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By | 21/10/2022

Before color film was introduced to the masses in 1960, black and white film photography was the merely option and all that people knew. When the ability to accept colored photographs was introduced, people flocked to it like the newest release of the latest iPhone. Now that we have access to every type of film and digital tool imaginable, black and white photography has become more of an aesthetic.

While blackness and white photography communicates its message by using highlights and shadows, colour photography gives you lot an assortment of colors to use in order to catch someone’s eye and tell a story. With the introduction of post-processing, different styles and effects have been introduced to the market place, one of which is black and white photography with an isolated saturated color still being represented.

adding color to black and white photos in BeFunky

When you really desire to draw your audience’southward attention to a specific detail, using a mix of black and white and color better allows you to guide your audition’s heart to the place you want information technology to get. With BeFunky’southward Photo Effects and Erase Mode magic, it’s piece of cake to create pops of color in your black and white photos.

When to Utilise Color Pops in Black & White Photos

When you add a pop of colour to black and white photography, you’re telling a powerful story with your epitome. Whether yous’re a business looking to become creative with your advertisements or simply want to have a little fun in your next photograph editing session, this color pop technique is then uncomplicated but packs a powerful message. Hither are a few of our favorite scenarios where it actually comes in handy:

Tell a Story With Your Bailiwick

Adding a pop of color to your black and white photography helps to quickly draw the eye to a specific subject field you lot are trying to focus on. If you are wanting your audience to notice ane particular item within your epitome, this tin be a dandy tool to employ.

pops of color in black and white photos

If you are wanting your audience to observe one particular item within your paradigm, this tin can exist a great tool to apply.

Create Stillness on Busy Backgrounds

This is besides a great technique to use when you desire to separate your bailiwick from a decorated groundwork. Black and white photography has a way of creating stillness and silence and when you mix that energy with a popular of colour, it provides a keen contrast that brings intrigue.

how to add color to black and white photography

Play With Depth of Field

This technique is besides skilful for dialing in on depth of field. Depth of field always creates involvement in a photograph. If y’all are looking to enhance your depth of field, this can exist a dandy and easy tool to use in social club to accomplish that.

how to add depth of field in black and white photos with color

How to Create Black & White Photos with Pops of Color

To begin, start with BeFunky’southward Photo Editor past clicking here.

Footstep i: Select an Epitome

Select a photo that has a colorful subject that you want to utilise. Head into the
Image Director
by selecting the tab in the left-manus menu. From hither you lot can either upload a photograph from your computer or select
Search Stock Images
to admission thousands of free stock images.

image manager

Once you lot select Search Stock Images, a menu will appear where you can search for whatever type of photo yous’d like. Simply select the images you want and they will exist automatically added to your Paradigm Managing director. We’re going to focus on the colorful sunglasses in our photo.

select images from stock

Next, add your photo to the canvas by either clicking on the image and selecting
Set as Background
or dragging and dropping your image directly onto the canvas.

Step two: Employ the Upshot

In one case your photo is loaded onto the sail, click on the
tab in the left-hand side menu, then select the
Black & White

bw effect open

Clicking through any Black & White upshot will show you a preview of how it will look on your image. Try out equally many as you desire! When you find ane y’all love, click on the
carte on the effect thumbnail.

bw adjust effect settings menu

In the Settings menu, you’re able to adapt additional elements of the effect like Highlights, Shadows, and Amount. Feel gratis to play around with these settings until your Black & White effect looks perfect. And so, click on the

bw effect photo settings

Footstep iii: Using Erase Mode

In Erase Style, you can erase over a section of your black and white photo that you want to remain in colour. You lot will notice that the blackness and white dissolves away every bit you motion your selected cursor over your prototype. To get the look just right, be certain to accommodate the brush settings like Brush Size, Brush Hardness, and Castor Force. Nosotros’ll cover these options adjacent.

If y’all have a busier image that you’re having a difficult time manually editing, try selecting Isolate Subject. This is a smart button that does all of the work for you lot past locating the main subject and masking it out. You can also select Capsize. Later on you practice this, if it needs a little cleaning up, use the brushes above. For more information, check out this mail!

brush hardness erase mode

Brush Hardness refers to the straightness of the edge of the brush. You lot will see that the college your percent of hardness the sharper the outside edge is, as shown in the above epitome. The lower your pct, the softer or more than diffused the outer border is, equally shown in the image below. Finding the right remainder of Brush Hardness volition make information technology easier to erase and make everything look natural.

soften brush

Brush Strength refers to the strength of the castor, or in this case, how powerful and vibrant the colour volition appear over the erased selections. The lower your percentage of Castor Forcefulness, the more desaturated the erased portions will look. Keeping the percentage at total forcefulness will brand the color pops every bit vibrant as possible.

When you’ve got the perfect castor settings, erase the subject area in your prototype. Zoom in on your photo in gild to go very detailed – the more than detailed you are, the more realistic the photograph looks!

Don’t exist agape of messing up! You tin can e’er click the Undo/Redo buttons (the arrows in the bottom menu) or simply use the Erase button in the Erase Mode menu and re-paint over the part you colored. Once you feel you have worked your magic, click the blue checkmark to employ everything!

apply bw cutout effect

Step 4: Relieve the Photo

At present all that’due south left to practise is salvage your work. Click the
button at the elevation of the folio and select your chosen destination and file format. If you’re not quite finished and want to save your work in an editable format, be sure to choose the Relieve as Project pick.

save bw color

Earlier and Afterward

Attempt experimenting with adding color pops to your black and white photos using BeFunky’s Photo Effects. This is a great technique to use when you are wanting to add a piffling whimsy to your photos, describe attention to a specific subject, or single out one particular thing from a grouping or pattern.

bw with color after

bw photo before



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