Can T Import Photos Into Lightroom

By | 24/10/2022



Location, Urban center, Land, and Land metadata is not migrated when you drift an Apple tree Photos Library.

This is a known limitation. In that location is no workaround available.

When you lot migrate an Apple Photos Library to Lightroom right later on importing avails to Apple Photos, some or all of the avails might not become migrated successfully.

(Operating system: macOS)

Before you begin the migration, wait for some fourth dimension to make certain that Apple Photos has finished processing the imported assets.

When you migrate an Apple Photos Library that has two persons with the aforementioned proper noun, Lightroom creates two People clusters in the People View – one cluster has the person’due south name, while the other has the proper noun with ‘_1’ appended.

(Operating system: macOS)

After the migration is consummate, you can rename the Person equally desired in Lightroom. Encounter Rename a Person.

Migrated Slo-mo videos play dorsum at normal speed rather than ho-hum motion in Lightroom.

(Operating system: macOS)

This is a known limitation. There is no workaround bachelor nonetheless.

When migrating from Apple Photos, HEIC prototype files do not migrate if you practise not have an active subscription.

(Operating organization: macOS)

Before you begin the migration, subscribe or renew your subscription.

When migrating from Apple tree Photos Library, the displayed number of assets that are being synced is more than that exist in the itemize.

(Operating system: macOS)

When you begin the migration from Apple Photos library, Lightroom groups some assets like Live Photos into stacks. For syncing purposes, Lightroom counts these stacks every bit avails. The processing assets number displayed is the temporary image count that includes the stacks. After the sync is consummate, the correct count is displayed.



When you try to import an AVI video file, Lightroom displays an import error.

(Operating system: macOS just)

Commencement with the Oct 2018 release of Lightroom CC (version two.0), you can no longer import new AVI files on macOS. The existing AVI files in your itemize play every bit expected in Lightroom. On Windows, the support for AVI files is yet available. For related helpful information, come across Supported video formats and extensions.

Slow import performance when adding photos from an internal Hd (HDD spinning drive).

(Operating organisation: Windows, macOS)

If your workflow involves frequently importing photos from a hard drive, consider using a Solid State Drive (SSD) for faster import performance.

Lightroom detects the plugged in Apple iPhone mobile device but the Add Photos screen shows zero images to import.

(Operating organisation: Windows, macOS)

Configure your Apple tree iPhone mobile device to trust the computer where Lightroom is installed. To exercise so:

  1. Unplug your iPhone, if connected to the reckoner. Then become to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy.
  2. Insert your passcode, then click Reset Settings. This resets the location and privacy settings back to factory default.
  3. Plug your iPhone to the reckoner where Lightroom is installed:
    1. (Windows) Make certain you unlock your iPhone and tap
      if you see the alert – ‘Let this device to access photos and videos’.
    2. (macOS) Make sure y’all unlock your iPhone and tap
      if you see the warning – ‘Trust this Computer’.

When yous cull Add together to Anthology every bit New while adding photos, a new anthology isn’t created if you lot specify an album name that already exists even when the letter casing in the names is different; Lightroom doesn’t display any error or warning. For example, if there is an existing album named “Alaska”, you won’t exist able to create a new anthology named “alaska” in the Add Photos screen.

(Operating system: Windows, macOS)

  • Specify a dissimilar anthology proper noun when you cull Add together to Album as New.
  • If you didn’t realize that a new anthology wasn’t created and clicked the Add Photos button, practise the following:
    1. Open up the My Photos console on the left.
    2. Create the album you desire to apply for your photos.
    3. Expand the Recently Added panel and select the date/fourth dimension representing your recent import.
    4. Select all the recently added photos now displaying in the filigree and drag them into the desired anthology.

While adding photos, the selection grid sometimes shows a wrong orientation for some images.

Go on with adding photos. In virtually cases, the correct orientation is displayed after you complete adding photos. Otherwise, you can manually rotate your photos using the
Crop & Rotate

When you try to import photos from a photographic camera for the second time, yous go No

images that tin exist imported were constitute in the selected source


Do ane of the following:

  • Unplug the photographic camera and plug information technology dorsum.
  • Restart Lightroom.
  • Use browser to import photos from the camera.



Recent photo edits or metadata changes washed in Lightroom don’t sync to Lightroom Classic, if the image file is deleted from Lightroom earlier these changes get synced to the deject.

