Best Sony Lens For Family Photography

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This article is for photographers who are looking to find the best lens for family photography.

There are many options, so it can be challenging to make up one’s mind on which one will piece of work best.

I take taken the time to research and compare different lenses perfect for capturing your precious moments with your family members.

Keep reading below if you desire more data about how each camera lens performs in various lighting weather!

This blog mail will assist you find the all-time lens for family photography.

What should you lot look for in a lens? It depends on your state of affairs!

You might need something compact or lightweight if you lot’re going to exist carrying it around with you ofttimes simply wants something that has more reach.

Or maybe sure shots are easier with a wider angle lens than other shots requiring a telephoto lens.

Before making this decision, there are many dissimilar factors to consider – allow me walk through some of them beneath!

Which is the all-time lens for family photography?

Here are my recommended top 11
all-time lens for family unit photography:-

Sony 85mm F/1.8-22: (All-time lens for family photography Sony)

If you’ve been looking for a keen lens to have those beautiful family photos, the Sony 85mm F/ane.viii-22 might be your all-time bet!

This lens is the best pick for family unit photographers who want to capture both closeups and distant images with clarity.

This lens offers a versatile focal length, excellent depression light performance, fast autofocus speed, and sharpness throughout its zoom range.

You are making information technology perfect for capturing all of your favorite moments in style!

The lens is perfect for capturing those timeless shots where everyone has their eyes closed and smiles.

From cheek to cheek or those aboveboard moments when they’re laughing or playing together.

This lens is ideal for those wanting to exercise either street photography or full-frame artsy shots.

Information technology features a fast and bright aperture, making it an fantabulous choice for capturing both portraits and wide landscapes with i lens.

This innovation is perfect for photographers on the get.

Especially those looking to minimize gear weight but maintain the quality of the image.

Shoot family portraits travel the world and anything in between with this compact zoom lens that’s long on versatility.

This lens is excellent for people who desire to create stunning shots of their family and friends while having much fun!

This is the best lens for family photography by far, with its ability to capture subtle touches of low-cal that might otherwise be missed.

With this full-frame max focal length 65mm long telephoto lens, you can use it as an all-purpose type of zoom or take reward of closer distances shooting sports or wild fauna pictures.

This is an excellent lens for family photography as information technology can zoom in and out and so you lot can capture all of those special moments with ease.

If capturing cute memories with your loved ones is of import to you, and so consider investing in this fantastic Sony lens today!

This lens is the perfect selection for family photography with its ability to blur backgrounds and provide a professional level of detail in your images.

And so what are you waiting for?

Get this fantastic lens now so you can get-go recording all these memories before they slip away.

It is ideal for whatsoever photographer looking to create dramatic shots of their subjects.

Sony 85mm F/1.8-22: (Best lens for family photography Sony)


  • Light, small-scale and compact
  • High-speed autofocus.
  • Fast, bright f/1.8 aperture.
  • Extreme sharp.
  • Grit and moisture resistance.
  • Good value for money.


  • No image stabilization.
  • Some vignette.

Canon EF 85mm f/one.8: (All-time lens for family photography Catechism)

The Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 lens has long been considered i of the best lenses for family unit photography considering it is versatile.

Information technology is an excellent lens for family photography and will capture the details of your subject field.

It is an first-class option for photographers who shoot lots of portraits, weddings, and other events.

Where you lot need to get shut to your subjects without being likewise intrusive.

Information technology has a large maximum aperture of F1.eight, which allows you to shoot in low lite weather without using a flash.

So information technology’s perfect for indoor or nighttime portraits too!

The optical stabilization helps combat camera shake when shooting handheld in depression lighting conditions.

So you’ll become sharper photos with less blur in them.

This lens also features full-time transmission focus, so you can override autofocus always to have consummate control over what’s in focus in your shots!

The focal length, creating a shallow depth-of-field, gives your images that blurry background wait that draws attention to your subject.

If you are looking for an all-around corking portrait or result lens, this is a perfect option!

The lens too offers superb quality at an affordable price betoken.

So at present everyone can enjoy superior functioning without breaking the bank!

This lens is perfect for all types of photography.

But was explicitly designed to provide excellent image quality for professional person photographers.

For shooting portraits and other subjects that require a shallow depth of field, sharpness throughout the frame, and minimal distortion.

