Best Portable Strobe Lights For Photography

By | 19/08/2022

Top-rated strobe lights for taking photos in the studio and outdoors.

top strobe lights for photography

Strobe lighting is easy to set. It helps attain the necessary amount of illumination in the studio. Another advantage of studio strobe lights is that they are designed to work efficiently between shots. In such a way, your photoshoot is spring to be more productive, with more time dedicated to taking images rather than waiting.

Nowadays, the cost of the models for beginners starts from $100, whereas the price of strobe lights for photography used by professionals starts from $i,000.

Top 11 Strobe Lights for Photography

  1. Flashpoint XPLOR 600 – The best strobe light for photography
  2. Godox AD200 200Ws – Long-lasting
  3. Westcott FJ400 – Battery-operated
  4. Godox MS200 – Adaptable brightness from five% to 100%
  5. Godox SK400II – Perfect for e-commerce product photography
  6. Flashpoint XPLOR 100 Pro – Fitted with OLED
  7. Godox DP600III – First-class colour management
  8. Godox AD100Pro – Durable lithium bombardment
  9. Flashpoint FPBF300 – Affordable
  10. Godox QS600II – Exquisite design
  11. Orlit KWIK 250 – Very powerful

Powerful lighting equipment will help you accept stunning photos. Yet, it might be a tedious task to select the right lighting gear that can satisfy all your needs and preferences. On this listing of strobe lights for photography, you volition find the virtually decent models selected according to such specifications as flash duration, colour temperature, compatibility with accessories, type of mount, etc.

i. Flashpoint XPLOR 600 – Our Choice

The best strobe calorie-free for photography

flashpoint xplor 600 strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: 8.7 ten v x 9.7 inches |
Weight: v.86 pounds |
Flash Duration: 1/1000s-1/10000s |
Colour Temperature: 5600±200k

  • ✚ Lightweight and portable
  • ✚ Astonishing performance
  • ✚ Easy to operate
  • ✚ Battery-powered

  • High cost


This is the best strobe light for photography for the professionals who shoot both indoors and outdoors and need the gear that can deliver sufficient lighting in both cases. It is energy-efficient and comes with the TTL wireless control, ensuring smooth operation with low light cameras. Flashpoint XPLOR 600 is powered by a long-lasting battery. With a fully charged battery, it tin produce 450 total-power flashes.

The recycle fourth dimension is another strong point of this model. It ranges from 0.01 to ii.5 seconds. Other cool features that make Flashpoint XPLOR 600 one of the all-time strobe lights for photography are upgradable firmware, LED Modeling, LCD screen, integrated rapid Multiflash, and compatibility with a new camera system.

2. Godox AD200 200Ws


godox ad200 200ws strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: 10 x seven.5 x 3.9 inches |
Weight: 4.63 pounds |
Flash Duration: 1/2000-1/800S |
Colour Temperature: 5600±200k

  • ✚ Great usability
  • ✚ Excellent flash power
  • ✚ Versatile
  • ✚ Compact

  • Low power unit


This strobe light for photography has many features that entreatment to buyers, with a portable pattern existence on the pinnacle of the list. Those looking for gear with a pocket-size size and weight will definitely like this pick. Some other advantage is the TTL role, which ensures compatibility with such popular camera brands equally Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

Being portable bombardment-powered photography lighting equipment, the Godox AD200 comes with an interchangeable flash head, so yous can switch betwixt a photo low-cal bulb head and the Speedlight-styled Fresnel head with ease. There is also a 2.4G wireless control system, which produces an impressive number of total-power flashes during the entire photograph session.

If you lot feel that your photography can benefit from additional flash lighting, but don’t want to mess upwards your working space, the Godox AD200 is an ideal choice.

3. Westcott FJ400


westcott fj400 strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: 12.95 x xi.55 ten 7.xv inches |
Weight: 5.four pounds |
Flash Elapsing: 1/1000s-one/19000s |
Color Temperature: 5500±150k

  • ✚ 400W of operating power
  • ✚ Accurate color temperature
  • ✚ Excellent integrated cooling system
  • ✚ Bowen Southward-type represent modifiers

  • Pricey


Westcott provides professional lighting solutions for photographers. The brand is known for a variety of first-class gear. The Westcott FJ400 is one of the best options for shooters nowadays. Westcott is famous for its light precision and the Westcott FJ400 probably delivers the virtually authentic colour temperatures.

