Best Xqd Card For Nikon Z6

By | 28/10/2022

A detailed comparing between XQD & CFexpress retentivity card performance. Each menu has been tested in each camera to find the fastest XQD memory card for the Nikon Z6 or Z7.

Use this guide to detect the best XQD or CFexpress memory cards for your Nikon Z6 / Z7.

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Best Retention Cards Nikon Z6 / Z7

Ownership retention cards for the Nikon Z6 and Z7 is a bit messy right at present since the camera volition take two unlike formats, CFexpress and XQD.

Here are a few quick details y’all should know before buying retention cards for the Nikon Z6 or Nikon Z7.

You will need a memory carte to upgrade the firmware
– this could create a trouble if you were shipped a Nikon Z6 or Z7 with firmware version i.0, but only bought CFexpress cards. Usually cameras ship with the latest firmware.

I’m non actually sure what to practice if this happens, other than maybe have the camera to a local camera store and come across if they tin help yous, or find a friend with XQD, because firmware v1 of the cameras will non back up CFexpress cards.

Peradventure if y’all’re ordering the camera for the start time, endeavor to purchase it bundled with the 32GB XQD cards, then get a CFepxress reader that also works with XQD which are now available by Prograde and Sony.

Full general Update To This Commodity:
The initial launch of CFepress cards was prophylactic to say a disaster. Almost brands came out with cards with foreign specs and sizes. Some were not compatible with some cameras others were. All the brands have pretty much refreshed their cards and they all are producing a 1700MB/s read speed and write speeds varying.

I take bought all the newest cards, or am trying to anyway. If yous purchase new cards, brand sure they are of the new generation. The way you tin tell is by looking for the 1700MB/s read speeds, 1700MB/due south or more on the 128GB cards. Even though you order some updated cards, sometimes you lot might nevertheless get a carte from old inventory which may take slower speeds.

I have updated the recommendation lists with all the new generation of cards.

Recommended CFexpress Retentiveness Cards Nikon Z6/Z7

Nikon Z6 / Z7 CFexpress Memory CardsIt’s recommended you do not use XQD retentiveness cards if you’re new to the system. Instead, you should at present use CFepxress cards.

Many CFexpress and XQD card readers are not cross-compatible and future cameras are unlikely to back up XQD.

Even though the speed in the Nikon Z6 does not run CFexpress at their theoretical speeds and you gain no speed do good of CFexpress over XQD in-camera, there are other benefits to the new type of cards such as thermal throttling and file transfer speeds.

All the cards are working now for the Z6, except for some early releases of the Sandisk cards. To make certain your Sandisk card is compatible, it needs to accept an NN written on the terminal two letters of the serial numbers on the back of the card or on the packaging.

You can run into each menu is rated to write at different speeds, simply it won’t affair with this current generation of cameras.

Recommended Cards USB Write Speed USB Read Speed 64GB 120-128GB
Sony Tough 1480 MB/s 1700 MB/s Amazon / B&H
ProGrade Gold 1400 MB/s 1700 MB/s B&H
Lexar thou MB/s 1750 MB/s B&H Amazon / B&H
Sandisk Extreme Pro 800 – 1200 MB/s 1500 – 1700 MB/south Amazon / B&H Amazon / B&H
Delkin Power 1540 MB/south 1730 MB/south Amazon / B&H
Wise Advanced 1050 MB/due south 1700 MB/s B&H

Regarding Memory Card Sizes

CFexpress retention cards get faster every bit they become bigger upward until about 512GB, except for the Sony cards that maintain their speed.

I don’t know why these companies are pushing such massive CFexpress cards. Sure, if you’re shooting video you might like a big card, but internally you lot’re only recording 4k at effectually 144Mbps, which is pretty depression.

If y’all’re considering buying a 1TB CFexpress carte du jour for video, just know that you lot tin can literally buy an external Atomos Ninja V Recorder fully set up and a 1TB SSD drive for about the price of a single CFexpress 1TB carte, and y’all’ll be swimming in that sugariness glorious 10-bit video with N-Log. Or you tin can fifty-fifty go 12-fleck ProRes RAW with the paid firmware update that should be costless.

I got totally setup with my Ninja V recorder for $680. See how I did it for so inexpensive.

ProRes Raw will line skip with 4k FX. To go total pixel readout you need to shoot 4k DX ingather.

All-time CFexpress Memory Menu Readers

CFexpress Memory Card ReadersMost brands are providing their ain memory carte reader with different many options. Some back up CFexpress + XQD, some back up UHS-II. There are Thunderbolt options, USB-C options, and USB-A options.

Here is a list of all the best CFexpress retention carte du jour readers.