The but downside with this lens is that information technology doesn’t accept filters useful in certain situations.

Such as shooting into bright light or using strobes at night.

Get cute groundwork blur with a realistic perspective and portrait-perfect closeups, all in such an affordable bundle.

Professional photographers and amateurs have lauded this lens.

Alike as being an excellent choice in many different situations because of its versatility and quality of optics.

The focal length on this lens gives a realistic perspective while still capturing close-up shots to capture all the details of each person’s face up with ease.

Information technology as well includes optical stabilization engineering to have articulate photos without needing a tripod or other stabilizer equipment.

This helps take pictures speedily while trying not to disrupt anybody else around you.

If y’all are looking for an excellent lens for family photography, the Sony 85mm F/1.eight-22 may be perfect for your needs.

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8: (Best lens for family photography Canon)

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8: (Best lens for family photography Canon)


  • Nice wide discontinuity.
  • Not bad focal length.
  • Small-scale & lightweight.
  • First-class sharpness.
  • Colors are squeamish
  • Less distortion
  • Pleasing bokeh.
  • Very affordable & skillful value lens.

Nikon 85mm f/ane.4G: (Best lens for family photography Nikon)

The Nikon 85mm f/i.4G is the best lens for family photography Nikon considering it’s a smashing all-purpose portrait lens and has fantastic bokeh!

Information technology produces beautiful, crisp images with shine out-of-focus backgrounds.

This is what makes this lens perfect for capturing special moments in your life that you’ll want to hold onto forever.

If you’re looking for a great portrait lens that will make your photos stand out from the others, then look no further than this lens!

This lens is the standard portrait lens for shooting indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between!

This ultra-fast lens offers stunning images with superior border-to-edge sharpness that reproduce beautifully even wide open at f/i.iv.

Pair this jewel of a lens with your favorite DSLR or mirrorless camera for portraits on location or right on your java table at home!

It is the standard portrait lens for shooting indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in betwixt!

This ultra-fast lens offers stunning images with superior edge-to-border sharpness that reproduce beautifully even wide open up at f/1.iv.

It is an industry standard and has been for generations ideal for family photographers everywhere.

This classic portrait lens is the perfect addition to your kit bag filled with enhancing lenses.

And will make you experience like an instant pro as it focuses on even the tiniest details that can exist forgotten without a good photographer present.

With this baby out but when necessary, know that every frame of photos volition come up out beautifully well-baked and make clean.

This classic optic offers extraordinary performance and enhanced technology to complement its stately look, otherworldly experience, and ultrafast f1.4 aperture,

This is the fast, sharp 85mm Nikon lens.

Whether you’re photographing kids playing in the snowfall for your holiday, card list, or working with professional person clients who want to take their session on winter’s kickoff daylight, t
his is the perfect portrait lens.

Its ultra-fast f1.four aperture tin can hands mistiness out backgrounds and isolate subjects without requiring any diffusers.

All while maintaining edge-to-edge sharpness of illumination across an entire focal airplane!

Pair this gem of a lens with your favorite DSLR or mirrorless photographic camera for portraits on location or right on your java table at home!

Nikon 85mm f/1.4G: (Best lens for family photography Nikon)

Nikon 85mm f/1.4G: (Best lens for family photography Nikon)


  • Extremely sharp.
  • No distortion & vignetting.
  • Good wide aperture.
  • All-time in low light.
  • Pleasing bokeh.
  • Cracking value for money.
  • Autofocus is pretty smooth and fast.
  • Excellent broad aperture.
  • Smashing for portraits.


  • No image stabilization.
  • Big & Heavyweight.

Sigma 35mm F1.four: (Best lens for lifestyle family photography)

The Sigma 35mm F1.4 lens is a great option for lifestyle family unit photography.

It has a fast aperture that helps with depression-lite situations and also gives you some creative background blur when needed.

The lens captures sharp images in the center of the frame from broad open up.

Still, it may have slight focus bug on the edges of your image if shooting at wider apertures or in lower lighting conditions.

So be sure to terminate downwards to f/2 or college when possible!

The design might remind you of that quondam-school 35mm look.

But with mod features and style better detail in low-calorie-free situations!

In addition, it comes with a carrying case and lens hood.

