Black And White Still Life

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The word “yet life” is used to describe a composition that portrays everyday objects, usually arranged in a formal composition. However life is a term that has been in being since the 17th century, every bit information technology refers to the art of painting or sculpture. Information technology was once thought that still life was restricted to the visual arts and was considered every bit less important than other disciplines. However, today, still life photography has made nifty progress and it is considered to be 1 of the most important forms of the photographic art.

To create a good however life photograph, in that location are 5 fundamental techniques that you should follow. First is the apply of lighting, the second is the apply of natural objects, the tertiary is the arrangement of the objects, the fourth is the apply of focal points, and finally is the use of the background. Let us discuss these techniques in detail.


To create a expert still life photograph, the main key is lite. Light has a huge event on the composition, the colors, the contrasts, and the overall expect of the image. In that location are several ways to accomplish lighting. The about bones way is to place the object in forepart of a light source. This will create the consequence of a silhouette and volition add together a dimension of interest. Another pick is to place the object in a shadowed expanse. This volition create a darker appearance of the subject and volition contrast it from the lighter color of the background. Finally, the object can exist placed in the nighttime part of the room. In this situation, the effect will be similar to placing the object in a adumbral area, even so, there is a higher run a risk of capturing a cute light streak of the object.

Natural Objects

Black and White Still Life Photography

When photographing a yet life, you should always consider using the surrounding objects in the environment. Natural objects can add an actress dimension to the image and they tin give a feeling of motion. Therefore, by using natural objects in the composition, it is possible to add more than interest to the image. The type of object that yous employ can brand a big difference in the concluding expect of the epitome. For instance, a unmarried blossom in the middle of the frame will look unlike to a grouping of flowers or a bouquet of flowers. Similarly, a plant that is close to the camera will create a different look to the same establish that is further abroad.


Black and White Still Life Photography

The way in which you arrange your objects is an important gene when creating a good yet life photo. To create a good composition, the rule of thirds applies. When y’all follow this dominion, the discipline volition always fall somewhere along the lines and the background will be divided into 3 equal parts. By post-obit this rule, it will ensure that the composition has rest and the subject area will exist the focus of the image.

Focal Points

Black and White Still Life Photography

A good withal life photograph requires some kind of focal bespeak. Commonly, the focus volition be on the object that you desire to highlight in the image. For example, if you are photographing a group of objects, it will usually be the object that is in the middle that will be the primary focus. If you are photographing a single object, it volition be the object that attracts your attention. Y’all should also take into account the size of the object. If the object is very small, information technology will not add together any involvement and volition be lost in the limerick. On the other mitt, if the object is very big, it will overshadow the remainder of the objects. To avoid such situations, you should employ the Rule of Thirds.


Black and White Still Life Photography

Finally, to make a adept withal life photograph, yous need to consider the background. If the background is not interesting, it volition brand the limerick expect unfinished. Information technology is usually a proficient idea to include some type of texture in the background. For instance, if you lot are photographing a single object, it will make the background appear more than interesting.

Every bit you lot can meet, these techniques are fundamental to creating a proficient still life photo. Information technology is also essential to practice the techniques earlier you lot showtime taking photographs. Practice makes perfect and it volition assistance you empathise the effect that different techniques have on the concluding limerick.