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By | 04/11/2022

Best Tablet For Photograph Editing 2022 | Photographers & Photoshop

With technology where it is today, doing creative piece of work like photo editing doesn’t demand to exist restricted to a desktop figurer. With a great Photoshop tablet, you tin edit your pictures from absolutely anywhere!

Whether yous travel a lot, want to get edits done at dissimilar locations, or would like to reduce the size and amount of your equipment, then mayhap it’due south time to consider a tablet for photo editing. These gadgets can be so much more useful than many people may realize!

Beyond editing photos though, a swell tablet can serve you in all kinds of ways (and they don’t have to be expensive either) Check out these best affordable tablets. If you lot are looking for the best tablet for photoshop or other design purposes, then take a look at the buying guide and top product picks below.

Table of Contents

  • TLDR
  • Overall Best Tablet For Editing Photos
  • All-time Budget Tablet For Photograph Editing
  • Best Editing Tablet for Travel
  • Superlative Tablet For Photo Editing Comparison Table
  • All-time Tablet For Photograph Editing Reviews
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 7
    • Apple iPad Pro 12.ix
    • Microsoft Surface Get
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
    • VASTKING KingPad K10 Pro
  • Best Tablets For Photo Editing Buyers Guide
    • Screen Size
    • Battery Life
    • Resolution
    • Is Information technology Compatible With Your Favorite Software?
    • Does It Have a Pen?
  • Summary


TLDR: The best device for photo editing is the

Apple iPad Pro

with its immense speed thanks to the M1 chip and 2TB of storage, forth with 2048 x 2732 pixels resolution.

Overall Best Tablet For Editing Photos

 Out of all the tablets that were reviewed, the top pick has got to go to the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. It’south the best Microsoft laptop with tablet features that can be bought for editing purposes, with many amazing features, specs, and quality blueprint. Plus, 10.v hours of bombardment life means you lot’re set up up for an unabridged day of editing.

Best Upkeep Tablet For Photo Editing

 For first-class value for money, the called tablet has to be the VASTKING KingPad Tablet every bit the best in this category. You lot go a fantastic device at a reasonable price. The speedy tablet likewise offers enhanced eye-condolement mode, meaning at that place’southward less damage done to your eyes after spending hours editing photos.

Best Editing Tablet for Travel

 The Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablet is the top pick for traveling with. This tablet is seriously slim and lightweight, with a pattern that is highly portable. The brand-spanking-new M1 chip provides next-level performance, so being on the road won’t feel like the work stops. The impressive photographic camera also makes it the best tablet for photographers.

Top Tablet For Photo Editing Comparing Tabular array

Hither is a quick look at the current best-selling tablets for photograph editing. No matter if you’re a professional or apprentice photographer, these tablets come fit with the ability to run powerful programs similar photoshop, while still maintaining speed and incredibly precipitous displays.

Read on farther for our extensive review of each product.

Best Tablet For Photo Editing Reviews

Looking for the best photo editing pad to make your life every bit a photographer fashion more enjoyable? While there are and then many bang-up products out there, here are the top picks for the all-time graphic blueprint tablet with screen compatibility for photograph editing.

Microsoft Surface Pro seven

  • 10th generation Intel Core processor
  • Big storage of 128GB – 1TB
  • Can transform between a laptop and a tablet
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight
  • All-day battery life of 10.5 hours

This is an amazing device for any kind of artistic on the go. In fact, this tablet is so versatile that it is actually well suited to all kinds of use. The Microsoft Surface Pro vii is a super slim and easy to manage laptop/tablet combo, and it is definitely the best tablet to edit photos on photoshop with, due to its many handy features.

This tablet runs off the latest 10th generation Intel Cadre processor for powerful results. Ane of the best specs of this device is its awesome screen and display quality. It has a 12.three” PixelSense brandish with 2736x1824p resolution – an ideal HD screen with a abrupt brandish for editing photos.

Another elevation drawcard of this device is its versatility. Information technology can easily change between beingness a laptop, to a tablet, to a portable studio. The product comes with a surface pen which unlocks a whole new globe of design and editing capabilities. This pen, combined with its simple versatility, makes it an astonishing drawing tablet for photoshop.