Sigma has been a significant thespian in the photography industry for decades.

And their lenses are some of the best out there.

This lens is one of their newest releases.

And it’s speedily became a favorite among photographers for its versatility, sharpness, and speed.

This lens was fabricated to be used by people who shoot everything from weddings to family unit portraits to street photography.

Whether y’all’re shooting on location or indoors, this lens will practice the job beautifully.

It besides comes with HSM technology which means that your autofocus is fast as tin can be!

This lens makes whatever photographer look like they know what they’re doing considering information technology’southward such an piece of cake.

This lens is ideal for event-goers who want to capture beautiful moments without worrying about their photographic camera equipment.

The lens is made specifically with the lensman’s perspective in heed.

This ways yous can take closeup- shots or wider images without needing many adjustments, thanks to fixed focus.

Y’all won’t be able to zoom, only it doesn’t affair considering this is the best tool you’ll ever need for lifestyle family photography.

The large aperture makes your subjects stand out against a sky, wall, or mural background beautifully.

The Sigma 35mm F1.4 is just what you need with its big discontinuity and high speed making it perfect for lifestyle family photography.

Sigma 35mm F1.4: (Best lens for lifestyle family photography)

Sigma 35mm F1.4: (Best lens for lifestyle family photography)


  • Razor-precipitous lens.
  • Superfast aperture.
  • Fantastic build quality.
  • Versatile focal length.
  • Wider angle of view.
  • Nice bokeh.
  • Autofocus is super quick & accurate.
  • Killer lens.
  • Bully value for coin.


  • Large & heavy.
  • Manual focus.

Sigma 50mm F1.4: (Best lens for family portrait photography)

Sigma has been a significant role player in the photography industry for decades, and their lenses are some of the best out there.

The Sigma 35mm F1.four is one of their newest releases.

And it’s quickly get a favorite among photographers for its versatility, sharpness, and speed.

This lens was fabricated to be used by people who shoot everything from weddings to family portraits to street photography.

Whether yous’re shooting on location or indoors, this lens volition practice the task beautifully.

It also comes with HSM technology which means that your autofocus is fast as can be!

This lens has an angle of view perfect for outdoor family portraits with plenty of space in the background.

And its wide aperture offers fantabulous control over depth-of-field.

The dreamy look you lot go from this focal length volition give your photos a softer.

More loving feel without dancing all around on off-focus kids or parents snapping away on their phones.

The DG HSM art features iii Special Depression Dispersions.

This lens is a hallmark from the Art line from trusted creators of precision photographic tools.

Versatile and professional lenses are available on Catechism’s APS-C sensors and many other brands for FX sensor DSLR cameras.

This lens provides a high-quality lens that captures abrupt images even at the widest aperture!

Sigma has been making high-quality lenses for over 30 years now, and they’re masters at it.

Creating superb lenses from a range of focal lengths with i goal in listen: superior image quality.

Fifty-fifty though it costs a pretty penny, most photographers won’t regret purchasing this lens which offers true professional quality!

This is undoubtedly the best photography tool Sigma has ever created due to its near-perfect features and impeccable craftsmanship.

If you are looking for a lens to use at family gatherings, weddings, or other events where you want your subjects to be focused and sharp.

Then the Sigma 50mm F1.4 is the lens for you!

This lens has an incredible depth of field, which volition allow you lot to capture all of your subject’s faces without them being blurry.

Sigma 50mm F1.4: (Best lens for family portrait photography)

Sigma 50mm F1.4: (Best lens for family portrait photography)


  • Information technology’s very lightweight.
  • Farthermost;y sharp.
  • Minimal distortion.
  • Beautiful bokeh.


  • Big.
  • No optical stabilization.
  • Dim corners.

Fuji 35mm i.iv: (Best Fuji lens for family photography)

If you lot have an heart for beauty and want to preserve those special memories.

Fuji 35mm 1.four is the one lens that will help you do it!

With a richly saturated and vivid color and a powerful dissimilarity high enough to assure loftier definition images.

This prime lens has been specially designed with an exquisite-looking advent.

Non just does information technology alive up to its description of “emulating even God’s true colour rendering accuracy.”

But also the exquisitely designed outside casing that comes in a silver-tone stop.

Bringing out your creativity, there are various ways to use this versatile tool.

