Can Photoshop Work Without Creative Cloud

By | 19/10/2022

Go to know the common workflows available with cloud documents in Photoshop.

Cloud document is Adobe’s new cloud-native document file blazon that is optimized for a seamless online or offline piece of work feel across devices. With cloud documents, you can savour the security of knowing that your edits go saved and synced to the deject all the fourth dimension.

Read the total article below to learn more than about common workflows associated with deject documents in Photoshop.

Create a cloud document and save

Any document you create with Photoshop on mobile is automatically saved every bit a deject document by default. Use theCreate new option in the app home screen to create a deject document.

To learn more about creating and explicitly exporting a cloud document to other file formats, run across Create, open up, and relieve documents.

You can create a document with Photoshop on desktop and save information technology as a cloud document to piece of work anytime, anywhere, and across devices.

To save a file, get to the File menu and select any of the Relieve commands:Relieve, Save As,
orSalvage a Re-create. On selecting a relieve command, y’all volition be presented with the cloud document picker—Save to deject documents andSalve on your estimator.

Save equally deject documents by default: Some of you lot will be able to come across a potential update to the salvage workflow that you lot know today as we gradually coil out the changes to everyone. With this update, in the new cloud document picker dialog where you can see the benefits of saving your files to Creative Deject, the option to relieve every bit a cloud document is selected by default. Similar today, you tin can still make up one’s mind to salvage locally on your calculator.

To revert to the existing ‘Save As’ behavior, you tin can select theDefault File Location every bitOn your reckonerto run across the local path while creating or saving the new documents from whatever of the below locations:

  • Windows:Edit > Preferences > File Handling
  • macOS:Photoshop > Preferences > File Handling

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You can admission your deject documents from
Creative Cloud web merely cannot create, open up, make edits, or save from the Creative Cloud website.

Access your deject documents within Photoshop

Navigate to
Files > Your files
 tab in the app domicile screen on your iPad.

Nether the
Deject documents
section, you can:

Go to
Files > Your files
 in the app abode screen on your desktop to view your cloud documents.Cloud documents owned by y’all and accessed or shared with you recently will also show up under
in the home screen.

Moreover, with Photoshop 23.2 and after, yous can filter cloud documents with a keyword. When offline, yous can still filter deject documents using a keyword just the deject documents available online only will appear to exist greyed out.

Open up  Creative Cloud spider web. Navigate to

Creative Deject > Files > Your work > Deject documents


Under the
Cloud documents
section, you tin can:

Yous can seamlessly interact on your Photoshop work past inviting others to edit your cloud documents. Besides, easily find all cloud documents y’all have been invited to under the
Shared with you tab in the home screen from inside the Photoshop app on your desktop, iPad, or spider web, or access them from theArtistic Cloud web or Creative Cloud desktop app.

You lot can view and manage the version history of your Photoshop deject documents in-app or on the web.

Follow these quick steps to view the version history:

  1. In the app home screen, either navigate to
    Dwelling house > Recent
    Files > Your files/Shared with yous
     in the left navigation panel.
  2. Tap the 3-dots icon below a cloud document for which you desire to access previous versions. In the card that opens, select
    View version history.
  3. In the
    Version History
    mode that opens, tap theTimeline () icon.

Yous tin easily browse and view thumbnails of saved versions of your deject document and perform diverse operations like
your cloud document or
to an earlier version.


Updated in the Oct 2022 release of Photoshop 24.0

You tin can chop-chop check your version history in Photoshop desktop past following the simple steps beneath:

  1. Open a cloud document and cull eitherFile > Version History orWindow > Version History to open theVersion History panel.
  2. In the
    Version History
    panel that opens, you tin easily browse and view thumbnails of saved versions of your cloud document.