With 400W of operating power, the strobe produces continuous flashes for a outburst way of 20 FPS. This model is quite powerful and allows you to brand the sequence of shots of a canis familiaris communicable the bone. Keep in mind that the battery accuse is plenty for making 480 flashes.

Many photographers consider this model to be one of the best photography strobes every bit it features a built-in cooling system that prevents overheating. The fan stops working automatically helping you keep the strobe condom.

4. Godox MS200

Adjustable brightness from v% to 100%

godox ms200 strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: 12.52 x 10.43 x seven.91 inches |
Weight: 10.95 pounds |
Flash Duration: one/2000s-1/800s |
Color Temperature: 5600±200k

  • ✚ For different uses
  • ✚ 150W modeling lamp
  • ✚ Integrated Godox 2.4G wireless X system
  • ✚ High-quality LCD console

  • Hardly suitable for shooting big objects


The MS200 Monolight from Godox is a professional strobe light that tin be used equally a 5600K daylight-counterbalanced flash source. It takes information technology 0.1-1.viii seconds to recycle, while the elapsing of a flash is i/2000 seconds. Another reward of this model is that you tin can easily admission all the buttons on the rear panel and use its high-accuracy LCD panel.

The MS200 has an in-built 32-channel radio arrangement that allows y’all to command it wirelessly with the help of the Godox X1 trigger as well as XT16 or XPro, X2 transmitters. Information technology remembers the current settings iii seconds after they were adjusted. The original settings are restored after the restart.

5. Godox SK400II

Perfect for e-commerce product photography

godox sk400ii  strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: 17 ten ten x 10 inches |
Weight: ane pounds |
Flash Duration: 1/2000s to 1/800s |
Color Temperature: 5600±200k

  • ✚ Maximum ability of 400Ws
  • ✚ Quick recycle time
  • ✚ Congenital-in fan
  • ✚ Rechargeable battery

  • Up only up to one/16


Godox has gained the reputation of a professional manufacturer of photography equipment. Its products are popular all over the globe. The Godox SK400II is another successful item in its line of the all-time strobe lights for photography.

It has a max ability of 400Ws and a quick recycle flow. The 150W modeling lamp doesn’t require daunting fine-tuning and tin can exist prepare from 5% to 100%. This model is distinguished with a compact design and turned out to exist a perfect improver to the e-commerce kit. You can too utilize information technology for lifestyle and portrait photo sessions.

Thanks to a built-in fan, it won’t get overheated and eventually, break down. This strobe tin exist used during outdoor shooting and will help implement all your product photography ideas.

six. Flashpoint XPLOR 100 Pro

Features OLED

flashpoint xplor 100 pro strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: four.7 x 3 x 3 inches |
Weight: 1.2 pounds |
Flash Duration: 1/2000s to 1/800s |
Color Temperature: 5800±200k

  • ✚ Loftier-capacity lithium battery
  • ✚ Light construction
  • ✚ Extensive compatibility
  • ✚ Uncomplicated buttons

  • Outdated and flimsy design


The XPLOR 100 PRO is a compact and lightweight model that is like shooting fish in a barrel to carry around to different shooting locations. This off-photographic camera strobe has 100Ws of output ability. It meets the requirements and expectations of every lensman. The wink also offers a smashing variety of light shapers that allow photographers to implement their creative shooting ideas.

This model has a compact and easy-to-carry trunk that resembles the shape of a tin. The studio low-cal is battery-powered and is quite lightweight, which allows photographers to take it to any shooting location without trouble.

Another advantage of the XPLOR 100 PRO is that it is like shooting fish in a barrel to adhere to the magnetic AK-R1 accessories kit. The wink attached to the S2 bracket is compatible with a great multifariousness of Bowen-mount modifiers.

7. Godox DP600III

Excellent colour management

godox dp600iii strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: 15 x eleven x 8.5 inches |
Weight: ix.28 pounds |
Flash Elapsing: 1/2000-1/800 |
Color Temperature: 5600±200k

  • ✚ Integrated Shenniu wireless system
  • ✚ OFF, PROP, and Percentage modes
  • ✚ Powerful anti-interference capabilities
  • ✚ Clear LCD screen

  • Wobbly design

  • Requires additional purchases


This 600W moonlight strobe provides you with meliorate overall control over colour and temperature. By setting the flash to a pct of the power you desire the strobe to produce, you can achieve more accurate results. To manage the strobe remotely, y’all demand to buy a dissever transmitter.