Information technology is designed for those who shoot portraits, family unit photography, travel and capture the moment without changing lenses.

Heart-melting colors, superior resolution, and high contrast.

We’re confident your pictures will stand out from the crowd and concluding a lifetime!

Its aspherical design ensures consistent imaging functioning throughout the entire focusing range, then you become the shots you lot want every fourth dimension.

Information technology is an excellent family unit photography lens due to its color richness and high dissimilarity.

It uses various technologies, such as aspheric design and anti-reflective blanket, to reduce devious lite for optimal clarity and vibrancy.

This Fuji lens is the perfect solution for capturing your child’due south smiling face over and over once more!

With its 1.4 discontinuity, this high contrast lens produces richly saturated photos that are compatible in color throughout the entire picture.

It will permit y’all to create an imprint of a lasting impression on your family.

And considering Fuji’s always committed to excellence.

This all-purpose lens has a near-perfect ƒ1.4 sharpness ratio for superb paradigm performance when shooting at any focal length!

You’ll need this lens for those incredible moments with the family.

I highly recommend this lens.

Fuji 35mm 1.4: (Best Fuji lens for family photography)


  • Extremely sharp.
  • Fantabulous wide aperture.
  • Less baloney.
  • Physical aperture band.


  • Soft edges.
  • A bit slow to focus.
  • Electronic manual focus.
  • Omits optical stabilization.

Catechism 35mm f/1.8: (All-time lens for group photos Canon)

The Canon 35mm f/1.8 lens is an excellent buy for photographers interested in taking group photos, especially children.

This lens is a fast, affordable lens that is perfect for group photos with its wide angle of view and short depth of field.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive lens that can take abrupt, beautiful portraits or family snapshots, then this may exist the one for you!

Vivid and versatile, this lens is an fantabulous option if you’re looking for a compact macro lens with a 0.5x magnification ratio that enables closeups of small-scale items.

Control ring dials provide direct click-terminate settings.

No menus are needed to adjust aperture, shutter speed, and more without always having to await abroad from your subject.

Optical image stabilization minimizes camera shake for sharp shots even at slow shutter speeds or low light conditions.

This lens will make your group photos await better than e’er with its razor-precipitous focus and natural backgrounds.

The lens features an Optical Prototype Stabilizer (OIS) that suppresses camera movement, fifty-fifty while yous’re on the become.

It volition requite you five-stops of shake correction upwards to 4 seconds long when using a shutter speed slower than almost 1/60 sec.

Canon has emphasized the RF mountain’due south wide profile and short flange back altitude, giving lens designers new options.

The optical design of this lens, or, more specifically, how it differs from like lenses, seems to back up this merits.

According to Catechism, this tin can exist attributed to the lens’s loftier corner-to-corner sharpness even with the lens wide open.

The wide-angle lens ensures that everyone will be in the picture without distortion.

It produces sharper images while maintaining low light sensitivity.

So you don’t have to worry about using your wink all of the fourth dimension.

The Catechism 35mm f/one.8 lens is the perfect selection for anyone who needs good pictures of groups of people, like families or large parties.

With this lens, you lot can get close to your subject without having to be right in their face.

And with a wider angle than most lenses provide, information technology’south like shooting fish in a barrel to capture everyone at in one case while nevertheless being able to run into them all!

Y’all’ll also discover that this is i of the best options if you’re looking for an everyday photography lens.

Because its lightweight makes information technology user-friendly enough for conveying effectually throughout the twenty-four hours.

Canon 35mm f/1.8: (Best lens for group photos Canon)


  • Splendid crisp eyes.
  • 1:2 macro reproduction.
  • Optical stabilization.
  • Fast Bright aperture.
  • Affordable in price.


  • Some barrel distortion & Vignette.
  • No weather condition sealing.

Sony 16-35mm f4: (Best lens for big family portraits)

Sony’southward 16-35mm is a versatile and compact F4 zoom lens.

This versatile lens can be used for various photoshoots, from large family unit portraits to landscapes.

It tin zoom in on your subject without compromising image quality.

And its range makes it one of the best lenses for large family portrait sessions.

This lens provides photographers with an optimal solution for large family unit portraits.