Overall this is an excellent product for anyone looking to edit on a tablet. It is fast, powerful, super-efficient, and completely versatile.


  • A highly versatile device

  • Includes a surface pen

  • 5-60 minutes video playback battery life

  • Easy to travel with

  • Includes USB-C


  • The keyboard comes separately

  • No Thunderbolt support

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Apple iPad Pro 12.9

  • 128 GB – 2TB hard drive
  • Apple A9X graphics coprocessor
  • M1 Chip
  • Outstanding Apple quality
  • Can be used with an Apple Pencil

When thinking near tablets, the iPad ever springs to mind straight away. For possibly the all-time buy cartoon pad based on quality and performance, consider using the Apple tree iPad Pro 12.9-inch.

If yous are after unbeatable blueprint and editing capabilities, you will need to combine this tablet with an Apple Pencil. With these together, y’all will have an amazing little photo editing studio that can go wherever you want it to. This makes information technology 1 of the best tablets for photographers. If you are serious about photography, design, and editing, and then this combination is an excellent choice.

The iPad Pro runs off the new Apple M1 fries which ways that information technology has a 50% faster CPU performance and twoscore% faster graphics rendering. Beyond these quality specs, the device has a 12mp camera with a 122‑degree field of view, also as iv-speaker audio. This is a seriously powerful trivial device with a bully bargain of potential.

In terms of photo editing, the display on this iPad is insane. Information technology utilizes ProMotion applied science and Liquid Retina display for an unbelievable experience. Everything looks crystal clear, vivid, and it all responds exceptionally well.

This is a top-quality tablet that can take your photo editing and design to the next level.


  • Excellent capabilities when used with an Apple Pencil

  • Fast and powerful specs

  • Truetone for comfortable viewing

  • Apple quality that is extremely responsive and looks incredible

  • Sleek and stylish


  • A more expensive tablet

  • Slightly heavier than the older models

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Microsoft Surface Go

  • Transforms between a laptop and a tablet
  • ten” touchscreen PixelSense brandish
  • Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor
  • 128 GB wink memory installed

If y’all are looking for an awesome photoshop describe pad tablet without the major price tag, then the Microsoft Surface Go is the answer. This device can easily switch between being a laptop, tablet, and studio – making it platonic for photo editing.

In terms of specs, this tablet really holds up. It runs on an Intel Premium Gold 4415 processor (1.60GHz) with Windows 10. It too has a very impressive screen. This tablet uses Intel Hd graphics 615 and has a brilliant HD 10” touchscreen. You actually don’t need anything more than for photo editing.

When used with the pen for Microsoft Go, a whole new level of graphic piece of work and editing is opened up. This tablet is easy to apply, and information technology really responds well while editing. It is fast, powerful, and certainly holds its weight in terms of its features. A fantastic tablet at a reasonable price.


  • Bang-up build quality

  • Splendid display

  • Solid battery life

  • Lightweight

  • Fast processing speed


  • Doesn’t include the pen

  • Only has 1 USB-C port

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

  • Can change between a tablet and a laptop
  • The Southward Pen creates a real-life drawing experience
  • Super AMOLED display
  • 128 – 256 GB
  • Android 10

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is the all-time android tablet for photo editing. This is likewise maybe the best touch screen tablet for drawing, and when equipped with the handy S Pen you tin can do all kinds of design and editing work.

The tablet can alter into a laptop, making it a versatile device for different situations. The Milky way Tab S7+ runs off Android 10, with an internal memory of 128 – 256 GB. It also features a display resolution of 1752 10 2800p on a 12.4” screen. These are all pretty impressive specs for a fast and powerful machine.

Beyond these features, this tablet has an impressive battery life (10 hours of editing time), as well as super-fast charging capabilities. The device is also equipped with Dolby Atmos audio, providing a truly cinematic experience. Between the awesome brandish and resolution, audio, and screen size, this tablet is brilliant for TV and media.

