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Best Way To Buy Apple Laptop

By | 05/11/2022

Apple’s MacBooks are some of the best laptops you can purchase. But they’re also pretty expensive. A few tips and tricks can help the smart shopper figure out how to get a MacBook for cheap.

If you lot already accept a MacBook, you can either get a trade-in deal when buying a new MacBook or sell it online yourself. But even if you don’t have a MacBook withal, you tin can salve money by knowing how to store for i.

1. Specify Needed Features and Set a Budget

Set a budget for macbook

In one case yous showtime looking for deals, it’s piece of cake to get “deal blindness.” That’southward when yous end upwardly spending a few hundred dollars more for more than storage infinite, or getting a MacBook Pro instead of a MacBook just because you plant a good bargain on the Pro. Remember, the all-time bargain available isn’t necessarily the perfect pick for you.

Before you start looking around, inquire yourself which MacBook you should get. You lot should also effigy out what specifications y’all need. Write downwardly the reasons you desire those item specifications or features. For instance, “I want a MacBook Air considering I demand to deport it around campus all the time.”

Similarly, before you lot outset, figure out a budget. Write down why you take chosen that upkeep, and how flexible you tin can be with it.

These ii reminders are crucial considering the moment you see deals, you’ll exist tempted to spend a piffling extra or buy more than what y’all need. Simply the smart shopper knows that the laptop itself isn’t the only office of the MacBook experience. Instead, you could spend that money on other items like the AppleCare extended warranty.

2. Buy at the Right Time

macbook buyer's guide tells you when to buy or not buy a type of macbook

If you buy a new laptop, you certainly won’t want to see a new model released a week after your buy. Thankfully, Apple is mostly quite predictable when it comes to new MacBook releases, then information technology’s easy to predict when the new model will striking shelves.

The MacRumors Buyer’s Guide has always-upwards-to-date information that provides a snapshot of:

  • Number of days since the current model was released
  • Average number of days between models
  • Number of days between all recent releases of that product line
  • Rumors almost the new product and what features it will take
  • Ratings: Buy Now, Neutral, Circumspection, Don’t Buy

Once you know when the new model will release, make a conclusion on whether you desire to await or not. Typically, the electric current models in a product line drop in toll subsequently the new models come out. So you lot tin can stick to your original budget and purchase the new product, which saves money on upgrading after. Or yous can buy the previous-gen model and save a few hundred dollars.

If you’re a student, a teacher, or the parent of a student, be on the lookout for dorsum-to-schoolhouse promotions from July to September on Apple’southward promo page. With these, you can become choice up discounted accessories or score good deals on exchanges. Education pricing also offers slight discounts on all Mac and iPad models twelvemonth-round.

3. The Best Deals Aren’t Always at the Apple tree Store

You can purchase a MacBook from an Apple Store retail outlet or Apple’due south online store, but expect to pay the sticker cost. However, if you lot buy from an authorized Apple reseller like Amazon, you’ll often find discounts. For example, you can get an Apple tree MacBook for less than the retail price.

And don’t worry—as long every bit you’re buying a genuine new product, in that location’s nothing dissimilar nearly Mac no affair where yous buy it from.

The Benefits of Buying From Apple

how to buy cheap macbooks from apple store

Our resident Apple practiced Tim Brookes explained that “If you don’t buy from a retail location and desire to return the machine in-shop, you lot can’t practise a straight swap. You either have to become through original retailer or Apple tree’s online warranty system. I found this out when I tried to bandy an iPhone I’d bought from Apple’s online store on a warranty merits and was denied.”

Thus, if returns and the warranty are concerns for you, buying in-shop gives the best peace of mind. However, yous’ll get a corking disbelieve on Apple tree’southward online shop if you are a student or work at a company that is part of the Apple Employee Purchase Program.

The Benefits of Not Buying From Apple tree

MacPrices tracks prices of macbooks across online stores

The merely real upside of not buying from the Apple Store is that yous will virtually always save some coin. To detect the all-time deal, go to MacPrices.

MacPrices gathers the latest prices from all authorized Apple resellers. This makes information technology the perfect fashion to compare prices, check what add-ons yous get, find any uncommon conditions you should be enlightened of, and whether the seller will charge sales taxation on meridian of the noted cost. That final ane is important, every bit information technology raises your buy price significantly.

Those add-on bundles can be really enticing. In improver to discounts, retailers might throw in actress hardware or software to sweeten the deal.

Retrieve, fifty-fifty if you lot don’t buy from an Apple tree Store, you lot’re however eligible for Apple’s warranty and the same benefits, except for a walk-in replacement. Yous tin likewise buy AppleCare protection to farther solidify that warranty.

four. Get a Refurbished or Used MacBook

Buy refurbished macs from official Apple store

Apple laptops famously withstand the test of time. It’s well-known that MacBooks concord their resale value because of this, so it’south safer to buy a refurbished or used MacBook compared to other laptops. Generally, your options come up down to ane of iii choices.

Buy from Apple’s official refurbished store:
Apple tree takes faulty MacBooks returned by owners, fixes them upwardly, and sells them as refurbished units. Since they’re not brand-new laptops, they come with a discount that puts them at 10-20 percent lower than the retail price. These refurbished units are tested extensively and Apple guarantees they volition work as efficiently every bit a new model. They’re also backed by a 1-yr warranty.

Purchase used and tested MacBooks from resellers:
Some stores buy used MacBooks from owners, set them up and run extensive tests, so resell them. These stores offer their own warranty, not Apple tree’s. Stores worth considering are SimplyMac, PowerMax, and Mac of All Trades. These are significantly cheaper than official refurbished MacBooks from Apple.

Purchase used MacBooks directly from owners:
This is the riskiest pick, and we recommend avoiding it. There is no warranty offered, and you’re on your ain if you become scammed. MacBooks are expensive products, so it probably isn’t worth the gamble. The upside is that y’all’ll probably get the cheapest deals this way.

If you’re interested in whatever of these options, cheque out our detailed guide on how to buy refurbished MacBooks and save money.

5. Plough Your Savings Into an “Accessories Fund”

Create an accessories fund with cheap macbook savings

Your spending doesn’t cease once you’ve purchased your MacBook. You lot might demand a few accessories over its lifetime, similar the simple Magic Mouse or a MacBook stand. Or you might need a dock to add more ports to your MacBook. And a replacement USB-C power adapter will set up y’all dorsum by $50 or more.

All these accessories add to the cost of your MacBook over its lifetime, so turn whatever money you save during your buy into an “accessories fund.” That should be added incentive to save equally much equally you can while buying your computer.

It’due south Non All About the Apple Laptops

Don’t forget that Apple makes desktop computers too. If you’re looking to save money, the new Mac Mini is the cheapest way to get an Apple computer. You should likewise consider the differences between an iMac and Macbook before you make a decision. And if you’re smartphone also happens to be an Apple device, you lot can use these iPhone apps to supercharge your Mac feel.

If you use Numbers on Mac to keep runway of your savings, give the interactive charts in Numbers a endeavour for a nice visual of your upkeep.

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