things I tend to steer abroad from include iconic locations where you lot Accept to photo in this i spot from a specific location or there’s no indicate for that spot. Given the pandemic, I exercise not want to be lining up for a location, or having to cluster about a feature. Even if at that place wasn’t a pandemic, I follow the light and I love texture. When some landscape designers install a bridge or a gazebo, they don’t have the calorie-free in mind. Just because it’southward there, I won’t necessarily use a span or gazebo unless the light is perfect. As a photographer, we run across the world with light and shadow. It’south hard to convince someone unless they’ve had the training, but that’s why you lot’ve hired me – because you want me to brand those choices and direct you to gorgeous backdrops.

If there is a location you take to have every bit a backdrop, please ask me during your consultation and make that abundantly clear so I can tell y’all how feasible it is. I desire to make you happy, but that sometimes means changing the fourth dimension of the session, bringing artificial lighting, or sacrificing the posed nature of the epitome captured there (considering children volition not agree a pose for a lighting setup). It’s a very technical decision sometimes, but I can make information technology work if that is the key image.

Summary of suggested locations for photoshoots

I provide examples for almost all of the following locations. I have been all across Boston and the greater Boston expanse. New locations don’t stage me. Nether each location I give more tips on parking, things to consider, etc equally well every bit the city these spots are located in.

  1. Boston Public Gardens
    (available only at sunrise for family unit sessions)
  2. Charles River Esplanade
    (available only at sunrise for family sessions)
  3. Boston Commons
    (available only at sunrise for family sessions)
  4. Christopher Columbus Par
  5. The Fens
  6. ICA / Seaport District
  7. Davis Square / Trolley Foursquare/ Powderhouse Circumvolve
  8. Tufts Campus
  9. Fresh Swimming Reservation
  10. Alewife Brook Reservation
  11. Danehy Park
  12. Christian Herter Park
  13. North Indicate Park
  14. Menetomy Rocks Park
  15. Tobert MacDonald Park
  16. The Fells
  17. Beaver Brook Reservation
  18. Rock Meadow Conservation Land
  19. Minuteman National Park
  20. Wellesley Higher
  21. Lynn Woods *
  22. Breakheart Reservation *
  23. Larz Anderson Park
  24. Arnold Arboretum
  25. Fort Sewall, Marblehead *
  26. Crane Beach, Ipswich *
  27. North Shore Beach *
  28. Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester *
  29. Backyard
  30. Park near you

* denotes permit + parking fee may exist required. Travel fee may be extra if outside of coverage zone. Check the contract for details. Client is responsible for securing permits + parking fees.

Downtown locations for photoshoots

I volition no longer be photographing whatsoever locations downtown (this includes the Charles River, Boston Public Gardens, Boston Eatables, Christopher Columbus Park, any South End park) unless the session ends by eight:00 am. If this is too early for you, please consider a location out of the city. Ending past 7:30am is what I consider a ‘sunrise’ session (“sunrise for safety and OK light”). True sunrise for beautiful light is when truthful sunrise is co-ordinate to this

If you are willing to consider a sunrise session, these are some visual examples of those locations:

1. Boston Public Gardens Photoshoot

Sunset and dad, mom and child at Boston Public Gardens
Sunset lasted for ii minutes so we did a sequence to make the most of it. (I will not longer be photographing dusk at the public gardens)

2. Charles River Esplanade Photo Session

Boston Maternity session by the Charles River with prudential center in background
They just pop against the skyline don’t they? (dusk)
He bent down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage
Sunset over the Charles River with boats in the background and city skyline, the couple in the foregraound
The sunset that evening was surreal. If you’re a local to Boston, you know these sunsets aren’t a regular occurrence. (I will not exist photographing sunsets at the Charles in 2020)
Cherry Blossom along Charles River Esplanade
Blossom season is hard to time! If interested, reach out to me past early April.

3. Boston Commons for a motherhood session

Boston Commons Maternity session | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Boston Commons Motherhood session (this is sunset)

4. Christopher Columbus Park

Christopher Columbus park family photography session | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Christopher Columbus Park (this is sunset)

5. The Fens

Virtually Fenway is some other cute spot that has great landscaping. Please note that most of this land is fabricated upwardly of small patches of community gardens. I love it though!