Wait until syncing has finished across Lightroom clients before deleting the images in Lightroom. Click the icon at the upper-correct corner in Lightroom to run into the sync status.

Lightroom indicates that you are signed in but no images appear in the filigree.

Restart Lightroom.

Cloud icon shows ruby-red circle with ! in it; and the synced and backed upwards window show the mistake “Some Photos Invalid.”

(Operating system: Windows, macOS)

To resolve this issue, do the following:

  1. In the
    My Photos
    area in the left pane, select the
    All Photos
  2. Switch to the
    Square Grid view
    , which displays photos as equal-sized thumbnails along with their flag status, sync condition, and rating.
  3. Click the filter icon next to the Search bar to bring up the filter options.
  4. From the filter bar options, choose
    Sync Status > Fault. Lightroom now displays only those photos that it is trying to sync.
  5. Press Ctrl+A (Win) or Control+A (Mac) to select all the photos displaying in the grid and and then exercise any of the following:
    • Delete the selected photos by choosing the
      Edit > Delete
      option then add the photos in Lightroom again.
    • Apply a flag or a star rating to selected photos.

The syncing consequence should now be resolved. To bank check the sync status, click the cloud icon at the upper-correct corner.

Syncing appears to be stuck. Sync condition shows no changes, fifty-fifty though you’ve waited for a sufficiently long fourth dimension for the sync progress to update.

(Operating arrangement: Windows, macOS)

  1. In theMy Photos area in the left pane, select the All Photos anthology.
  2. Switch to theSquare Grid view
    , which displays photos equally equal-sized thumbnails along with their flag status, sync condition, and rating.
  3. Click the filter icon next to the Search bar to bring upwardly the filter options.
  4. From the filter bar options, chooseSync Status > Syncing. Lightroom at present displays only those photos that information technology is trying to sync.
  5. Press Ctrl+A (Win) or Command+A (Mac) to select all the photos displaying in the filigree and and so do any of the following:
    • Apply a flag or a star rating to selected photos.

The syncing issue should at present be resolved. To bank check the sync status, click the cloud icon at the upper-right corner.

Stuck on “Waiting for Settings” dialog when syncing photos.

The sync consequence appears on selective mask adjustments like Sky, Subject area and more. To become out of the fault message make a small develop adjustment on the photo, a minor slider adjustment will also rework the synced images and remove the error.



Unable to import AVI files.

(Operating system: macOS simply)

Outset with Lightroom CC ii.0 (October 2018 releases), y’all can no longer import new AVI files on macOS. The existing AVI files in your catalog play as expected in Lightroom. On Windows, the back up for AVI files is however bachelor

Unable to use
Boundary Warp
Fill up Edges
together. Using one of them disables other.

If y’all want to utilize
Fill Edges
Boundary Warp
together, use the latest release of Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom Classic.

Save as Preset
in Discover tab does not work.

Go to the last pace of the tutorial before choosing
Save as Preset.

  • When you launch Lightroom, it displays a message ‘Updating: Lightroom needs to do some housekeeping.‘. The progress bar below the message shows no progress even after several hours.
  • Lightroom displays an fault message mentioning ‘<SQLite database decadent>‘.

(Operating arrangement: macOS only)

Follow the workaround steps below:

: Before y’all go on with these steps, note that whatever edits or changes that have non finished syncing to the deject may be lost.

  1. Quit Lightroom.
  2. In the Finder window, choose Go > Go To Folder and type~/pictures. Locate a bundle named Lightroom Library.lrlibrary.
  3. Right-click or control-click this bundle and choose Show Bundle Contents. Y’all’ll find a folder inside it with a long cryptic cord of numbers and messages (for case: d1a4f88d2b534c7d91022136fd182532). Open that binder.
  4. In the folder, delete all the files namedManaged Catalog.[annihilation]. Besides delete thePreviews.db file.
  5. Launch Lightroom.

Windows Firewall may nowadays a alert about the Lightroom Sync Utility.

(Operating system: Windows only)

Go to Firewall settings in Windows and unblock the Lightroom Sync Utility.

When using keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom, the AltGr fundamental on the European keyboards doesn’t work.

Use the Alt key (next to the Spacebar cardinal) instead, or access the control via the menus instead of using the keyboard shortcut.

Error 19651011 pops up when the account status changes after making a purchase (October 2022 release).

Close and re-open the app to fix the result.