The flash has stable output characteristics: exact color temperature of 5600K, pulse elapsing from ane/800 to 1/2000s, and ability with a deviation of not more than than ii%.

The Godox DP600III monoblock has an in-built Godox 2.4G Ten receiver, thanks to which the flash can synchronize over the radio aqueduct with a frequency of 2.4GHz. Later on acquiring one of the Xpro, X1, XT32, or XT16 radio synchronizers, you can conform the power of the pulse and modeling light, select the operation modes of the pilot lite and turn on and off the sound betoken that the flash is ready to function.

8. Godox AD100Pro

Durable lithium battery

godox ad100pro strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: x 3 x 3 inches |
Weight: 3.34 pounds |
Flash Duration: i/2000-1/800 |
Color Temperature: 5800±200k

  • ✚ Quite powerful
  • ✚ Various wink modes
  • ✚ Versatile model
  • ✚ Compact and user-friendly

  • Wobbly construction


The AD100Pro has several advantages of the models from the Godox Ad serial. It is compatible with Godox wireless System X 2.4GHz. This model features portable and lightweight construction making it easier to conduct photoshoots in different locations. The new 100Ws strobe meets the demands of photographers for an off-camera strobe at this ability level.

The magnetic flash caput has a round shape. It produces a natural round flash spread. Besides, this model can be used with a great variety of accessories and light shapers for creating original light effects and artistic shots. The AD100Pro features the built-in Godox Arrangement X 2.4G and works with the popular camera brands past connecting with X1, X2, or Xpro trigger. Many shooters consider this model to be one of the all-time strobe lights for photography as it comes with a great diverseness of light shapers allowing professionals to implement creative shooting ideas.

9. Flashpoint FPBF300


flashpoint fpbf300 strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: 9 10 iv.25 ten seven inches |
Weight: 2.3 pounds |
Flash Duration: 1/2000-1/800 |
Color Temperature: 5600±200k

  • ✚ Well-built
  • ✚ Ability output tin can exist adjusted
  • ✚ A great variety of triggering options
  • ✚ Budget-friendly

  • Clamping brackets fabricated of plastic

  • Does non accept a protective cover


The Flashpoint FPBF300 features sturdy aluminum construction with air vents. The flash comes with the notched angle adjuster for directing the light uphill or downhill beyond the range of 180 degrees. The clamps on the stand up are compatible with the most standard light stands with a v/8″ or smaller mounting stud. You can use compression bolts for ratcheting them down manually. Likewise, the strobe features umbrella clamps with a smaller manus-operated compression bolt for fixing them in the necessary position.

You lot tin use several triggering options. For instance, you can employ the sync cords that can perform a dandy diversity of tasks. However, they are not plenty in case y’all determine to add together more flashes.

The main disadvantage of this model is that it does not come with a protective cap for flash tubes and modeling lamps.

10. Godox QS600II

Exquisite design

godox qs600ii strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: eighteen.7 ten eleven x 8.six inches |
Weight: ten.2 pounds |
Flash Duration: i/2000-1/800 |
Color Temperature: 5600±200k

  • ✚ Speedy flash
  • ✚ Integrated wireless organisation
  • ✚ User-friendly
  • ✚ Quick recycling time

  • Weighty structure


The Godox QSII serial speedy flash is better than the kickoff-generation strobe in many aspects. It has an exquisite design and a slap-up diversity of functions. This model is probably one of the best photography strobes for wedding, portrait and mode photoshoots.

It has a Bowens mountain, which allows y’all to use it with the vast majority of light shaping accessories available on the market today (softboxes, reflectors, tubes, etc.) Besides, it has a built-in Godox 2.4G X wireless sync arrangement.

The preflash skip role enables synchronization with cameras with TTL flash. It ensures the stability of the wink ability and colour temperature of the light (the divergence from the set ability is no more than ii%).

11. Orlit KWIK 250

Very powerful

orlit kwik 250 strobe lights for photography

Dimensions: xiii x 10 x vi.6 inches |
Weight: 5 pounds |
Flash Elapsing: 1/2000-one/800 |
Color Temperature: 5600±200k

  • ✚ Extensive compatibility
  • ✚ Compact construction
  • ✚ LED modeling lamp of splendid quality
  • ✚ Swell command buttons

  • Outperforms competitors in this price range


The ORLIT KWIK 250 strobe uses the engineering science employed past RT radio system and Orlit TR series transmitters designed for setting the power remotely. The model brings wireless Catechism, Nikon, and Sony radio compatibility to the portable Air-conditioning Monolight.