To view the version history on the web, do the following:

  1. Become to
    Photoshop on the spider web beta > Recent
     and browse through your cloud documents.
  2. Open a cloud document and click the downward pointer abreast the filename of your open deject document at the top bar in the workspace.
  3. Select the
    Version history
    option from the driblet-down to open up the version history panel.
  4. In the version history console that opens, you can observe motorcar-saved versions of your deject document.
    1. Click the 3 dots (
      ) icon and select Proper noun this version to give a proper name to the selected version and add it to the Marked versions list. Yous can too Rename this version at another fourth dimension.
    2. Click the Mark version () icon to salve that version of your deject certificate, and easily access your saved cloud document versions nether the Marked Versions department at the top of the timeline panel.
    3. Click the Mark version icon once again to remove a saved cloud certificate version from the Marked Versions department and undo any version naming.

Revert to a previous version

Hover over any cloud document’s Marked version and click the iii dots () icon.

In-app (Desktop/iPad/Web beta): In Photoshop’due south
Version History
console, select
Revert to this version. The chosen version will motility to the peak of the version stack and allow you lot to edit from at that place.

Yous can easily make your cloud document bachelor offline for the times when you lot’re are unable to access your internet connection,  for case, while traveling or flying. Making available offline locally on your device might take longer with slow internet connectivity and large cloud documents.

To make a selected cloud document bachelor for offline use while using Photoshop on the iPad, do the following:

  1. In the app home screen, navigate toYour work > Cloud documents in the left navigation console.
  2. Tap the three-dots icon below a cloud document that yous want to make available locally. In the bill of fare that opens, select
    Make bachelor offline.
  3. Tap to open up the certificate and begin editing.

When you lot’re back online, your updated cloud certificate is automatically synced across all your devices.

When yous desire to piece of work with your locally stored deject document online, simply tap the 3-dots icon and select
Make online only.

  1. Click the
    Deject documents
     tab in the app domicile screen on your desktop.
  2. Click the 3 dots () icon visible below the cloud document thumbnail and selectBrand available offline always.
  3. Click the document and start editing offline.

When you’re back online, your updated cloud document is automatically synced beyond all your devices.

When you want to work with your locally stored cloud certificate online, click the 3-dots icon and selectMake available online-only.

Rename your cloud documents

Once you take accessed your deject documents from within the Photoshop home screen on your
device, or on the
Creative Cloud website, yous can rename your deject documents.

Tap the three dots () icon visible beneath a cloud document thumbnail and selectRename. Simply type in a new name for your cloud document to rename it.

Delete your cloud documents

Open the iii dots () menu visible below a cloud document thumbnail on yourdevice (desktop or mobile), or on theArtistic Cloud websiteand selectDelete.

The documents you delete from within the app or from the web, get archived and stored nether the
section in the app home screen orArtistic Cloud > Your piece of work > Deleted.  Tap or click the three dots menu that appears below a deject certificate in theDeletedsection and choose toRestore orPermanently Delete your deject certificate. You can observe the restored cloud documents once again under theCloud documents section. Delete your cloud documents permanently to clear your cloud storage.

To acquire more well-nigh storage quota, see
File storage and quota

Motility and organize your cloud documents

Under the
Cloud documents
section in the app home screen, simply elevate and place a cloud document to an available folder or create a folder (). You cannot multi-select your deject documents while on the ipad.

Tap the iii dots () icon visible below the deject document thumbnail and selectMove To. In the panel that opens, you can select from available folders or use theAdd folder() option to create a binder. TapMove to place your selected cloud documents in a folder orCancelto exit the move operation.

To move multiple cloud documents simultaneously, yous can enable the cheque box below the
Deject document
section to enter multi-select mode.

Tap the three dots () icon visible below a cloud document thumbnail under
Deject documents
in the app home screen. SelectDuplicate
to create a copy of your cloud document.

You cannotDuplicate a cloud certificate while working with Photoshop on desktop.

You can easily share your assets with your teammates and collaborators by generating a shareable link in-app. To learn how to do it in quick steps, see
Share files and annotate in-app.

While you are abroad from your iPad, desktop, or laptop, you lot can merely visit theCreative Deject websiteand login with your Adobe ID to access your artistic work.
On the
Creative Cloud website, tap the three dots () icon visible below the cloud certificate thumbnail and selectShare to generate a public link. Anyone with the link tin can view your artistic work and post comments.