This Sony lens features ED drinking glass to reduce flare and ghosting as well as a constant F4 maximum aperture through the zoom range, keeping your subject area always in focus.

This item Sony Lens is not just for wide landscapes but also works great for portraiture photography on Full Frame and APS C cameras.

Other key features include built-in Optical Steady Shot image stabilization that helps capture shake-reduced images from vibration or motility, dust, and moisture resistance.

That makes information technology likewise ideal even in wild fauna photography conditions.

This versatile lens has excellent optical features like 3 ED drinking glass elements that help suppress chromatic distortion.

If you are looking for a cracking all-around portrait lens that provides fantabulous optical quality and versatility, this might be your best option!

Sony 16-35mm f4: (Best lens for large family portraits)

Sony 16-35mm f4: (Best lens for large family portraits)


  • Excellent build quality.
  • It’s fast; information technology’due south silent.
  • Autofocus works great.
  • Ultra wide-angle lens.
  • Quite sharp.
  • Great focal length.
  • Versatile lens.
  • Great for the toll.


  • Absenteeism of buttons.
  • Fleck vignetting.
  • Bit distortion.

Tamron 85mm F1.8: (Best lens for indoor family photography)

The Tamron 85mm F1.viii lens is the best lens for indoor family unit photography.

Because it has an aperture of 1.viii.

You lot are making it perfect for taking photos in depression low-cal weather condition or dark rooms where you want a wide depth of field with beautiful bokeh effects.

This means that your images volition be more detailed with this one lens than if you had three unlike lenses with apertures at f2, f4, and f5.6, respectively!

This lens is perfect for families looking to capture some sentimental moments on camera indoors.

It’s likewise designed to piece of work flawlessly with anyone who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of DSLR settings.

Because all y’all need to do is toggle betwixt motorcar and manual only by pressing 1 button!

Plus, with an expertly crafted build that ensures immovability.

This lens will be your first choice the next time you’re at abode, capturing memories on motion picture.

Start shooting more than portraits and large, in-depth pictures with this lens.

Perfect for capturing real emotions and spontaneous moments of your loved ones and the scenery.

This lens is a versatile gem for all photographers.

The lens itself is exquisite in terms of build quality.

It features an image stabilization organization, autofocus capability, and total-fourth dimension manual focus command even when not in operation.

The pattern is tack precipitous during all phases of the aperture setting – you lot tin can expect crisp photo detail at any size.

The depression cost point makes it an excellent option for family unit photographers on a upkeep.

When family time is important during those special evenings and weekends at home-this lens becomes a must!

This lens tin can provide that stunning detail that captures candid moments from this position on your camera’s full-frame digital sensor.

Plus, the incredible speed of this lens lets you capture those fleeting changes in expression every bit they happen.

Without having to shoot so many frames or resorting to posting editing software tricks.

With the photographer, mathematician, and engineer in mind, TAMRON set out to create a lens that fits well-nigh every need.

From fast-paced photojournalism to portrait photography.

Not simply does information technology offer flexibility for unlike situations with just one lens.

But it likewise allows professionals who are always on the become to carry less gear around without sacrificing quality.

First targeted children and family photographers looking for no flare and sharply focused grouping shots indoors and outdoors.

This lens has found another home in lower-terminate conjugal photography due to its sharpness when used correctly.

Get this to capture beautiful moments!

Tamron 85mm F1.8: (Best lens for indoor family photography)


  • Excellent sharpness.
  • Less distortion.
  • Wide aperture.
  • Groovy built quality.
  • Image stabilization.
  • Affordable in price.

Sigma 24-70mm f/ii.8: (Best lens for family unit beach photography)

Whether you’re looking to take family portraits or capture the beauty of a sunrise over the bounding main.

The Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 is an excellent pick for photographing your next beach outing.

This lens offers both wide-angle and telephoto focal lengths in 1 meaty bundle that will have you shooting stunning images with ease.

A great lens doesn’t merely make taking pictures easier–information technology makes information technology more fun also!

Give this optic a try on your adjacent holiday or getaway and see why so many photographers are choosing it as their go-to lens.

What’south stopping you from getting out there?

This 24-70mm full-frame lens works well in depression light and is perfect for shooting sports and other fast-moving objects.

They feature optically stellar drinking glass lenses to provide improve colour reproduction while also reducing chromatic abnormality.

