Build Your Own Diy Inversion Table

By | 18/08/2022

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In this post, I will discuss how to build an inversion table.  Look, what?  Of course, when y’all buy an inversion table it usually comes with instructions, so why am I writing this post?  Delight hang in there with me, and I will share with y’all some of my start-hand feel.Inversion Table Instructions

Depending on if you purchase the table new, or second hand, you may run into some issues, and I am hoping that my experience tin can prove helpful.  I have bought a multifariousness of different inversion tables over the years.  Some were 2d hand and more often than not assembled, notice I said “mostly.” These don’t come with instructions unless the person you bought it from is very organized.  That has not been my experience.  So, I had to figure a few things out on my own.

Some tables I accept purchased brand new, directly from the store and did come up with instructions.  It’s still prissy to accept some insight earlier you go started on this project.

For me, inversion tables were disposable

When I felt amend, I got rid of them.  The reason I have endemic multiple tables over the years is that I have used them until I was feeling better and and then I would sell them.  Just like the guy before me did, in the instances when I purchased a used model.

It’s really not gross to purchase one 2d-mitt (no really) every bit long as you clean it thoroughly before using information technology.  Yous can salve a skillful deal of money this style.  Inversion tables are not the easiest matter to shop, and so I would sell it when I was over my back problem.  Not thinking nearly future back problems :).

Now that I utilize an inversion table much more frequently, with chronic back hurting, I bought one, and I am keeping it…forever.  So, let’s get into my feel and hopefully yous tin benefit.

Some assembly required

As I mentioned, if you lot buy a brand new table, the start matter you will have to do is build the inversion table.  Now, this is not as scary as information technology may audio, or as frightening as the image higher up looks.

If y’all accept access to a few standard tools, that is a practiced start.  Some tables come mostly assembled, and that makes the task super easy, but of course, y’all usually terminate up paying more for these every bit well.

Before you lot get started on associates

  • Build the inversion table in the room you are going to use it in
  • Take a helper

Inversion table parts are heavy and awkward, and then building information technology in the space where you will exist using it can assist you avoid moving the table when it is fully assembled.  Moving inversion table parts effectually is difficult enough, and when the table is entirely built, information technology is more challenging. Inversion tables can weigh up of 70 pounds and are just obviously bad-mannered to move.

This is peculiarly truthful if you have a back injury or dorsum pain, which is probably why you have the table in the commencement place.  These are not easy to movement in one case fully assembled, and then building it where you programme on using it can be very handy.

That leads me to the second bullet signal,
take a helper.  Again, nigh of the aforementioned logic applies here.  Heavy parts that awkwardly shape can be hard to move if you are injured or have a bad back.  Having someone there to help you lot is such a great thing.

When I built the table that I ain now, I was dealing with spinal stenosis, and I was hunched over virtually xxx degrees at the waist.  I was fine when I was downwards on the floor, putting parts together because I couldn’t stand straight anyway, so hunched over on the basis worked for me.

Once I had to stand up, it was a whole different story.  Since I couldn’t stand upright and was non really supposed to elevator annihilation remotely heavy, I employed my teenage son to help me with the heavy lifting.

Finally, we got all the parts together, screws, basics, and bolts tightened and then voila, construction was complete.  The only problem was, I congenital the darn thing in the garage, and needed to move it within the house, to my office.  Ugh!  At present I had to get my wife and teenage son involved to move the table for me.

So, the moral of the story is, if y’all can build it in the place you will utilise it, all the better and you volition be thankful you did.

Protect your floors

If you have hardwood floors, I recommend putting blankets, cardboard, or something like that on the surface to help protect the floors, from any potential scratches while you are building the inversion table.

Again, these parts are metallic and tin be pretty heavy for some people.  If you drop the frame or the height aligning tube, you tin can scratch the floor if you are not conscientious.

Keep track of the parts

Some of these tables come with a lot of parts so yous will need to keep rail of them.  You don’t desire to lose any parts, including nuts or bolts which are critical to the integrity of the inversion table itself.  The last thing you want to do is use an inversion tabular array that has a missing office.  Information technology can be scary enough hanging upside down, let alone having in the back of your mind, “I hope that missing commodities is not a big bargain.”  Knowing you are secure volition aid ease your apprehension of turning your world upside down.

Follow the instructions

I know this well, I am a man and don’t ever read the instructions first.  I got this!  Well, equally discussed to a higher place, at that place are a lot of parts to assemble and on a lot of instruction manuals will tell you not to tighten everything up until the very cease.  Anyhow, just delight try to follow the instructions and save yourself the headache of backtracking.

Storage is not necessarily piece of cake

I eluded to this a little bit earlier, and I remember information technology is essential to bring it up here.  Inversion tables are heavy and cumbersome to movement, especially when you lot are recovering from a back injury, or have back problems.  I recommend using the tabular array somewhere like a basement, or perchance an part, where you will have easy access and tin can just lean it up against the wall when you are non using information technology.

I take been through the procedure of taking the backrest off, lifting upwards one side of the bed to slide the table underneath.  That is quite a process, and over again if you have a back problem, you don’t demand to add that stress to your back.  That is just my 2 cents.

Conclusion: How to build an inversion table

Well, that nearly covers the process.  If you have a helper and a couple of hours it really is not a big bargain.  Hopefully, my experience proves helpful and can save you some time and energy.