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By | 31/10/2022

Ohio continues to churn out exciting and innovative startups across tech. Cincinnati, Ohio is no stranger to that with millions of dollars in funding rounds to new startup launches, the Cincinnati startup customs is growing.

Here are the best places to work in Cincinnati.

xviii Best Places to Work in Cincinnati

Best-Places-To-Work-Cincinnati - Gearsupply-

Best Places to Work in Cincinnati: Gearsupply


Gearsupply is a ane-of-a-kind ecommerce platform for used professional sound and video equipment. They work hard and play difficult too, thriving off of each other’s energy and talent that is brought to the table. At that place is a casual atmosphere at Gearsupply that is encouraging and non-threatening — and there’s always a turntable spinning in the groundwork with the best tunes.



Real estate investing can exist complicated. Akru is democratizing real estate investment opportunities and making the process simpler for everyone. Akru establishes a depression barrier to the existent estate market place, assuasive for investments as minor as $1,000. Joining the team means joining a grouping of analytic and empathetic professionals who want to provide the easiest feel possible for investing.

Pay Theory

Pay Theory is a fintech visitor focused on how schools interact with families around money. They work with SaaS vendors to help service providers save fourth dimension by integrating with their existing systems and processes. Pay Theory focuses on making saving and accounts balance maintenance easier for families. If you’re family and education-focused, y’all’ll fit into this passionate and innovative team in no fourth dimension.

Ruby Circle

Cherry Circle provides brands and podcasts with a platform to tell their stories. They help podcasts grow, attain new audiences, and see a real ROI. On the other hand, they help brands advertise in podcasts through host-read ads. Working at Red Circumvolve ways growth, a healthy piece of work-life balance, and a various team.


Best-Places-To-Work-Cincinnati - Coterie

Best Places to Work in Cincinnati: Coterie Insurance

Coterie Insurance

Coterie Insurance is a fast-growing insurtech company. This Cincinnati startup helps small businesses get the coverage they demand when they need it then that businesses can go back to doing business concern. Coterie’southward core values are intelligence, passion, integrity, and humility — and the culture reflects it.


Tech startup Cerkl in Cincinnati has built a complete fix of solutions for internal communications. Think Hubspot but for internal visitor communications of all kinds. What’southward the benefit of working with Cerkl? For customers, that would be flexible pricing. For employees, it has to exist a corking civilisation and benefits, including unlimited PTO, flexible working arrangements, and more.


Astronomer is the driving strength behind Apache Airflow™, the standard for expressing information flows every bit code, downloaded 12 one thousand thousand times each month. Founded in 2018, this Cincinnati-based startup raised $213M in Serial C funding which will exist utilized to build their globe-class technology squad.


Relevate Health Group

With a mission to drive engagement in the healthcare industry, Relevate Wellness Group unites data and insights to help customers improve their brand performance. Earlier this twelvemonth, they acquired ConneXion360, which brings their client count to over 185 brands across pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device manufacturers, and hospital systems.

Best-Places-To-Work-Cincinnati - Stack

All-time Places to Work in Cincinnati: Stack


Stack guarantees to brand every team stronger through their preconstruction takeoff and estimating software.  They are focused on making the job easier and promoting a better work-life residual for their customers, which hands translates to their employees.



Losant’due south platform provides the complete edge and cloud software foundation to build and scale compelling IoT applications for customers. They take a unique, low-code approach to application development that offers a level of agility and speed to market that is hard to find anywhere else. All decisions impacting the platform are measured for usability, flexibility, reliability, and security. Losant is also a winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2022 Technology Innovation Leadership Award.

Hive Networks

Hive Networks creates peer-to-peer systems for working communities past connecting medical providers, researchers, patients, and other stakeholders for better outcomes. This mission-driven startup is dedicated to providing a culture that is collaborative, ethical, compassionate, and compassionate.

Best-Places-To-Work-Cincinnati - Cloverleaf

Best Places to Work in Cincinnati: Cloverleaf


Cloverleaf makes an automatic team coaching tool, and they’re rated 5 stars on Glassdoor every bit a great startup to work for in the greater Cincinnati area. Cloverleaf already boasts 600,000 customers from HP to UPS. Their civilisation is congenital on curiosity, ownership, and existence genuine teammates.


Narwal is made up of a team of experienced engineers that help accelerate the value of Automation, Information, and Cloud transformations. They partner to deliver the outcomes by significantly improving speed and turning data into value for their customers. How does the team brand this happen? With an obsession for the customer, expertise, and passion for technology, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Enable Injections

With its country-of-the-art technology, Enable Injections has created a habiliment drug delivery system to meliorate the patient experience. Their primary focus? The end user. That means people-centered and their company culture reflects that. The Enable Injections team is made up of fun, curious, and passionate people.



Symplr, previously Halo Health, is a workforce management tool that specializes in clinical collaboration and scheduling. They are dedicated to helping their customers principal complicated scheduling, accelerating patient care, and streamlining workflow for their employees.

Code Pieces

Pieces is the world’due south first micro-repo for developers. Their platform allows users to temporarily save code, save alternative algorithms or pseudocode that isn’t ready for production, and more. The Pieces squad is made up of developers, designers, and dreamers passionate about edifice a commencement-of-its-kind platform.

Best-Places-To-Work-Cincinnati  - Paytile

All-time Places to Work in Cincinnati: Paytile


Paytile provides its users with a safe mode to pay people they don’t know. It’southward a completely private digital wallet app that makes giving or receiving coin quick, secure, and easy. They also take a reward system in which users tin collect reward points (and sometimes greenbacks!) at certain locations. Paytile recently joined forces with Cross River to strengthen security and ease for all customers going forward.



Rente is an AI tenant screening tool for property managers and owners to assist identify the best tenants then that they can lease to more than of the same. Rente’s mission is to inspire promise and belonging, so communities flourish – helping others capture the value they create in order to build a better time to come.

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