Of grade, as one of the all-time photo editing tablets, this is a top choice. The included S Pen allows for a bully deal of inventiveness, while the tablet is fast to process, and information technology responds really well to touch. Overall this is a keen product for any kind of creative doing work on a tablet.


  • Great sound

  • Includes the S Pen

  • Fantastic screen and brandish

  • Overall quality throughout the tablet

  • Excellent battery life


  • No fingerprint sensor

  • The pen can easily become dislodged

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VASTKING KingPad K10 Pro

  • 5D Curved Screen
  • Can easily connect to a docking keyboard case to function as a laptop
  • Excellent dual stereo speakers
  • Wide 10-inch brandish
  • Android 10.0 organisation
  • 4 GB RAM and 8 Cadre 12 nm chipset

Don’t permit the price of this extremely cheap tablet for photograph editing scare you off. This VASTKING KingPad K10 Pro is not inexpensive in quality and offers fantastic features and quality design. If y’all are looking for a great photoshop cartoon tablet or capable editing device, so this is a dandy choice.

The first thing to notation well-nigh this tablet is its bright brandish. The KingPad Pro features a curved 2.5D glass display for accented quality. The 1920 ten 1200p Full Hard disk glass touch screen high resolution means that you get a super wide and clear pic – ideal for editing or graphic work. The adjustable eye-comfort manner also ways that you can piece of work in low-lite environments.

This tablet is also actually fast working. It runs off the Android 10.0 system, making it your best friend when it comes to multitasking and switching betwixt apps. Yous don’t need to worry virtually performance with the Android tablet photo editing ability, as information technology can actually do whatsoever you demand it to.

With astonishing colors and display, high-res audio, a long-lasting bombardment (that is likewise quick to charge), and a well-responsive organisation, this tablet is perfect for any photo editor.


  • Excellent value

  • Great display

  • Up to 512GB big storage with a microSD carte

  • Adept bombardment life

  • Fast and efficient


  • Not a well-known brand

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All-time Tablets For Photo Editing Buyers Guide

Ownership devices tin be difficult, as there are so many dissimilar things to take into consideration. While all of the chosen products are excellent choices for photo editing, you will still need to consider which tablet would be best for your needs. Here are some important things to note when looking for the best tablet for photo editing.

Screen Size

Tablets come up in a wide range of screen sizes. The screen size that you choose will touch on how easy information technology is to travel with your tablet, too equally your overall experience while using it. Editing photos is usually all-time done on a larger screen, around x” is optimal.  This is also bang-up for blueprint work, watching videos, and use as a laptop. However, the bigger the screen, the more than hard it is to pack up and fit into your camera bag.

Battery Life

How long will your tablet last from a single charge? The best tablet for photo editing should last yous all day, allowing y’all to edit anywhere without worrying nearly power. If y’all plan on taking your tablet out to different locations and traveling with it, and so long battery life is very of import.

iPad Pro


If yous are using the tablet for graphic work and editing photos, so you volition need it to accept an excellent display. This way information technology tin can really show off your work, and let yous to experience the best color accuracy and clarity. When finding a tablet to edit photos on, the screen resolution and display properties are really important.

Is It Uniform With Your Favorite Software?

Of class, your editing tablet will demand to be able to work well with your favorite editing software. Make sure that you pick a tablet that responds well to this software and can be used comfortably with information technology. Some editing programs work really well on a drawing pad, and some programs practice non work their all-time on all devices. Also, ensure that your tablet’southward specifications are able to handle your preferred editing software with no bug.

Does It Have a Pen?

Having a photoshop cartoon pad is ofttimes the best for editing. Most practiced graphic-friendly tablets will come up with an interactive pen. This tin can vastly improve your entire photo editing experience. Have a look to see if it comes with the tablet, as it can be an important characteristic.


One of the all-time ways to edit photos is through a tablet. This gives you so much liberty, assuasive you to work anywhere, anytime. Tablets too answer really well to touch on and can be particularly enjoyable devices to edit from.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best tablet for photo editing for your perfect device. It just might become your new favorite photography tool.

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