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Large online site for uploading photos and memes / WED v-v-21 / Wyoming town named for frontiersman / Carve up into groups that don’t communicate


Bryce Hwang and Rahul Sridhar and Akshay Ravikumar

Relative difficulty:



NUMBERS (40A: This puzzle’s theme)
 — sigh … so the theme is *types* of numbers, where each theme reply runs through boxes that are numbered with the type of NUMBERS that the answer describes:

 (2nd) runs through boxes numbered with the
numbers 2 and 23;


runs through boxes numbered with the
9 (3 squared) and 25 (v squared); etc.]

Theme answers:

  • Foursquare (9D:
    Like the ii 40-Across in the grid for this reply)
  • PRIME (2nd:
    Like the two 40-Beyond in the grid for this answer)
  • Fifty-fifty (44D:
    Like the ii twoscore-Beyond in the grid for this answer)
  • ODD (39D:
    Similar the two 40-Across in the filigree for this respond)
  • FIBONACCI (34D: Similar the two 40-Across in the grid for this respond)

Give-and-take of the Mean solar day:

(19A: Big online site for uploading photos and memes) —



 stylized every bit
) is an American onlineepitome sharing community andimage host founded byAlan Schaaf in 2009. The service has been popular with hostingviral images and memes, particularly those posted onReddit. (wikipedia)

• • •

Textbook example of a “feat of construction” that has zilch relationship to actual solving pleasure. The concept hither is undeniably clever, but on the page information technology’s like being bludgeoned while you lot expect for your last surprise and then your final surprise is just …

? That’s your revealer! That’s the Great xl-Beyond that every, single, clue has been telling me I need to get run across?

!? I laughed when I wrote that answer in. Look, if all you care about is whether your number types run through the correct boxes, then let’s be honest: the only one of these answers that yous are going to have real problem with, the only 1 that seems genuinely inventive and mayhap tough, is

, and since I don’t even know what a


number is, the effect on me is nil (I am aware of the concept of a


series … or is it sequence … but the bodily numbers involved, shrug, no idea, I’ll take your word for it). Meanwhile, the theme clues are all identical, ugly and mechanical and dry and cantankerous-referenced … how is whatsoever of that pleasing on an aesthetic level. There’s no pleasure here in actual words. The gimmick is but mechanical. And the mechanics of the theme, again, clever, but solving information technology was a job with no payoff. I guess there are some bonus number-related things here (
) but I don’t intendance so … moving on.

I’grand going to say nigh


what I said about JUUL yesterday and what I would’ve said nigh CRAPO the day before if I’d written Monday’s write-upwardly, and that is please think near what kind of “fresh” fill up you desire to put out in the world. I’g just vaguely aware of

(see “Give-and-take of the Twenty-four hour period,” in a higher place)
, largely because I have studiously and most completely avoided Reddit for its entire existence (though at that place are Reddit threads … subreddits? … about this blog; I read one once; it was … something!).

, however popular, is not great as fill up. Commencement, is there an uglier letter of the alphabet string? How do you say information technology?
you say it? I think it actually anagrams to “uglier,” and if not, well, yous run across the resemblance. Second, for people who *don’t* know it (and I absolutely guarantee you that I’m now talking about a huge segment of NYTXW solvers), every one of


letters is meaningless, and there’s no way to infer whatsoever of them. So it’s just letter soup. I think of the tens of thousands of people who are going to “get” that answer and think “well that … that’southward awful, that tin’t be right.” The fact that it runs through


(clued in a really difficult way) (17D: Tonkatsu, in Japanese cuisine) which cuts through

 (28A: King in the “Jungle Book” films) (who?*), which cuts through a very oddly-clued


(4D: Binaural)

, is only going to make matters worse. That


area is the but section of the puzzle I really struggled with. The rest was pretty normal. I did have to pause to figure out how [Rest] =

, but I guess if yous’re talking about a thing sitting


another matter, then sure.
(UPDATE: some people are telling me the Remainder clue has to do with “Balance” more than in financial terms, e.g. “pay the balance (on your credit card),” or …  just “balance” significant “what’southward leftover,” and aye


is not corking in these cases either—”remainder” is the actual give-and-take you’re looking for—but OK. I like my reading amend, fifty-fifty if it’s not what’s intended)

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld



is apparently an orangutan, voiced past Louis (!) Prima in the blithe flick. King


does not appear in Kipling’s original work. I never saw “The Jungle Volume” as a child, and knowing about the imperialism / racism of the extended Kipling universe has kept me abroad since

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