This powerful moonlight has a compact design. You lot can control it wirelessly, without using RT connectivity. Moreover, it offers 10 Groups in fifteen Channels. As well, you lot can control the unit manually with ease.

The strobe low-cal is fitted with a x-watt LED modeling lamp with a recycle link that provides bright illumination and serves for achieving optimal lighting ratios. It has a large clear colorful LCD screen, piece of cake-to-navigate card system complemented with touch screen buttons for managing all features.

flashpoint xplor 600 image

Flashpoint XPLOR 600

OUR Pick

  • Amazing performance
  • Easy to operate
  • Battery-powered
godox ad200 200ws image

Godox AD200 200Ws


  • Great usability
  • Versatile
  • Compact
Cheque Cost
westcott fj400 image

Westcott FJ400


  • Authentic color temperature
  • Congenital-in cooling organisation
  • Loftier-speed sync
Bank check Price

How to Choose Good Strobe Lights for Photography?

Information technology is piece of cake to become lost in all available options, specially if y’all don’t know what features to pay attention to. Here is the list of the nearly of import aspects which will serve as a guide while you are selecting the best strobes for photography.

Flash Duration and Color Temperature

Flash duration. If you need to capture a fast-moving object, while shooting with a strobe light, I highly recommend because the item with a fast flash duration. This can be at a 0.5 value of 1/2,000th second or higher. The slower model will be useless when shooting dynamic photos.

Colour temperature. The best strobe lights for photography have a color temperature ranging between 4800k and 5200k. To provide even greater consistency, many mod DSLRs allow adjusting the expected color temperature.

Upkeep and Power

Budget. Your budget greatly affects the rank of strobes and the photography equipment that you tin can afford. While thinking near the sum you can spend on the studio lighting kit, listen that it shouldn’t be lower than the boilerplate toll.

The price of the decent strobe is $300, and the more than sophisticated models cost fifty-fifty more. We recommend not saving money on purchasing a good flash as information technology is likely to pay off in the long run. If yous are on a tight budget, consider buying DIY photo lighting.

Ability. If you piece of work in a spacious studio, yous need to buy a strobe calorie-free with loftier power intensity, so that yous tin can stick to smaller lens apertures and get the depth of field. Product lighting techniques are greatly dependent on the proper DOF, so if you regularly take images of products, go along this in mind. If you own a modest studio or photograph at that place, the ability of the strobe light is of less importance.

Compatibility with Accessories and the Type of Mount

Compatibility. Some manufacturers design strobe lights that tin be only paired with the accessories of their brand. This limits the variety of light modifiers you can add to your arsenal, and so make certain to buy a versatile model.

Type of mount. Check whether a strobe light has holes, cords, and mounts for all sorts of accessories you are going to complement it with.


  • • What practise photography strobe lights serve for?

They are designed to produce a brief burst of light. The strobe low-cal emits brighter illumination and is more powerful than the traditional flash. Besides, its burst of calorie-free is much shorter. The strong sides of strobe lights are their reliability and fast recycle time.

  • • Where should I put the strobe lights?

It is appropriate to directly the strobe light frontward. The distance from the studio light to the housing should be equal to the distance from the lens to the subject. For instance, in underwater photography, such a position allows creating a “dark zone” between the camera and the lens.

  • • What features should I consider when selecting a strobe lite?

The bulk of studio lights are from 300 watts upward to 800 watts and even more. Your task is to cull a strobe that offers full control over the wattage output to manage the corporeality of the required power.

  • • How many strobe lights should I purchase?

Nigh photographers are satisfied with four strobe lights, including a key light (for illuminating the subject), a make full light (for adding a bit of fill to get rid of the unwanted shadows), a pilus light, and a background low-cal.

  • • What makes a speedlight dissimilar from a strobe low-cal?

Photographers prefer strobe lights because they produce more illumination, have quicker recycle fourth dimension and have born modeling light for training. Still, speedlights are more than versatile, have a more compact design, and tin can produce well-nigh the same furnishings.

  • • Is a strobe light better than continuous lighting?

Equally the strobe lighting is more than practical, information technology is oft chosen by the photographers. The advantage of continuous lighting is that information technology lets a shooter run across the result before taking a shot. Nevertheless, it is not then energy-efficient and is prone to overheating. It might be uncomfortable for a model to pose in front of it.