Best Way To Store Photo Prints

By | 18/11/2022

How To Organize & Store Your Printed Photo Collection

Organized archival photo box on shelf

This i is for all my friends at home who are living their all-time quarantine life. In other words, it’s for those of you lot just trying to create some order in a time of chaos. I encounter you. Let’s exist honest, it’due south a crazy fourth dimension and all of us are trying to brand sense of the senseless. When and then many things are out of control, what really helps me is focusing on the things I can control, like matching loungewear and my colour-coordinated Postal service-it collection.
Getting my life in order, fifty-fifty in baby steps, always helps me stay calm.

With that in mind, I have been working hard backside the scenes to innovate archival storage boxes for all your photo, greeting card, and memento needs. Many of yous have messaged me well-nigh how you tin can go your hands on
these archival quality boxes
and I am happy to say they are now available for sale on our shop.

If you are looking for a picayune inspiration and guidance to get your printed photo collection organized, nosotros are hither for it. In fact, I have an entire chapter in my book,
But Spaced: Clear the Clutter and Style Your Life
dedicated to photos and photo organizing. Download the free
photograph organizing worksheets
from my volume for a piddling extra help.

How to organize your printed photograph collection:

SIMPLIFY: Declutter your piles of pics.

1. Complete worksheet 1.
First with your why. Become clear on the goals y’all accept for your photos. Why is it important for you lot to preserve your memories?

Photos getting organized using the Simply Spaced 3 step methodi

2. Set upwardly your workspace.
Grab a notebook, pen, sharpie, Post-its, trash bags, rubber bands, and some sorting bins. Optional: dental floss, cotton fiber gloves, photo pencil, index cards, photo box.

3. Pull everything out and group similar-with-like.
Gather your printed photos, albums, and whatsoever other photo-related items like frames. Separate any mementos.

four. Process your photos and categorize. Discard or recycle whatsoever photos that you do not love, need, or intendance most including blurry images, dupes, and bad memories. Categorize your photos into common categories. PRO TIP: There is no hard and fast rule here. You can categorize by a person, family, event, theme or holiday, engagement and fourth dimension, etc.

Nicole organizing her printed photo collection using the Simply Spaced 3 step Method

Photos organized with post-its by category

Photo of blurry pictures and duplicates that can be tossed

STREAMLINE: Optimize your photo collection

i. Consummate worksheet two.
Think about what you want to do with your photos. How would you like to admission them? Do you want to scan and store, scan and toss or just organize for now? Utilize the worksheet to guide you lot.

2. Double-check your collection. Is information technology in the right order? Are y’all happy with your categories? Social club your photos in a relative chronology within categories before you browse or store them.

iii. Scan your photos.
Scanning at home is easier than ever, only if you’re not the DIY type, yous tin can outsource this pace. Keep your categories labeled if sending off and make sure they are scanned at a minimum of 600 dpi.

Photo of pictures to get digitized

Identify and cull your favorite photos.
Flag, star, or highlight whatsoever photos yous want to frame, resize, or transport to a friend.

Nicole organizing her special photos

Support your drove.
To preserve your memories over fourth dimension, professional organizers recommend backing up your photos in iii places: external difficult drive, a cloud, and a safety eolith box for example.

half dozen.
Implement storage.
In one case your photos are scanned, backed upwards and saved, store your printed collection in an acrid-free storage box. BONUS: Add an extra layer of protection with a weather-tight storage bin if storing in the basement, attic, garage, or anywhere exposed to the elements.

Characterization. Once your photos are organized into storage containers, label the outsides of the boxes, main and subcategories. PRO TIP: Use handwritten labels or my favorite
p-bear upon characterization maker.

Picture of the interior of the photo box

Image of organized photo boxes with final photo collection.

Fashion: Curate your photograph collection

Consummate worksheet 3
. Think about how y’all want to view your photos. Do yous want to create a gallery wall or make photo albums? Make a shareable online gallery? Utilise the worksheet for inspiration. Implement a few of my favorite tips beneath:

Curate a gallery wall. Refresh your home and bring information technology into the present with an intentional gallery wall.

Nicole hangs framed photos in her gallery wall.

Create photobooks. Keen for gifts, and super special for kids, photobooks are a not bad way to turn your memories into a tangible heirloom. My current faves? Mix volume and Artifact Uprising.

Mode your shelves. Personalize and bring some life to your selfies. What shelves could use a piddling personal touch?

Create a sharable album, video, or slideshow. You did all this hard piece of work, why not share it? Endeavour an app similar SmugMug, Google Photos, or Shutterfly.

Archival quality photo box styled in the home