Maternity photography Boston | locations for photoshoots
Motherhood photography Boston | The Fens
Engagement Photos at The Fens in Boston
Appointment Photos at The Fens in Boston

vi. ICA / Seaport District

Sunrise option available if y’all love the downtown landscape! If you want a city feel abroad from the crowds, I dearest the seaport district near the Childrens museum and the ICA. They recently renovated the waterfront to have some great new features.

Boston Childrens Museum
ICA Boston Downtown

The following images are more than artistic (and so not available for sessions with younger children). Information technology requires flash and posing so it would work actually well for engagement and senior sessions.

Bella Wang Photography, LLC
The bottom photos on the set up above are natural light (sunset).
Dancer in front of skyscrapers in Boston Seaport District Boston senior session
After the ICA nosotros wanted some backdrop variety so nosotros did an outfit change that matched the setting perfectly. | Seaport Commune
Dancer at the ICA in Boston
Senior session at the Establish of Gimmicky Art in Boston’due south Seaport District
Sunrise over the ICA Boston with dancer in foreground
The soft glow of light and the gentle outline of her dress really makes this shot come together
Dancer in front of skyscrapers in Boston Seaport District

Somerville / Cambridge for photo sessions

vii. Davis Square Powderhouse Park / Trolley Square| Somerville, MA

Let’due south say I live in Davis Foursquare so I shoot at these locations ALL the time. I come most weekly to these spots considering of my Davis Square location discount. Many of my clients as well live in the expanse!

Davis Square suggested Locations for photoshoots
Trolley Square. Caveat: Information technology’s on the Minuteman path so there are bikers/joggers. This is a sunrise only location.

This is the same family! We take been seeing each other since she was nonetheless inside her mama’south belly. We haven’t left the square nevertheless! So many choices and you lot don’t accept to go far.

Tufts Powderhouse suggested Locations for photoshoots
Davis Square – Powderhouse park

8. Tufts Campus | Somerville MA

Lots of spots around campus. I should notation that campus is reopening in the Fall so at that place may be some tents set up closer to the commencement of the Fall semester.

Bella Wang Photography, LLC
Tufts University campus | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Tufts Campus. Depending on the flavour, the campus has different features.

nine. Fresh Pond Reservation| Cambridge, MA

This area is most the newly synthetic playground.

The caveat for the in a higher place location is that office of it is a playground. I am non sure if it will be closed or how comfy your family is in a playground setting with regards to Coronavirus. Parking in this area is also tricky if y’all are not a Belmont or Cambridge allow holder.

The below area is also nearby but easier to access via parking near the Trader Joe’south at Alewife Beck Parkway.

Fresh Pond Reservation Family photography session | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Fresh Pond Reservation

ten. Alewife Beck Reservation

Only around the curve from there is some other park that I beloved. It’s a thoroughfare that connects Belmont to Cambridge. It’s called Alewife Brook Reservation. It’s just off the T line from Alewife station. Parking here is incredibly hard to find unless y’all park at the T.

suggested Locations for photoshoots | Alewife reservation
Alewife Brook Reservation

xi. Danehy Park | Cambridge, MA

I shoot at Danehy park a lot! I dearest it in that location. There are a lot of choices in the massive metropolis park. We can hands move from place to place when people come effectually. I actually convinced one family to stay shut past terminal year for their family session and they were happy I talked them out of heading further out.

Danehy Park family photography session
Bella Wang Photography, LLC
suggested Locations for photoshoots
Danehy Park dusk session in the fall
Bella Wang Photography, LLC
Danehy Park family photography session: suggested Locations for photoshoots
Danehy Park family photography session

12. Christian Herter Park | Cambridge, MA

One of my favourite parks because it has easy parking! The h2o is steps away from the parking lot. I do accept to note that this is a busier park because it’s by the Charles River. At that place are a lot of joggers and bikers along the water. If you are ok non being by the water, we can notice a quieter patch to photo in.

Locations for photoshoots : Christian Herter Park
Christian Herter Park
Christian Herter Park
Christina Herter Park Cambridge, MA | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Christian Herter Park Cambridge, MA
Christina Herter Park Cambridge, MA | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Christian Herter Park Cambridge, MA
Family session just after the rain with puddles | suggested Locations for photoshoots
puddles add a really great dimension to photos and check out that sky!

13. North Point Park | Cambridge, MA (sunrise but)

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, so if yous desire to see a whole bunch of photos taken at North Point, click
to run across the web log post. I’m calling this a sunrise only session location because it’s correct in the city and sometimes quite busy. Parking is also a huge pain here.

