Can I Enlarge An Old Photo

By | 20/11/2022

How to Enlarge a Picture without Losing Quality

Nowadays jail cell phone comes with the digital camera with loftier resolution that’s why you can easily click the high quality photos. If we talk virtually the old time the resolution of the photos was very small and the quality was also non at that place. Some people confront problems in watching their old images on the new devices in loftier quality only no need to worry about information technology. Present there are many software, apps and online websites bachelor which can help y’all to
enlarge photos without losing quality. These software or apps can zoom the photos and increment their resolution in the original quality. In this commodity we will larn about these apps and software’south.

  • Part 1. How to Enlarge a Pic without Losing Quality Using Fotophire Maximizer
  • Office ii. How to Enlarge a Film without Losing Quality in Photoshop
  • Part 3. How to Enlarge a Picture without Losing Quality Online

Function 1. How to Overstate a Picture without Losing Quality Using Fotophire Maximizer

No ane like the poor quality images on their device and the
Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer
is the perfect software for those people who don’t like to compromise with the quality. FotoPhire Maximizer is a simple, easy to employ tool to maximize photograph sizes. While using this photograph maximizer tool you don’t need to accept any agreement of basic image editing concepts or epitome sizes because everything is automated there. This photo enlarger program as well supports other basic editing which is not possible in much other software.

Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer

  • Zoom pictures to 1000% without pixelation and blur.
  • Enlarge photos for print projects.
  • High res close-ups on whatever details from your photos.
  • Right low-light photos with 1 click.
Key Features of Fotophire Maximizer
  • This is fully equipped with multiple options such as effects, filters etc.
  • Wonderful easy to use program interface helps y’all to empathise everything rapidly.
  • All types of presets bachelor there or you lot can customize the things according to your choice.
  • Information technology supports prototype enlargement up to 1000%.
  • Batch process of photograph enlargement of editing is supported past this software.

How to Enlarge a Motion-picture show without Losing Quality Using Fotophire Maximizer

Step 1:

Wondershare Fotophire is available only for windows so brand certain y’all are using windows OS. Download the program from the official website and install it. Once installed open information technology and click “Photograph Maximizer” thumbnail.

Helpful Ways to Enlarge A Picture without Losing Quality - Install and Start Fotophire Maximizer

Pace 2:

A scan window will open up now on your screen. Click the open up push button choose any photograph from the organisation drive.

Helpful Ways to Enlarge A Picture without Losing Quality - Import Image from Your Computer

Step 3:

Photo volition exist added to the program interface now. Take a look at the correct windows of plan. Under Maximizer Label move the slider in the right side. Information technology will increase the photos size at present and then you can save the photo in the system. This is the simplest how to enlarge photo without losing quality. Yous can besides adjust sharpness using the maximizer tool.

Helpful Ways to Enlarge A Picture without Losing Quality - Enlarge Picture and Save Changes

Part two. How to Enlarge a Picture without Losing Quality in Photoshop

Photoshop is an advanced photo editing tool developed by Adobe for doing modification in the photos. This tool comes with several brushes, frames, filters and pen tools which can exist used on the images. When y’all try to resize an image you can’t keep the original quality but Photoshop can also maintain the original quality of epitome just like the fotophire Maximizer. The effect is that this is professional software so you need to have knowledge about the photo resolutions and many other aspects related to photograph editing.

How to Overstate a Picture without Losing Quality Photoshop

Step ane:

Open Photoshop on the system and scan the photos. Once the photograph is added in the software interface click the Image > Epitome Size choice.

Helpful Ways to Enlarge A Picture without Losing Quality - Start Photoshop and Import Image

Pace ii:

At present in the popup check the choice “constrain proportions” so enter the needed width and size. You lot accept to enter size bigger than before then only you can go the big size photos.

Helpful Ways to Enlarge A Picture without Losing Quality - Enlarge Photos

Step 3:

That’s it at present the photo volition be there in bigger size. To use the photo save it on your hard drive now. This is the how to enlarge a picture without losing quality Photoshop hands.

Helpful Ways to Enlarge A Picture without Losing Quality - Save Changes

Part three. How to Enlarge a Picture without Losing Quality Online

This is the all-time online platform that I’ve e’er used, about of the online platforms may have the problems similar getting blur after an image enlarged, but you practise not demand to worry almost that with using PixCut. The important point that I want to innovate that platform is that it is a beginner-friendly toolkit which much easier to utilise, with just a few clicks, and then you could get the resulting enlarged photo easily and immediately.

How to Enlarge a Movie without Losing Quality Online

Step 1: Go to the official dwelling folio of thePixCut choose “Tools” and click on Enlarge Image.

Stride two: Upload the picture show that you desire to make it to a higher resolution.

Step 3: As soon as uploading is finished, PixCut will automatically enlarge the prototype without losing quality. Now, all that’s needed is to download the resulting image.


These are the top most ways to enlarge photos without losing quality of the images. Enlarging is a very like shooting fish in a barrel job and y’all can exercise it very easily for gratis using the online sites, app or software. The only thing, you lot must choose a software or website which provides you all-time quality without losing quality of image. As per our research in using dissimilar enlargement software the Wondershare FotoPhire Maximizer is the all-time one programme which enlarge image without losing quality.