Camera Settings On Iphone 11 Pro

By | 23/10/2022

The iPhone 11 Pro is currently the best camera smartphone you can buy. Apple really took the fight to Google with its latest offering, showing it can even so make incredible cameras to compete with the Pixel 3, the Huawei P30 Pro, and the many other smashing camera phones available today.

If you’ve purchased an iPhone 11 Pro, or are about to, here’s our guide to making the all-time use of the camera. Don’t forget to read our review of the iPhone xi Pro, the iPhone 11, and the iPhone eleven Pro Max if you haven’t quite made up your mind almost which new iPhone to buy.


Before going into details, here are the specs on the iPhone eleven Pro’s camera. Our guide is relevant to both the 11 Pro and the eleven Pro Max, merely the iPhone 11’s camera does differ, and not all the tips will use. There are iii lenses inside the square photographic camera crash-land on the back of the Pro iPhones, and they each have 12 megapixels.

The ultrawide lens has a 120-degree field of vision and an f/2.4 aperture, while the standard wide-bending lens has an f/ane.8 aperture, and the telephoto lens has an f/2.0 aperture. The photographic camera has a 2x optical zoom, and will zoom out using the ultrawide lens to the aforementioned caste. You lot go dual optical paradigm stabilization across both broad-angle lenses, and video gets optical image stabilization besides. The front camera as well has 12 megapixels.

How to modify lenses

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Open the camera app, and get ready to utilize the three different lenses. To switch between them, look at the bottom of the viewfinder to see the buttons marked 1x, ii, and .5. Tap the ii and you switch to the telephoto lens set to take photos at a 2x optical zoom. Tap the .v push, and you lot switch to the wide-angle lens.

One affair to have annotation of here is when you’re shooting with the normal lens, the black bars either side volition show content “exterior” the frame, which won’t be captured in the photo you’re nearly to accept. Notwithstanding, information technology gives a hint of what the photograph would be like if you switch to the ultrawide angle lens. Give information technology a effort.

Utilise dark manner

Apple joined the legions of phone makers adding a nighttime manner to the camera with the iPhone eleven Pro. It operates equally you would look, by making low-light and night photos look brighter and more detailed, without sacrificing quality. Here’s how to utilize it.

For a first, the dark fashion won’t be available unless the conditions are correct. Information technology’s non an pick to select at any time. In depression-light atmospheric condition, when the iPhone can meet nighttime mode may make a divergence, look for a moon-like icon in the top left of the screen (or bottom left in landscape orientation), which denotes when the characteristic is bachelor.

Tap it and information technology turns xanthous, and a new curl wheel appears above the shutter push. The xanthous icon will have a number in it, which shows how long the phone will have the photo for, and this can be adjusted using the scroll wheel above the shutter button. The iPhone volition automatically select the time it feels is correct for the lighting conditions.

It’southward best to just leave it on the automatically selected timer, and just tap the photograph. The results tin be really impressive, so make certain yous attempt it out soon.

Try the new portrait lighting fashion

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Open up the camera app and choose portrait manner on the selector above the shutter push. Apple tree’s portrait lighting modes gear up a trend in the manufacture, and remain some of the all-time available. In iOS 13 and on the iPhone 11 Pro, you can effort out the High-Key Light Mono effect, which is the last selection on the options list that appears.

It’due south the opposite of the Stage Light Mono option, and instead of removing the background around your subject area and adding a blackness backdrop, it adds a white backdrop. Like all the Portrait lighting modes, tap the
button in the gallery and you can see how the photo looks using all the different lighting options.

Another feature to endeavor in the Portrait manner is zooming out. By default, when you select the characteristic the zoom level is at 2x. In the bottom left of the viewfinder is the zoom button, which when tapped reverts to standard focal length, giving you more versatility if your subject is close up. Finally, you tin make adjustments to the lighting effect by borer the hexagonal button in the tiptop correct of the screen.

Take a Slofie

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A really fun feature on the iPhone 11 Pro is the Slofie, Apple tree’due south proper noun for a selfie that’s a slow-motion video rather than a nonetheless photo. They’re really easy to take, equally the iPhone does most of the work. Open the photographic camera app and select
from the options. Switch to the front end camera, and either tap and hold, or single tap the shutter button.

If you make up one’s mind to tap and concord, the video volition stop recording when you let go, or simply tap the button to stop recording. Apple assembles the Slofie so the outset and terminal part run at normal speed, while the bulk of the video plays in tedious motion. The consequence tin can exist dramatic, but you will need to experiment and play around to become the best results.

Use the Capture Outside the Frame feature

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This is an unusual feature where the iPhone will take capture boosted information around the scene of the photograph or video y’all shoot, with the idea being to requite you more than flexibility when you come to edit the final slice. Information technology’s activated as standard for video, simply you have to become into
Settings, and
Photographic camera
to set it up for stills. Expect for the
Photos Capture Outside the Frame
selection and flip the switch.

To see how it works, activate the feature and take a photograph at normal focal length. Open the photograph in your Photographic camera Curlicue and tap
Edit, so go to the size alteration tool. At present, when you lot alter the size, additional scene information appears around information technology, potentially letting you reframe the photo completely.

Take a wide-bending selfie

Fit all your friends, or as much of the background as possible, into your selfies with this characteristic. Open the camera app and swap to the front camera. With the Photograph mode selected, a small button with two reverse-facing arrows should be above the shutter button. Tap this to become a wider angle.

Quickly change camera settings

Apple has cleaned up the interface for the camera app in iOS xiii, and has subconscious many of the settings that used to run forth the top of the screen abroad. To find them, wait for an pointer icon at the top of the screen in portrait orientation and tap it, or alternatively simply swipe up on the viewfinder. This reveals various icons under the viewfinder screen. Here, y’all tin actuate Apple tree’southward Live Motion photos, change the aspect ratio, prepare the timer, or add a filter. Yous can also notice the night way button when the feature is available.

Edit photos and videos

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Apple has changed the style its editing software works, and not always for the ameliorate, in iOS 13. When you take a photo that you’d like to edit, find it in the Camera Whorl app and tap the
button in the tiptop right of the screen. There are three main icons at the bottom of the screen, with adjustments to the colour and other attributes first, then the option to add together filters, and finally a chance to change the size and aspect ratio.

For each option, alterations can exist made using the buttons and sliders under the viewfinder. Most are straightforward, only the size, crop, and bending amending tool is slightly confusing. This is the third option, and can frustrate when it automatically alters the image when you select it. The job it does is never very expert, so to revert back to the standard picture, tap the yellow
button at the summit of the screen. Don’t try to manually change the app’s alterations, every bit this just makes things worse.

To change the photograph’south size or shape — make it square rather than iv:3 aspect ratio for instance — tap the aspect ratio button in the top correct of the screen. And then, shapes and sizes are shown nether the photo. Besides along the meridian of the screen are buttons to mirror the prototype, or to rotate information technology. When you’ve finished, tap the
button and your photo volition be saved in the Camera Roll. The great news is in iOS 13, all these editing tools can be used on video too.

Savor using your iPhone xi Pro’s camera!

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