Trees in North Point Park in the Summer | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Trees in North Indicate Park in the Summertime
Fall Foliage at North Point Park in Cambridge
Northward Point Park in the Fall
The girls are having so much fun!
Playground at North Point Park
North Point Park, Cambridge, MA
Locations for photoshoots : North Point Park

Arlington / Medford / Belmont / Concur for photo sessions

14. Menetomy Rocks Park | Arlington, MA (sunrise but)

I love this park in Arlington. Parking is found all around the park, so make certain we agree to meet in the correct area. The almost ‘iconic’ spot is the pond right in the center. I love this location for photoshoots. I am willing to do sunsets if y’all are flexible with location choices. We just have to trip the light fantastic effectually the many walkers/bikers/dog walkers. It’due south pretty pop with off-leash dog walkers, unfortunately.

Menetomy Rocks Park arlington Family photography session
Menetomy Rocks Park Arlington Family unit photography session
Menetomy Rocks Park Arlington Family session
Menetomy Rocks Park Arlington Family session
Menetomy Rocks Park arlington Family photography session
Menetomy Rocks Park Arlington Family photography session

15. Tobert MacDonald Park| Medford, MA

The parking lot for this park is right by the Constabulary station. Have y’all noticed how much I love easy logistics? It’s from years of running betwixt back-to-back sessions and having families rush to a location because of a throw-up, I know how important it is to detect easy parking. I always tell parents I can brand any location work. The primary thing is if they tin can get there easily and not be belatedly. Sunrise is sunrise and sunset is unforgiving. We cannot argue with Mother Nature!

Tobert MacDonald Park in Medford, MA
Tobert MacDonald Park in Medford, MA

I photographed this family at another nearby park across from the Costco shopping heart and LOVED how that turned out too. There are and then many options.

xvi. The Fells | Medford, MA

I admire the fells. I was actually there hiking this forenoon. When it has but rained you tin can smell the fresh woods. I have been going there for years. Information technology’s for the more rugged families that are used to mud and muck. You lot have to dress properly and wait clay and exploration. Basically, this isn’t a place for heels and dresses. If yous love nature like me, this is a great suggested Location for photoshoots.

The Fells Family session photography
The Fells Family session photography
The Fells Family session photography
Time for exploration

17. Beaver Brook Reservation | Belmont, MA

The little guy below had almost his entire session at this one park. Information technology was easy as it was just down the street from his house. They oft walked their dog Hattie here so it was sentimental to them. Locations aren’t the focus for me. It’s all about the low-cal, interaction, emotion and expression.

Beaver Brook Reservation Belmont
Beaver Beck Reservation Belmont

During his 6 month photo session, we actually lucked out with the almost stunning sunset in the PARKING LOT. Have I mentioned how many of my images are basically created by a parking lot?

Beaver Brook Reservation, Belmont
Belmont Family unit Photography

This was the epic parking lot photo we got after dusk equally we were all walking dorsum to our cars:

Belmont sunset during family photography session
Belmont sunset during family unit photography session

xviii. Rock Meadow Conservation area | Belmont, MA

I’ve done a weblog set on this location, so once again, I’ll directly you in that location to take a wait at the landscape (Weblog POST)! I’ve photographed there often. I do have to brand a notation that information technology has become VERY popular. It’s more of a sunset location simply because of the direction of the light/sun. This would not be suitable for a weekend location.

This session took place on an clouded and almost storming mean solar day:

Belmont Rock Meadows Reservation
Belmont Rock Meadows Conservation
Belmont Rock Meadows Conservation
Belmont Rock Meadows Conservation
Belmont Rock Meadows Conservation
Belmont Rock Meadows Conservation
Family play photography session in Belmont
My favourite image of the session. It captures the nature and essence of this family at this moment perfectly.

xix. Minuteman National Park | Concord, MA

I wouldn’t expect the states to become a bridge photograph as it’s a main thoroughfare, but information technology’s a not bad sprawling park with a lot of scenery. Lots of things to climb on and explore! It’s massive and a place for the kids to run wild.