It can help you get that perfect shot with clarity and precision.

The Optical Steady Shot image stabilization helps prevent blurry images from camera shaking when shooting handheld or long distances.

All just eliminating what might usually be a major upshot for photographers of any level of skill.

Its weight is noticeably lighter than many full-frame lenses on the market today.

The globe’south fastest aperture lens, F2.8, captures lit moments in low low-cal to correct out until information technology turns to even.

This lens will fit any Due east mount camera and feature three ED glass elements that produce sharp photos with neutral color reproduction.

This lens is the ideal all-around lens for mural, family unit photos, and whatsoever photography in general.

This versatile zoom allows photographers to capture scenery, people close up or at a distance, textures well even when zoomed in.

And tin fit comfortably in bags for travel without weighing besides much.

The camera has optical stabilization, so you don’t need to conduct around a tripod if you lot’re uncomfortable with long exposure times or depression light settings.

Stabilize your hand or position yourself against bachelor support like benches or walls instead.

It is, therefore, crucial to distinguish between this lower-cost lens and an junior corner-cut pretender.

With this kind of power and versatility in one package.

In that location is nothing more than needs to exist said here about why this should exist added to every photographer’s camera bag as soon every bit possible!

Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8: (Best lens for family beach photography)

Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8: (Best lens for family beach photography)


  • Fast standard zoom lens.
  • Great for portraits.
  • Closeup focus capability.
  • All-conditions design with fluorine protection.
  • Lovely contrast & cute color rendition.
  • Pleasing bokeh.
  • Skillful for video.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Neat image quality.


  • Notice a niggling scrap of vignetting.

Sigma 85mm ane.4: (Best Sigma lens for family photography)

The Sigma 85mm 1.iv is the best lens for family unit portraits and has a reputation as 1 of the best portrait lenses on the market.

It’due south also groovy for taking pictures of landscapes and architecture.

So yous tin can use it to accept some fantastic scenic shots while you’re visiting your favorite tourist spots.

If you need a fast autofocus lens with good optical functioning that will work well in depression-light situations.

This is an splendid choice for photographing your kids at home or on holiday!

Whether you are shooting outdoors or indoors.

This fast discontinuity portrait lens volition go the job done with its high-speed F1.4 aperture, 5 SLD chemical element optics, mixed efficiency.

All the hard work y’all put into professional person family unit photography without all that hassle of lugging a full DSLR or mirrorless camera setup around is finally over.

It’south perfect for portraits and other shots because of its fast discontinuity and narrow depth-of-field.

With this Sigma lens for professionals, you tin be sure to work with sharp, clear images regardless of who comes up to your studio.

The strap band on the butt keeps everything compact while providing easy access to the focus mode switch, AFL push.

Sigma 85mm ane.4 is an up-and-coming, loftier-quality lens with the fastest f/one.iv rating in its class.

Along with its seemingly countless capabilities, it likewise comes with a dust and splash-proof structure that will keep your lens rubber from the worst elements.

While you lot work on capturing memories that will last a lifetime!

Without hesitation, you can use this lens for family photos, portraits, weddings, and even mural photography.

Considering it excels at everything–no matter what situation yous find yourself in!

The f/1.four aperture allows 16 times more light into the camera than most consumer zooms at their f/5.6 max apertures (two stops times iv stops).

And volition enable a strong blurriness in the background.

Moreover, the Sigma 85 comes with HSM AF, a depression price, and fantabulous build quality.

The Sigma 85mm 1.4 is a fast, medium telephoto lens that will requite you the perfect portrait shot for your family photography needs.

This lens is designed to produce beautiful background mistiness and sharp foregrounds.

They are making information technology ideal for photographing people up close.

If you’re looking for a new professional portrait lens, then this is the 1.

Sigma 85mm 1.4: (Best Sigma lens for family photography)


  • Extremely sharp.
  • Good Bright f/i.4 aperture.
  • Focusing is very quick
  • less distortion.
  • Best in the low-light state of affairs.
  • Astonishing results.
  • Blurry & creamy bokeh.


Alright, guys, so that concludes all the lenses we will talk about today in this article.

Do you lot guys take any experience with these lenses? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your best lens for family photography?

Is there a lens that I didn’t mention in this commodity that yous love to use for family unit photography?

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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