Can A Nikon D3000 Still Be Used For Photography In 2018

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Since I get a lot of requests from our readers to provide a comparison the 2 entry-level DSLRs – Nikon D3000 and Nikon D5000, I decided to post a quick “Nikon D3000 vs D5000” article to highlight the key differences and provide my recommendations.

Nikon D5000

Nikon D3000 is the virtually basic entry-level DSLR in the current line of SLR digital cameras past Nikon. Information technology was released in July of 2009 and replaced the Nikon D40/D40x/D60 entry-level DSLRs. Nikon D3000 sports a ten.ii megapixel CCD sensor with an xi point autofocus system. The Nikon D5000, on the other mitt, can be classified as an “upper-entry-level DSLR” and it sits betwixt Nikon D3000 and D90. Information technology was released in April of 2009 every bit a new production line with a 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, the aforementioned sensor that is featured in the semi-professional person Nikon D90 DSLR. The Nikon D5000 is too the first Nikon DSLR that has a tilt and hinge LCD, which is supposed to exist helpful for capturing video and images at dissimilar angles.

Hither are some of the key differences between Nikon D3000 and D5000:

  1. The biggest difference is the sensor. Nikon D3000 has a 10.2 megapixel CCD sensor, while the Nikon D5000 has a superb 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. Not only are yous getting more pixels with the Nikon D5000, merely you are besides getting much better handling of noise in loftier ISOs. While Nikon D3000 is limited to 100-1600 ISO range (max ISO 3200 in “Hello” mode), the native ISO range for the Nikon D5000 is 200-3200 (max ISO 6400 in “Hi” way). This makes Nikon D5000 better for low-light photography than Nikon D3000.
  2. Nikon D5000 has Live View and Hard disk drive D-Movie Mode to record videos, while Nikon D3000 has no motion picture/alive view support. You can record videos at 320×216, 640×424 or 1,280×720 pixel resolution in AVI format on Nikon D5000.
  3. Nikon D3000 has a iii inch LCD screen with 230,000 pixels, while Nikon D5000 sports a smaller 2.7 inch swivel LCD screen with the same number of pixels that is certainly handy for shooting videos.
  4. D3000 has no exposure bracketing fashion, while the D5000 can shoot in two or 3 brackets in i/three, 1/ii, 2/3, ane or two EV steps.
  5. D3000 is a footling slower than D5000 – it tin capture three frames per 2nd, versus Nikon D5000’due south 4 frames per 2nd.
  6. D3000 has an easy to employ “Guide” mode interface and Nikon D5000 doesn’t.
  7. D3000 comes with a 18-55mm VR lens and cannot be bought without the lens, while y’all can purchase Nikon D5000 body-but.
  8. D3000 only has 6 scene modes that automatically accommodate exposure and other camera settings, while the Nikon D5000 has 19.
  9. The battery life on both cameras is almost the same, with Nikon D5000 having a slight edge at 510 frames versus 500 on Nikon D3000.
  10. D3000 is a smaller photographic camera that measures 126 ten 94 x 64 mm, whereas D5000 is 127 x 104 x 80 mm.
  11. D3000 is 75 grams lighter than Nikon D5000, which weighs 560 grams body merely.
  12. D3000 has a slightly better viewfinder magnification (0.8x) than Nikon D5000 (0.78x).
  13. More than options for “Active D-Lighting” in D5000: “Auto, Extra high, High, Normal, Low, or Off”, while D3000 is but “On/Off”.
  14. More retouching options on Nikon D5000 than on Nikon D3000.
  15. D3000 has no automatic chromatic aberration correction.
  16. Nikon D5000 allows “fine, normal and basic” for shooting RAW + JPEG, while D3000 only has RAW and JPEG basic.
  17. Nikon D3000 has no “Custom Settings” menu.
  18. There is a new “Q” (Quiet Release Style) in D5000 that is absent in D3000.

And so, which photographic camera should you go for, Nikon D3000 or Nikon D5000? Due to a large difference in sensor applied science used in these two cameras, Nikon D5000 has a much better image quality when compared to Nikon D3000. Exercise not forget that the Nikon D5000 has exactly the same sensor as the sensor in Nikon D90 (which is a semi-professional camera). And then, substantially, you are getting a semi-professional sensor in an entry-level trunk! In addition, ability to record videos is e’er nice and you cannot do that on the Nikon D3000. True, the LCD screen on the Nikon D3000 is larger and better than the screen on Nikon D5000, but that is probably the only reward D3000 has over D5000 worth noting and it is not a big bargain anyway.

If this is your first DSLR buy, just spend a lilliputian more and purchase the Nikon D5000 – you will non regret information technology.

The Nikon D5000 with a Nikon xviii-55mm VR lens is currently selling for approximately $750, whereas the D3000 with a Nikon 18-55mm VR lens is selling for $550. If you weigh in all the differences, specifically: sensor blazon, motion-picture show mode and bracketing, those features are worth much more than the $200 divergence betwixt the two.

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