Minuteman National Park Concord Family photography Session
Minuteman National Park Agree Family photography Session
Minuteman National Park Concord Family photography Session
Minuteman National Park Concord Family photography Session
Bella Wang Photography, LLC
Minuteman National Park Family photoshoot photography
Bella Wang Photography, LLC

A scrap further out / Wellesley, Lynn, Wakefield, Saugus for photo sessions

xx. Wellesley Higher | Wellesley, MA

Wellesley College Family session
Wellesley Higher Family session
Wellesley College Family session
Wellesley College Family session
Wellesley College Family session sunset

21. Lynn Forest | Lynn, MA

I haven’t photographed or been here however, but I practise a lot of my scouting online before a session using just Google maps. If you want to read more about it, click on

22. Lower Commons, Wakefield MA

This was chosen by a Baby 1 Twelvemonth family because they lived in Wakefield. Information technology had a great light-green space, h2o and a gazebo for some involvement. The parking lot was right in that location as well. I wouldn’t say this park is special, it’southward but an example that I can photograph whatsoever location and I don’t need to scout it out ahead of time. I just need cooperative subjects and good light.

Lower Commons Wakefield, MA family photography session
Lower Eatables Wakefield, MA family unit photography session
Lower Commons Wakefield, MA family photography session
Lower Commons Wakefield, MA family photography session
Lower Commons Wakefield, MA family unit photography session

23. Breakheart Reservation | Saugus, MA

This is another location that looks great on Google Maps. Check out the
town website
for details. I would definitely put this on a listing of photogenic locations to check out.

OK so I checked it out on July 5th and it’s a beautiful place. I don’t know if I would recommend it for little children, but definitely for older kids, maternity or engagement sessions. The space is beautiful and if I can control where people stand and how they pose, I’ll likely be able to create epic images. With toddlers, I likely wouldn’t think it’s ideal unless parents are OK with purely documentary/exploration fashion. I would need to apply flash/lighting techniques to really bring out this location and unfortunately, with little ones, there’s no way that volition happen.

breakheart reservation location photos
Breakheart reservation location photos

It was a beautiful, foggy, overcast day when I went. These are merely some iphone snaps I took, and then the finished ‘real photo’ effect will exist very different.

24. Larz Anderson (sunrise only)

Classic Family Photo in Brookline
The money shot in my opinion. This was the last 5 minutes of the session when the toddlers were worn out and I had a moment to create this. I never know when this moment will happen. Information technology could exist the beginning 5 minutes, or the last 5 minutes. I am then pleased with the outcome!

I’ve covered Larz Anderson park extensively. I was bored of the Public Gardens a few years agone and suggested this park as an alternative. It’s located in Brookline. I will directly you lot to some full web log posts on this suggested location for photoshoots.

Boston family photographer Fall foliage
Larz Anderson Park on a rainy twenty-four hours

Family Session at Larz Anderson Blog Postal service # 1

Family unit Session at Larz Anderson Web log Post # 2

Family Session at Larz Anderson Blog Post #3

Larz Anderson Family photography session
Larz Anderson Family photography session 2019

25. Arnold Arboretum (sunrise/sunset only)

Parking is tricky hither because people tend to non look the parking is just forth the side of the route. Then they are unremarkably late and roar right past it and and then it’s about 15 minutes to circle back and park. I send parking instructions with every session here, simply each time information technology’s all the same a fiasco for the uninitiated. If information technology’south your first time, I would recommend going once beforehand or go out an extra 20 minutes for parking. The Arboretum is one of my favourite locations for photoshoots.

Arnold Arboretum Family photography Session
Arnold Arboretum Family unit photography Session

I love this chiliad park in Jamaica Plain. In that location are so many spots to photograph hither and we tin can avoid crowds by going off to the side.

Arnold Arboretum engagement photography Session
Photography past Bella Wang Photography
Arnold Arboretum Family photography Session
Arnold Arboretum Family unit photography Session
Arnold Arboretum Family photography Session
Arnold Arboretum Family photography Session
Arnold Arboretum maternity photography Session
Arnold Arboretum maternity photography Session
Arnold Arboretum engagement photography Session
Arnold Arboretum engagement photography Session
Arnold Arboretum engagement photography Session
Arnold Arboretum appointment photography Session

Past the Coast / Northward Shore for photo sessions

26. Fort Sewall| Marblehead, MA

Boats coming into the harbor in Marblehead, MA
Boats coming into the harbor in Marblehead, MA considering the tide was coming in and the lord’s day was setting.
Sunset engagement photos on the ocean
Merely I am opportunistic so I stole a couple of minutes to get these dramatic photos before we ran off.

