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Shutter speed is measured in seconds, and a fast shutter speed is 1 that is shorter in duration. For instance, a shutter speed of 1 second is twice every bit fast every bit a shutter fix to 2 seconds. And whilst we tin agree that a shutter speed of 1/2000th of a 2d sounds pretty fast, in that location will exist occasions when information technology’s non fast enough.

Therefore, it’s useful to consider fast and slow shutter speeds equally terms relative to what you are trying to photograph. And your goal as a photographer is to use a speed that is neither too fast nor too slow simply just correct. Then, with that in mind, here are 3 reasons why yous might choose to use a fast shutter speed.
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When to employ a fast shutter speed

There are 3 reasons why y’all would choose to use faster shutter speeds.

  1. Your photo is too bright and y’all demand to reduce the amount of low-cal your camera’s sensor/film is exposed to.
  2. You wish to have a sharp photo of a moving subject.
  3. You lot desire to prvent the movement in your easily shaking your photographic camera and blurring your photo.

1. Your photo is too bright!

Your photograph will appear excessively brilliant if you expose your camera’south sensor/film to as well much light. All the same, you can reduce the corporeality of light your photographic camera receives by using a faster shutter speed.
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For instance, halving your shutter speed from two seconds to 1 will one-half the amount of light entering your camera. Equally a result, your photo will appear one-half as brilliant.

The following image illustrates the event shutter speed has on your photograph’s effulgence.

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2. Using a fast shutter speed to avoid movement mistiness

To capture a sharp photo of a moving subject such every bit a bird or family fellow member, you must utilize faster shutter speeds.

Whats a fast shutter speed

For example, allow’s say you are taking a photo of your son running at 10mph. At 10mph, nosotros tin expect your son to cover a distance of virtually 150 inches per second (well-nigh 4 meters).

Therefore, if yous took your photo with your camera’s shutter ready to 1/50th of a 2d, your Son will announced blurred since he travelled virtually iii inches throughout the exposure. Or, to put information technology another mode, your son’southward movement has smudged him across your photo.

But, set your shutter to 1/2000th of a 2d, your Son will have barely traveled a millimeter and appear sharp as a result.
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Yet, on occasions, you may wish to use slower shutter speeds to deliberately induce motion blur. Waterfalls are a skillful instance of this technique.

A Photo of a Water Fall on the McLean Falls walk

3. Using a fast shutter speed to avoid camera shake

If your shutter speed is too slow, the natural, involuntary movement in your hands shakes your photographic camera and blurs your whole photo. By using faster shutter speeds, camera shake tin can exist prevented.

Although it varies between individuals, the slowest speed yous should utilise for handheld photography is about 1/Focal Length. If, for case, y’all are using a 50mm lens, the slowest speed yous should use is 1/50th of a 2d.

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The challenge of using faster shutter speeds

The faster your shutter speed, the less time you camera’s sensor or pic has to absorb light from the scene. This can exist particularly difficult if a low-calorie-free scene demands a slower speed yet a fast moving subject demands a faster speed.

In this state of affairs, the answer is to increment your camera’s supply of light past using a larger lens aperture. Apertures come up in different sizes and larger your aperture is, the more light your camera volition receive during any given moment. For example, an discontinuity of F4 provides twice every bit much calorie-free as an aperture set to F5.6.

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You final option is to increment your camera’s ISO. ISO does non contribute additional lite. Instead, information technology artificially boosts your photo’s brightness. Although ISO is incredibly useful, using it degrades the quality of your photos. Therefore, ISO should be considered a last resort.
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A fast shutter speed is but one which is shorter in duration. For case, a 1 second shutter speed is twice every bit fast every bit a 2 second 1. However, the deviation between also fast and too irksome is a thing of requirement.

Therefore, your ideal shutter speed is one that supplies your camera enough light to produce a sufficiently bright photo. Even so, you lot may demand to utilize fifty-fifty faster speeds if you lot need to capture a sharp photo of a moving subject, or to prevent your hand’south natural wobble shaking the camera and blurring your photo.

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