CFexpress Readers USB-A USB-C Thunderbolt XQD CFexpress
Sony MRW-G1 Yes Yeah No Yes Yep B&H
Sandisk No Yes No No Yeah B&H
Prograde CFe+UHS-2 Yeah Yes No No Yes B&H
ProGrade XQD+CFe – Thunderbolt No No Yes Yeah Yes B&H
Lexar* Aye No No No Yeah B&H
Delkin Aye Yeah No No Yes B&H
Wise No Yes No No Yes B&H
Wise CFe UHS-II No Yep No No Yep B&H

*With the Lexar reader you tin employ USB-C with a USB-C to USB-C cablevision. You lot can as well employ your Macbook Pro charging cablevision with these USB-C readers, so you don’t have to conduct around an actress USB-C to USB-C cable.

Retentiveness Menu Speed Examination

Each card is tested in-camera. Several sets of burst sequences are shot and math is used to calculate how much data is written vs how much fourth dimension it took to clear the buffer.

These tests are done using Uncompressed RAW with continuous burst H+.

Retention Card USB Read USB Write Nikon Z6 Nikon Z7 Order
Sony CFexpress all working all working B&H
Sandisk Extreme Pro larger than 64GB working larger than 64GB working B&H
Sandisk Farthermost Pro 64GB 939.iii 763.6 170.5MB/southward not working
Delkin CFexpress non tested non tested B&H
ProGrade Gold works works B&H
ProGrade Cobalt non tested not tested B&H
Lexar non tested not tested B&H
Wide non tested not tested B&H
Delkin 120GB XQD 331.iv MB/south 204.3 MB/s 215.9MB/due south 207.96 Amazon
Sony 1000 64GB XQD 327.three MB/s 186.5 MB/southward 186.63MB/s 198.61 Amazon
Nikon 64GB XQD 326.three MB/s 186.eight MB/south 190.7MB/southward 193.39 Amazon
Lexar 2933x 64GB XQD 321.7 MB/s 167.4 MB/s 195.0MB/s 187.81 Amazon
Sony One thousand 150 64GB XQD 325.2 MB/s 108.0 MB/s 137.4MB/s 140.65
Sony M 80 32GB XQD 300.3 MB/s MB/s 39.0MB/due south 40.95 Amazon
Nikon Z6 Specs Nikon Z7 Specs

24.5MP FX-Format BSI CMOS
Auto Focus:
273-Point Phase-Discover
4K UHD at xxx fps
3.2″ two.1m-Dot
0.80x 3.6m-Dot EVF
Continuous Shooting:
12 fps Shooting
Estimated Buffer Size:
RAW Shots To Fill Buffer:
Time To Articulate Buffer:

Amazon / Adorama / Bhphoto

45.7MP FX-Format BSI CMOS
Auto Focus:
493-Point Phase-Detect
4K UHD at 30 fps
3.two″ 2.1m-Dot
0.80x 3.6m-Dot EVF
Continuous Shooting:
9 fps Shooting
Estimated Buffer Size:
RAW Shots To Make full Buffer:
Time To Clear Buffer:

Amazon / Adorama / Bhphoto

Do You Need CFexpress Retention Cards?

I see this question popping up from time to fourth dimension and the answer is pretty straight forward.

We’re seeing speeds in the 200MB/s already with the Nikon Z6 and Z7. On the Z6 that clears the cards extremely fast and it’s one of the fastest cameras on the marketplace so far even with these XQD cards.

Are CFexpress cards faster?

They are supposed to be, merely at this fourth dimension nosotros are not seeing faster speeds in-camera. It’s likely this electric current generation of cameras is dealing with a PCIe two.0 hardware bottleneck that is unable to take advantage of the PCIe 3.0 dual-lane CFexpress hardware.

Right now it probably won’t make a difference if you buy XQD or CFexpress unless you lot’re really seeking fast transfer speeds from your carte to your computer or you desire a card that’south of the latest tech.

There are also other improvements CFexpress volition have like thermal throttling and faster IOPS.

I would recommend you lot disengage from buying XQD cards because I suspect time to come hardware will non support it. It will get like MemoryStick Duo where merely Sony cameras support information technology.

What Size Retentiveness Card To Buy

XQD and CFexpress cards are expensive so choosing the right size carte takes a little more consideration. I personally use 64GB in most of my cameras. And I rarely fill 64GB cards unless I’thou shooting video, just I likewise articulate off my cards every nighttime after shooting. If y’all exercise a lot of big events and shoot a ton in a 24-hour interval, y’all may want a 120GB carte. I’ve never filled a 120GB bill of fare.

Sometimes you can become the cameras arranged with 32GB XQD cards, but 32GB cards are now hard to detect.

The only brand making 64GB CFexpress cards right at present is Sandisk.

Every bit I mentioned, I’1000 using a 120GB carte, but that’s but because I had it for testing. I personally would get 64GB if I didn’t have all the cards already merely I’m seeing a lot more people go 120 or 128GB these days.

Best Memory Cards For The Nikon Z6 and Z7 Conclusions

I’ll accept more exam results up for the Nikon Z6 soon.

More CFexpress cards are coming and I’ll test everything from sizes 64GB – 128GB.

For now, the all-time, or at least the fastest retention cards for the Z6 and Z7 are those Sony G cards, the Lexar cards, and the Delkin cards.

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