I’ve been here three times and each time information technology looks different! For the full appointment session, please click

27. Crane Beach | Ipswich, MA

At that place’s paid parking at this beach and then fees exercise apply, but you won’t notice a more beautiful beach on the Northward Shore. We can hands social distance from people at sunset/sunrise on the weekdays. Information technology’s that massive. I practice not recommend weekends as information technology’due south an accented madhouse. Delight as well notation
season in July/August. We don’t want to exist eaten alive there.

I should indicate out that there are restrictions currently at Crane Beach and that you accept to secure a spot. Delight reach out to them directly for the latest information near a dusk/sunrise session. I desire you to feel confident you got the info right from the source. Online info

Crane Beach Family session photography | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Crane Beach Family session photography
Crane Beach engagement session | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Crane Embankment engagement session
Crane Beach engagement session | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Photography by Bella Wang Photography
Crane Beach engagement session | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Crane Beach appointment session

28. North Shore Beach

Somewhere along the Due north Shore is some other rocky beach where these elopement wedding images were taken. It was empty when we went. I forget where it was, merely if yous are interested, reach out to me.

North Shore beach elopement wedding photography | suggested Locations for photoshoots
Northward Shore beach elopement wedding photography

29. Wingaersheek Beach | Gloucester, MA

These were photographed at 8:30am when the parking lot opened. The beach is very tricky for photography and I highly recommend sunset or sunrise because y’all will take a warmth to the images and information technology won’t make you squint in all of your photos. If you know yourself and know y’all habiliment sunglasses at the beach, please plan to have a sunset/sunrise session. If we can figure out a weekday sunset or sunrise without parking bug, this is i of the great beach locations for photoshoots. Go on in mind,
are as well an issue here besides at Crane from effectually Mid-July to Mid-August. I will bespeak out that many beaches are closed to non-locals on weekends. Please verify.

Wingaersheek Beach family photo
Bella Wang Photography, LLC
Wingaersheek Beach family photo boy running through water black and white
Wingaersheek beach
Wingaersheek Beach family photo
Wingaersheek Beach family unit photograph

I however retrieve losing my 85mm lens to the ocean during this session!

I headed back to Wingaersheek for dusk this time and captured this Mama and Me session:

Wingaersheek Beach
Gloucester, MA
Sunset beach mama and me session
Sunset is my favourite fourth dimension for beach sessions. This is actually dusk (so afterwards the sunday had already set up).
Wingaersheek Beach
Gloucester, MA
Sunset beach mama and me session
This sunset is very atypical. It was storming 2 hours before this session and that’southward why we still had clouds in the heaven (which are necessary for a glorious sunset!). This mama trusted me when I said we were a go and I’grand so thankful nosotros went ahead even though it was notwithstanding raining when nosotros left Somerville. I saw the radar and it was scheduled to clear by the time we got to Gloucester.

Besides, consider nearby for photo sessions

thirty. Lawn or Apartment Common Area | Locations for photoshoots nigh y’all

I can brand a elementary location expect beautiful but through choosing the lens, knowing the light and cropping intentionally. I just need to know what the space looks like that I volition be working with and then I can consult with you whether or not it will work.

Newborn session in apartment backyard pool area

More suggestions to make your backyard work in this
Web log Post.

sprinkler at home family photography
I love sprinklers in the backyard
At home family photography session Newton
At dwelling family photography session Newton
At home family photography session Newton
At habitation family photography session Newton

Families are always shocked when I can brand a uncomplicated infinite they may have overlooked into something magical. The post-obit was taken in their apartment parking lot.

family photos at home in a parking lot. Unexpected Locations for photoshoots
family photos at home in a parking lot

31. Nearby Park | near you

I can brand a small patch of greenery or florals look lush. You don’t have to travel far. I tin can do an unabridged session within forty anxiety of the parking lot. I do a lot of scouting using Google maps. The merely affair I cannot tell is if there is seasonal leaf or florals or construction. Those need to be verified closer to the date.

Photography session in nearby park Waltham. Unexpected Locations for photoshoots
Photography session in nearby park Waltham

They go walking here all the time with their baby daughter, and then we had our session here. These images were taken back to back (one with my camera, and the other with the phone- ha! Guess which is which?). What you run across and what I see may exist quite different.

watertown dam
watertown dam

If you think the below was taken in a studio, y’all’d exist incorrect.

