Camera Lens Calibration Service Near Me

By | 06/08/2022

Focus Calibration

Are yous struggling with the focus accurateness of your DSLR? Restore your image quality with a Fixation focus calibration. See below for prices and turnaround times, along with further details well-nigh the service nosotros provide.

Every bit any photographer volition know, the sharpness of your focus has a huge impact on your final shot, peculiarly apparent on loftier-resolution sensors. DSLR automobile-focus sensors are divide from the imaging CMOS sensor so there can exist a variation betwixt the distance from lens to AF sensor vs lens to CMOS. This variation tin cause the AF to lock on even if the image recorded is slightly soft.

Our new focus calibration service matches bodies to lenses for optimal focus performance using FoCal software and the AF fine tune options built into your camera.

Focus calibration process

The Fixation scale service starts with a thorough professional sensor-clean that cleans the sensor, mirror and mirror-box assembly. Grit in the mirror box area tin interfere with the auto focus functioning and we demand a clean slate to first testing and adjusting. Our technicians go the extra mile to ensure the most accurate tests, undertaking the following steps each fourth dimension:

  • Take test images to found level and location of grit
  • Make clean the mirror box area, including the underside of the focus screen
  • Clean the sensor
  • Clean front and rear elements of lenses
  • Upgrade your camera to the latest firmware
  • Check lenses and cameras for whatever faults before calibration
  • Test each lens and adjust AF fine-tuning using Fo-Cal scale software
  • Email focus performance report with a tape of adjustments made

Please note that we may change your camera settings whilst we perform sensor cleaning. Please read our T&Cs for further info. Before and after tests may non bear witness dramatic improvements in focus performance when shooting wide open as many lenses are softer at their widest apertures.

How does focus calibration work?

Focus calibration is an aligning to right front focus or back focus. This is where the precipitous area of your paradigm falls merely in forepart of, or just behind, where you lot intended to focus. Calibration tells the camera that for a specific lens the focus should exist pushed dorsum or forwards a piffling to compensate for this inaccuracy. Canon calls this setting AF micro adjustment while Nikon calls it AF fine melody. We examination each of the lenses you lot supply with each of your photographic camera bodies at every focus adjustment position to identify the best focus position for each photographic camera and lens combination.

How frequently should I have my cameras and lenses calibrated?

We are often asked how often servicing and scale is needed. There is no 1 reply to this question every bit it depends on the frequency of use and working environment that your camera is exposed to. Subtle changes in image sharpness can build upward over time, we recommend y’all proceed runway of your camera’south functioning by comparing images with a similar shoot that you lot did in the past. Call up that the adjustment is specific to each photographic camera and lens combination so you may experience different results using one lens on different camera bodies.

Focus calibration prices

One trunk with upwards to 2 lenses: £80 + VAT
One body with up to 5 lenses: £130 + VAT
Two bodies with up to 5 lenses £208 + VAT
Extra lenses: £25 + VAT

Our Focus Scale is available at Manchester and London.

For more info contact or call us in London on 020 7582 3294 or in Manchester on 0161 274 4455

Which models can be calibrated?

We can calibrate Nikon and Canon DSLR bodies which have the AF-fine tune option.

Full Frame


Ingather Frame


Full Frame

Crop Frame

D5, D4, D4s D500, D300/s 1D 10, 1D 10 Mk Two 1D Mk 3/IV
D3, D3s, D3X D7200, D7500 1Ds Mk III 7D, 7D Mk Ii
D700, D750, D800/E, D810/A, D850 D7000, D7100 5D Mk 2/Three/Four 50D, 70D, 80D, 90D
D600, D610, Df 5Ds, 5Ds R, 6D/II

Please annotation:
We are only able to calibrate focus on cameras with the AF fine-tune menu pick and a working USB port. If the camera USB port is not performance nosotros volition accept to estimate to repair the port. We exercise have the facilities to service and suit other bodies as part of our full repair service. Discover out more on our repairs pages for Canon and Nikon.