Maternity Session in studio
Guess where this photo was taken?

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes studio photo
Surprise! It was in a garage.

And estimate where this was taken?

Headshot, Corporate Head Shot, Somerville Head Shot, Head Shot Photographer, Somerville Head Shot Photographer, Cambridge Head Shot Photographer, Headshot, Professional Headshot, Somerville, Cambridge, Boston Headshot behind the scenes photo
There’s even a pull-back so you tin meet the scene. It kind of ruins the surprise, only the iPhone photo volition share the ‘truth’.
Behind the scenes of a headshot
Backside the scenes. I can make whatsoever location work.

If you have some place in listen

Transport me a pin and send me some panoramic photos! I prefer you accept the photos when you program to have the session, but just permit me know what time you took the photos and if it’s a pano, I tin extrapolate the information I need. If you but take a snap, I cannot tell where the sunday is in relation to the landscape. The pin on google is of import so I know where to become!

Some examples of photos that I’ve taken as ‘inquiry’ photos to give me a sense of the infinite:


The manner I photo a location for my own reference is dissimilar than how I would want images from you. Panoramic photos will give me context. I cannot always shoot with the lake every bit a background. I volition take to utilise bogus lighting to brand you pop otherwise information technology will be a silhouette. These wink photos volition only work with adults or kids over 10.

If you can also ship me the data on direction of the sunset/sunrise that would exist optimal. Otherwise, tell me what time the photograph was taken (taking a photograph between 11-1 will not give me any data since information technology’s simply overhead). I use an app on location to give me a sense of the lighting of a location likewise. These are merely the everyday niggling things I do for planning and why you hired a professional person, so delight take my advice for planning purposes. Once more, I ask for photos and timing and then that I can assistance with data and planning. Sending photos randomly without context at apex will not give me whatever information. I actually just have to make that clear so that I don’t come back to ask additional questions. I desire this to be equally easy as possible!

Search Results Web results  The Photographer's Ephemeris
This app is called TPE: The Photographer’southward Ephemeris

You don’t have to take any of these photoshoot location suggestions. These are but a jumping-off point. I hope they will assist you plan your socially distanced photograph session. There’south no need to stress well-nigh finding the ‘perfect’ spot.

You tin can always just let me choose a location, only I practise want families to know themselves. If you are easy-going then any location I pick volition be bully. If you lot know you merely like manicured gardens then delight don’t ‘trust me’ and be disappointed when I cull someplace more natural. I always ask people to verify the location is to their expectations before a session considering I don’t desire them to hate information technology. I dear abandoned buildings, alleyways with graffiti, climbs up mountains, giant mud puddles. I as well love mod architecture, clean lines and harsh shadow/light play. I would say that I typically only piece of work 99% of the time in places NOT as described to a higher place (I’m at the Public Gardens 5 times a week typically). And then exist honest with yourself. I can make whatsoever place work.

When I outset started, parents cared so much near locations and drove 45 minutes to a spot only to have their toddler meltdown because of the altitude traveled. The session isn’t up to u.s.. If you accept older children, then we can caput further out of town. Only know your children.

Things to proceed in mind include parking, when parking lots open, permits and fees related to shooting locations and closures due to construction, COVID-19 or pests (such as horseflies at Crane embankment). Washrooms are also something to continue in mind as many places are closed and personally I am avoiding public washrooms.

For at home sessions, I ask for panoramic photos and a questionnaire to be filled out asking what your favourite aspects are of your k (and areas to avoid). This will all exist sent to you when you volume your photo session.

There are a tonne of other locations I’ve photographed at, but this web log post is getting a bit lengthy. If there’s some identify else you’d like me to cover in this post please attain out and I’ll dig up some examples.

I hope this list helps you find the best locations for your photoshoots

If this resources is helpful, sign up for my newsletter. I’ll be adding more tips and communication for planning sessions in the coming months. One time those blog entries are available, I’ll send you lot a notification correct to your inbox. You can unsubscribe any fourth dimension. I won’t spam you. My goal is to gather a couple of entries before I send off a newsletter maybe once every 1-three weeks depending on the season. You can sign upwards beneath.

Likewise new for 2021, my make new website just launched!

2021 Boston Family Photography website
2021 Boston Family Photography website
Best Boston photoshoot locations | where to have your photography session